More Theories about Missing MH370 Flight

Flight MH370 has been missing for quite some time now and officials are still no closer to figuring out what happened in the mysterious disappearance. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished back in March of 2014 and officials have been searching … (read more)

Hyundai Meets Android

The next five or so years for the automobile market will be filled with newly innovative technologies and standards. Some of the new technologies to be expected are cars that can drive themselves, cars that can interact with other cars … (read more)

Anastasia Date Connects Men and Women From Across the Globe and Helps Them Find Love

To some people the idea of a Russian or an Eastern European mail-order bride is just a wacky sitcom pilot, but for some people it’s the opportunity of companionship and a life changing opportunity that they would otherwise not have. … (read more)

Africa’s Black Rhino Is Officially Extinct And Others Are Close To Following

The African western black rhino , classified by the Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List (IUCN) as critically endangered, has not been seen in western Africa since 2006. The IUCN is now officially calling them extinct in their review … (read more)

Are Robots Coming to Disney Theme Parks?

If you are a big fan of the Disney theme parks, you will soon have another reason to go visit them. Currently, Disney exec Eric Pulier is hard at work at trying to create robot versions of their beloved popular … (read more)

Nepalese Workers Have Passports Confiscated.

It’s not uncommon for employers in Qatar to confiscate the passport of foreign workers while they work in harsh conditions on construction sites according to Alexei Beltyukov. This confiscation gives employers greater control over the workers. As a result thousand’s … (read more)

Cruise Ship Makes Unexpected Stop

Passengers on board the Norwegian Dawn, one of the ships in the Norwegian Cruise Line, were surprised on Tuesday to discover that their cruise shop had made an unexpected stop. The ship, which has the capacity for more than 2,300 … (read more)

Photograph Of Tornado and Rainbow Looks Like it is Straight Out of Oz

The Wizard of OZ is an iconic movie that features a host of iconic images, including an idyllic country landscape, and an immense tornado that disrupts Dorthy’s life. Over the weekend, on Mother’s Day, Tornado chasers in Eads, Colorado captured … (read more)

The Teflon Lady

After throwing things against Hillary‚Äôs political wall and seeing that nothing sticks, republican hopefuls attempt to slight her foreign policy credentials. This is the appropriate strategy in a week that Jeb exclaimed that he too would have invaded Iraq. Iraq … (read more)

Dover Police Officer Charged After Dashcan Catches Him Kicking Suspect In The Face

Delaware police officers were charged last week after video taken shows them kicking a black suspect in the face. Video caught on another officer’s dashboard camera shows Cpl. Thomas Webster IV kicking the suspect, Lateeef Dickerson in the face after … (read more)