Medical Tourism Industry Becoming Bigger Boom in Cuba

According to The New York Times thousands of citizens from other countries travel year-round to Cuba as guests, or more appropriately called medical tourism patients, in many cases because the medical treatment they need is typically a lot cheaper there, … (read more)

TransAsia Plane Crashes In Taiwan

  Early this morning in Taipei, Taiwan, a TransAsia passenger flight crashed into a river just in the city of Taipei. There were 53 people on board and at least 19 have been reported dead already with several others injured … (read more)

New Orleans Bracing for Mardi Gras with Less Police

  New Orleans residents are holding their breath as Mardi Gras season kicks into full speed. The reason they are holding their proverbial breath is the city’s apparent lack of police personnel needed to maintain law and order on its … (read more)

A Large Collection of Wine from The Antique Wine Company

Knowing where to turn in order to locate antique wine that is no longer sold to the general public can be extremely difficult, but not impossible. Thanks to The Antique Wine Company, it is possible to locate just about any … (read more)

2014 Is Hottest Year Ever Recorded

Here in Kansas where people love to discuss the weather the consensus would be that the summer of 2013 with its 114 degree days was by far the hottest on record. However, they would only be partially right. While it … (read more)

Taking Time Off

When someone has a baby, most companies will let that person take some time off to nurse the baby and heal from the delivery. President Obama wants federal companies to giver their workers at least six weeks of paid vacation after … (read more)

ISSpresso from Argotech and Lavazza Give Astronauts Chance to Drink Espressos in Space

The engineering company Argotec and the espresso maker Lavazza teamed up with the Italian Space Agency in order to make a space-friendly coffee machine. Lavazza and Argotec are both based in Turin, and Lavazza is the top espresso maker in … (read more)

Global Warming Increases Thunderstorm Danger

Some say that global warming is just a tale. Scientists have proof of the contrary, however, and for the most part climate changes are noticeable. Besides melting the glaciers, there are other consequences. Surprisingly, a lot of these changes are … (read more)

North Dakota Pro Life Proposal Was Rejected by Voters

If you’re planning on traveling out to North Dakota, here’s something to keep in mind. Abortion is a touchy subject for most people. There are two sides that demand to be heard, the pro-life and the pro-choice groups. Voting got … (read more)

Study Finds Vacation Bragging Is Not Good

In reporting on a new study regarding how people respond upon learning that a friend had a great vacation, writer Jan Hoffman notes that the response isn’t favorable. Specifically, she notes that “Your friends don’t want to hear about your … (read more)