ISSpresso from Argotech and Lavazza Give Astronauts Chance to Drink Espressos in Space

The engineering company Argotec and the espresso maker Lavazza teamed up with the Italian Space Agency in order to make a space-friendly coffee machine. Lavazza and Argotec are both based in Turin, and Lavazza is the top espresso maker in … (read more)

Global Warming Increases Thunderstorm Danger

Some say that global warming is just a tale. Scientists have proof of the contrary, however, and for the most part climate changes are noticeable. Besides melting the glaciers, there are other consequences. Surprisingly, a lot of these changes are … (read more)

North Dakota Pro Life Proposal Was Rejected by Voters

If you’re planning on traveling out to North Dakota, here’s something to keep in mind. Abortion is a touchy subject for most people. There are two sides that demand to be heard, the pro-life and the pro-choice groups. Voting got … (read more)

Study Finds Vacation Bragging Is Not Good

In reporting on a new study regarding how people respond upon learning that a friend had a great vacation, writer Jan Hoffman notes that the response isn’t favorable. Specifically, she notes that “Your friends don’t want to hear about your … (read more)

Charlotte Hornets Start the Season Off Right With Eight Pound Hugo Burger

I haven’t been to Charlotte, North Carolina in awhile (I’m hanging out in Naples right now), but Keith Mann told me about something crazy going down just in time for the new NBA season. There it sits in front of … (read more)

The Evil Clowns of Europe

Afraid of clowns? France is experiencing your worst nightmare right now. In the French town of Agde local police arrested 14 teenagers dressed up like evil clowns and carrying around guns, knives, and baseball bats. This is only the most … (read more)

Why A Travel Ban on Ebola Stricken Nations Wouldn’t Work

With midterms on the horizon, politicians are in full bullsh&% swing. One of the topics that keeps coming up, is the subject of closing off travel to the West African nations currently being ravaged by the disease. However, cutting off … (read more)