Securus Technologies Launches an Ambitious Campaign for their Video Visitation Program

Securus recently announced an ambitious marketing campaign targeting the correctional department. Primarily, their plan seeks to promote video interactions between prisoners and their loved ones on the outside. The company intends to air a couple of commercials highlighting the importance of their innovative prison visitation application in the month of November 2016.


Works on Mobiles and PC’s


The Chairman and the CEO of the Securus had this to say about the much-anticipated launch. “Securus connects well over 16K visits every month. Courtesy of this connects, our consumers can communicate from their desktop or mobiles. That is in stark contrast to the users relying on the conventional approach of traveling to the prison physically.”




Fathers get a lovely chance to be with their sons and daughters this festive season. Incarcerated Moms can use the platform to help their young ones with their homework. The video chats serve as a constant reminder to the prisoners that people still love and care about them on the outside world.


Remote visitation is cherished for it can be done regularly. That is as opposed to the actual face to face meetings which take place on given dates only. One also stands to save a lot on the transport costs. They don’t have to queue for hours on end. “These are actually the main reasons behind the rise of the popularity of remote visits.” According to Smith, the CEO.


The figures and statistics speak volume for themselves. They include:-


  1. 178 US-based brands offering the video visitation powered by Securus
  2. 2 Million visits per year
  3. Over 100K visits via the mobile app
  4. Affordable visits costing $2.72 per call



About Securus Technologies


The headquarters of the firm are in Dallas, Texas. Securus currently serves 3,450 public institutions. They strive to make the world a safer place to live using their tech solutions. The company started in 1986, and as of today, it has invested over $600 million in their technologies and the accompanying patents. The CEO of the for-profit organization is Rick Smith. In 2004, the company merged with T-Netix and Evercom.


Martin Lustgarten Offers Transformative Investment Banking Solutions

Martin Lustgarten is an established investment banker who has assisted several entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business ventures. He offers a broad range of services to individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, and multinational organizations around the globe. Martin founded his Martin Lustgarten Firm through which he provides top class services in investment advisory. The company is located in Florida, and Lustgarten acts as the CEO and operations manager.

Martin has an excellent reputation in the investment banking industry due to his eye for details and world-class customer service he offers his clients. He is also active in social media platforms and endeavors in collecting vintage products.

The Essentials of Investment Banking

Investment Banks’ core business is to provide advisory services and funding to corporate clients and individuals. The banks may also carry out trading activities on behalf of their customers. Boutique financial firms purely carry out investment banking and focus on deals within the mid-markets.

Investment Banks Ownership

Several established investment banks are usually publicly traded. A community of shareholders, therefore, owns the banks. However, the majority shareholders are the ones with decision-making powers on the running of the banks. These are individuals with high net-worth values, government agencies, institutional investors, and bank directors. There are also privately held investment banks serving particular clientele within the industry.

Services Offered By Investment Banks

Apart from advisory services and funding, investment banks are involved in several services like facilitation of business mergers and acquisitions, brokerage services, and underwriting. The banks play a critical role in the field of investment and mostly act and transact businesses for clients from the private and public sectors. Some of these firms will offer professional advice to their clients in various sectors of the investment market.

Investment banks function within two ends of business: the buying side and the selling side. Some firms will offer both categories, but others may choose to specialize in one area of operation. The sell side involves selling new bonds issues and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). The banks will help clients carry out the transactions and participate in market creation. The buy side, however, deals with purchasing of mutual funds, hedge funds, public investments, and pension funds. The firm will mainly assist clients to maximize their returns on such investments.

The Life and Career of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is the co-founder for the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, where he has provided philanthropic and charitable services for a wide range of organizations who have been strengthening the U.S. relationship with Israel , the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Adam Milstein’s philanthropic services have included partnership development, consulting, Jewish continuity, fundraising to support programs for the areas of Jewish education and Pro-Israel advocacy. Adam’s philanthropic philosophy of operation’s consist of three unique principles, which are Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact and Philanthropic Synergy. Active Philanthropy includes Adam Milstein, Milstein Family Foundation and the staff have invested significant expertise and time, in not only financial resources, but also in every program, organization and projects that they support.

Life Path Impact is where Adam Milstein has seeked out, developed and funded organizations that have continuously engaged their targeted audiences in life’s many stages.

By creating programs that have been tailored to adolescence, childhood, and the different phases of adulthood, these organizations have been able to maintain a continuous and deep connection with the targeted population. And Philanthropic Synergy is where Adam Milstein has provided the guidance and funding for assisting philanthropic organizations for amplifying their impact for developing synergies and programmatic partnerships with other non-profit entities in working toward shared goals.

Adam the National Chairman and Co-founder for the Israeli-American Council, here he is the chair of the national expansion. He also currently sits on the board for several organizations, this includes StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, Hasbara Fellowships, AIPAC National Council, AISH Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. He Co-Founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America along with his wife Gila, the organization provides free monthly books that are in Hebrew, this teaching the Jewish values to more than 15,000 Israeli- Jewish-American families throughout the United States.

As a native of Israel, Adam has served as the IDF during the Yom Kippur War, and graduated in 1978 from the Technion. In 1981, upon his arrival to the United States, he earned his MBA from USC and begun his career in Commercial Real Estate out of Southern California. Adam is now a managing partner for Hagar Pacific Properties, which is a private commercial real estate investment firm, and manages and owns several million square feet in industrial and commercial real estate in the United States. Adam lives in Encino, California with his with Gila, and they have three children and three grandchildren.

How Following Martin Lustgarten Can Lead To Prosperous Retirement

One of the most important things to think about in one’s career is retirement. It is important for people to know that they are not going to be working for the rest of their lives. For one thing, they will have to eventually leave the full time job and begin the next phase of their lives which is going to be a bit slower than their fast paced careers. While a lot of people like the idea of being able to retire and live comfortably, one of the important things to realize is that it takes money in order to be able to retire comfortably.

One of the best ways to save for retirement is through making investments. However, one has to be careful when investing because he could go broke. For this reason, it is important for people to find someone that they could follow when it comes to example. One of the examples to follow: Martin Lustgarten.

One thing that Martin is doing is making sure that he is taking advantage of the recovering economy. For one thing, he understands how quickly the economy is recovering. That said, he also understands how unpredictable the markets are.

When following Martin’s method of navigating the economy, one will manage to save a lot for retirement. This will be a good feeling to have when one knows that he is not only going to be able to live well after retirement, but will also have a bit left over to do some of the things that he wants to do. One thing that Martin does in order to make sure that he is saving for retirement is diversifying his portfolio. This is one of the aspects of investing that is often stressed. Diversifying is very important so that one will have something to fall back on if something else is not working.

Big Changes to the Business World

Billy McFarland, may have possibly just changed the face of the industrial world through his ingenious creation of, interestingly enough, a new discount social media program. The name of the program is Magnises, and allows members to save large sums of money on discounted entertainment locations such as bars, restaurants, concerts and amusement parks.

This already sounds like an amazing idea for usual, everyday consumers, but it could mean a big difference in the way that businesses operating in the United States could potentially save money.

The concept of Magnises is easy; you are given a metal discount card that acts in much the same way as a credit card and when you make purchases through the card you are given large discounts on choice locations and events.

The card is linked to a member’s bank account and is immediately deducted for these accounts as a form of legal tender. In terms of business savings there is always the need for businessmen and sales people to take potential clients and business partners to meetings at similar locations.

These meetings often costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars at a time and regardless of these costs there is never a guarantee of success. It makes sense for these individuals to want to save money, and Magnises can bring this to them through the membership program. The same hundred dollars normally spent on a single meeting can now be distributed to multiple meetings instead thanks to Magnises.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland, even art his young age of twenty three years old, has already produced something that could revolutionize the way that American companies do business. The potential for savings are immense and the Magnises program has the ability to open new doors to companies that were before extremely hard to land.

Not only is this a godsend for American businesses, who are still rearing from a poor economy, but it also could mean big changes to international markets as well, assuming that Magnises is implemented there. The sky is the limit for this program, and if everything continues to go smoothly we will see more.

Understanding Life and the Universe Through the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah

Kabbalah, the spiritual philosophy of Jewish “received” oral traditions that span thousands of years, is a Jewish approach to spirituality bound to the Scriptures and teachings of the Jewish people, as well as to its customs.

According to the tradition of Kabbalah centre, God gave Moses at Sinai three Torahs, or three foundational narratives of Jewish peoplehood: a written Torah, an oral one, and a third “hidden” Torah, the Kabbalah. This latter form of Torah contains the essential wisdom of the Book of the Zohar, which provides a mystical commentary on the written Torah’s contents.

Kabbalah is a school of thought. It teaches that all of what our life entails stems from the same origin. It aims to impart an understanding of how the universe works at its core and has its roots in the Jewish religion. Nevertheless, it has been adapted and merged with other theologies and thought movements.

One of the modern religion organizations that translate old Kabbalah teachings into a modern and universal message is The Kabbalah Centre. Founded in the U.S. in 1965 as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah by Rabbi Philip Berg and Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein, and re-established later by Berg and his wife Karen, the Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah as a way of creating a better life and world. Its New Age style has attracted an extensive following, including many celebrities, and has a multi-ethnic, international staff of teachers.

The Kabbalah Centre has branches in more than 40 cities around the world, organises and hosts a wide range of events, spiritual retreats, tours to energy sites and volunteering opportunities. The Centre seeks to provide spiritual tools based on the principles of Kabbalah. Each student can then apply these tools to his or her own life in order to make a change for the better. The Centre teaches five principles: Sharing, Awareness and Balance of the Ego, Existence of Spiritual Laws, We Are All One and Leaving Our Comfort Zone Can Create Miracles. These principles are taught in courses and classes, through online lectures and with the aid of books audio products.

How to Profit from College Basketball, According to Teddy Covers

The March Madness NCAA college basketball tournament is one of the most highly anticipated times in the betting calendar. There is so much money to be made during this season. Gamblers come together, and they exchange tips and trade odds of the expected wins. As is often the case, some pan out, others don’t.

Types of College Basketball

Spread Betting

Here, the odd makers place a specific numerical value to represent the winning chances by a particular team. The bet you place must be higher than the spread number given by the professional bookies for the bet to win. In case they want to bet on the underdog, they must then place a bet on a lower number than that set by the spread given by the odd makers.

• Money Line Betting

It is the simplest and the most straightforward type of bet. It typically involves picking or choosing the winning team. The odds are often provided, and the stronger teams normally have lower numbered odds.

• Over Under or Game Total Betting

This type of bet is considered by most seasoned gamblers to be the safest. Once you understand the past and the present track-record of a given team, it becomes easier to predict the final goal tally. In many gambling sites and platforms, the over is denoted by the initial ‘o’ in front of the match points the team is predicted to score. And, the under is given by a simple ‘u’. So you could find, two competing teams with this stat sheets: o100 -80 and u100 meaning, if the end-score would be 55-62 the ‘over’ winners would walk away with the money and vice versa.

College Basketball Prop Betting

Here, one can place a bet on a variety of outcomes. For instance, they can predict the half-time results. They can bet on the performance of an individual player, or they can bet on the first yellow card and things like that.


Learning is always an important process for any gambler. Making fully-informed decisions bounded by clear rationale and logic is the best way to go about it. Teaming up with sports news disseminators like serves to increase the chances of success, drastically. Here, the gambler finds all the relevant and accurate info and stats to enable them to make a winning prediction. Here are some of the perks and rewards associated with relying on the website owned by the successful gambler, Teddy Covers:-
• Best NCAAF odds with margins as low as 2.8%
• Highest bet limits with up to $10K on Handicaps
• Fixtures of games for the entire season
• Contests to sharpen your skill
• Sports news and updates
• Live scores

Brian Bonar Brings A Fresh Style To The Restaurant Business

One of the most challenging types of businesses to run is a restaurant. The restaurant business is challenging for a variety of reasons. One of the most challenging aspects of the restaurant business is the selection of the chef. Many restaurants become successful on the selection of the chef. There are very few roles in business that are more integral to the success of a business than a chef.

In many ways, the chef is at the core of a restaurant. The chef is the main focus of the food and food selection at a restaurant. The more upscale the restaurant, the more the chef can impact the success of the restaurant.

In many cases, people will go to a restaurant based solely on the chef. Also, the reputation of a restaurant is largely based on the ability of the chef.

In San Diego, the Bellamy restaurant is a testament to how the chef can impact the success of a restaurant. Patrick Ponsaty, who is the chef at the Bellamy restaurant, is one of the main reasons why the Bellamy restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the San Diego area.

Known for its French flavor and style, the Bellamy restaurant is ran on a day-to-day basis by Patrick Ponsaty. Mr. Ponsaty who is originally from France based the food, culture, food selection, and restaurant atmosphere on his native France.

With few restaurants in the area that provide a French style restaurant, the Bellamy restaurant stands out in a crowded restaurant field in the San Diego area. Beyond just being a French style restaurant, Bellamy is an excellent French restaurant. As the person given daily control, chef Patrick Ponsaty has helped build Bellamy into a must see restaurant in the San Diego area.

According to Bloomberg, the owner of the Bellamy restaurant is Brian Bonar. Mr. Bonar is responsible for bringing the chef Patrick Ponsaty to the restaurant. As a world famous chef, Patrick Ponsaty provides a reputation and name recognition for Bellamy that is hard to come by in the restaurant business.

Brian Bonar is an excellent businessman who understands that the chef is at the heart of a successful restaurant, and hiring Patrick Ponsaty as chef at Bellamy was a very good decision.

Brian Bonar has a deep interest in the restaurant business. Mr. Bonar has other restaurants that he owns beyond Bellamy. Opening restaurants that deliver a different culture and atmosphere to the people in San Diego is one of the reasons why Brian Bonar has been successful as a restaurant owner in the San Diego area.

Devco Can Make Any Community Look Better

DEVCO is one of the strongest lenders on the market today, and they are a company that works along with cities in New Jersey to figure out how development can be done. It is something that need to take very seriously because there is no other way for them to get the work. The large loans that are provided by the people at Devco are used to help cities that want to build a large new project like the ones that are built around hotels and casinos. Each project will help change a neighborhood, and it can change the face of a city.

The Devco development team of Chris Paladino  has to have a talk with the city about how they plan to manage the work that must be done, and then they will share information about development that can explain to the city what should be done. It is something that is going to change over time, but it is also something that will be developed with each city in mind. The Press of Atlantic City is making sure that they cover how these loans are helping cities in New Jersey, and then it is important to make sure that they can make the money back.

Loans that are provided by Devco will create tax revenue that can be used to pay them off, and it is important that every city has this figured out before they build. Devco goes to a lot of lengths to make sure that everyone is happy with the building they are doing, and the company works closely with every city to be sure they are getting what they need. Each and every city in New Jersey can transform a part of itself using just the loans from Devco and their redevelopment plans that center on new commerce.


Fulfillment at the Kabbalah Centre

The mystical and powerful teachings of Kabbalah have been made easily accessible through the Kabbalah Centre’s online classes, study groups, and centres. This Los Angeles based non-profit organizations seeks to enlighten the population about how the universe works. The original Centre was opened in 1965 as the National Research Institute of Kabbalah. Over the years, it evolved into the Kabbalah Centre in 1984.

Philip and Karen Berg, the directors, have developed the presentation of Kabbalah. It used to be that Rabbis that the teachings of the Kabbalah were too complex for people to understand and appreciate. The Bergs felt like they could present it in such a way others would understand. They made it so that those who wish to study do not have any prior knowledge understand the teachings easily. According to its base principle, all religions stem from the same universal truth. The Kabbalah does not want to substitute religion but supplement it.

The ultimate goal of Kabbalah is to teach how everything in the Universe is connected and how understanding that can relieve pain. They believe that everyone has potential that needs to be unlocked. The teachings show how to connect and ground yourself to reach that full potential. You can move past the worry and stress of everyday life. Through the teachings, you will “receive” the happiness and fulfillment that you deserve. Teachings show that you will learn how everything in your life is connected.

The Kabbalah Centre gives the everyday access of these ancient mystical teachings. They have given potential students access through study groups worldwide, classes and resources online, or other resources. The Bergs have opened many to the true fulfillment that studying at the Kabbalah Centre can bring. The celebrity status does help. Famous followers include Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, and Paris Hilton.