Cruise Ship Makes Unexpected Stop

Passengers on board the Norwegian Dawn, one of the ships in the Norwegian Cruise Line, were surprised on Tuesday to discover that their cruise shop had made an unexpected stop. The ship, which has the capacity for more than 2,300 … (read more)

Photograph Of Tornado and Rainbow Looks Like it is Straight Out of Oz

The Wizard of OZ is an iconic movie that features a host of iconic images, including an idyllic country landscape, and an immense tornado that disrupts Dorthy’s life. Over the weekend, on Mother’s Day, Tornado chasers in Eads, Colorado captured … (read more)

The Teflon Lady

After throwing things against Hillary’s political wall and seeing that nothing sticks, republican hopefuls attempt to slight her foreign policy credentials. This is the appropriate strategy in a week that Jeb exclaimed that he too would have invaded Iraq. Iraq … (read more)

Dover Police Officer Charged After Dashcan Catches Him Kicking Suspect In The Face

Delaware police officers were charged last week after video taken shows them kicking a black suspect in the face. Video caught on another officer’s dashboard camera shows Cpl. Thomas Webster IV kicking the suspect, Lateeef Dickerson in the face after … (read more)

Invest In Luxury In New York City Real Estate

When searching for the best which city life offers, New York City is first on anyone’s list. The city rates the topmost Alpha++ ranking on the scale of global cities, and it offers cultural, economic, and historical attractions. It is … (read more)

Amazon Teams Up with JetBlue to Offer Free In-Flight WiFi

Amazon is upping the ante in its battle for video supremacy over incumbent streamer Netflix. Subscribers to Amazon Prime will soon be able to stream their favorite TV shows and movies from 30,000 feet above the Earth on select JetBlue … (read more)

An ipad Glitch Grounds Several Flights in American Airlines

Pilots’ iPads crashed, causing significant delays to the flights in American Airlines. The airline uses the iPads to communicate to the pilots and distribute flight plans. According to the airline’s spokesperson, the crash caused delay in a few dozen flights. … (read more)

Keeping teens safe is an important feature of Skout

Dating and relationship apps are now some of the most important apps downloaded on the Internet by teens, but for parents these can pose a particular risk to their safety and security. The developers of the Online dating and friendship … (read more)

Experiencing Excellence at The Dorchester Collection Hotels

Over the years the Dorchester Collection of hotels has become a favorite spot to lodge when I travel. I have had the pleasure of staying in hotels that are part of this franchise, and I absolutely loved it. It is … (read more)

Fly It Forward Program By JetBlue

Jet Blue has announced their new feel-good program, Fly it Forward, which allows passengers to give other people a chance to fly somewhere they need to be for free of charge. It has been around for five months now and … (read more)