Susan McGalla Is a Career Inspiration

Research indicates that businesses that have a healthy mix of male and female staff members tend to be more successful. It also indicates that businesses that have healthy mixes of people from different ethnic groups tend to be more successful. This could be due to the fact that they may be more accepting of fresh new concepts. Susan McGalla is an example of a woman who has been a true role model in the leadership realm. She was raised by a father who worked as a football coach. She had a pair of brothers, too. Those things could have contributed to her ability to do well alongside individuals of both genders. McGalla learned from an early age that if she wanted to get things in this world, she would have to put a true effort in. That’s one of the reasons she’s been able to enjoy quite a few prestigious jobs throughout her career. She’s worked for many notable companies. She worked for American Eagle Outfitters and eventually landed a position as its President. She established a firm that was called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. McGalla currently serves as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Creative Development and Business Strategy Vice President as well.

McGalla lives and works in the Pittsburgh area. She’s been part of the crew at the Pittsburgh Steelers since the winter of 2015. She worked for the aforementioned P3 Executive Consulting before that. She was with that firm for a little more than two years. McGalla has also worked for the Wet Seal, Inc. She was with this company or more than one year. She was recruited by the Wet Seal to revitalize a couple of brands known as Arden B. and Wet Seal. McGalla is an alumnus of Mount Union College. She attended the institution of higher learning between the years of 1982 and 1986. She studied business and marketing there.

Some examples of McGalla’s many diverse skills and abilities include team building, visual merchandising, customer service, store operations, brand management and inventory management. McGalla knows a lot about the worlds of store management, marketing and strategic planning.

Chris Burch’s Fantasy Island Resort

The insightful tech and fashion theorist and billionaire, Christopher J. Burch is a man who is primarily known for his highly esteemed and widely sought after venture capital firm, Burch Creative Capital, a company dedicated to investing into new, cutting-edge and globally scaling business ideas. Mr. Burch is also very well known for his numerous magazine appearances, such as in Forbes, detailing his fiscal success and his sizable independent investments with companies such as the global financial services company, Guggenheim Partners and the designer fashion company C. Wonder (which Burch also founded).  For timeline activity updates, click

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Despite his obvious talents Mr. Burch does not seem like the kind of guy to be jumping head first into such divergent markets as real estate – but that is precisely what he has recently done with the creation of a massive beach-side hotel and resort amidst the tranquil beauty of Indonesia. The resort, known as Nihiwatu, is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and was developed by Burch alongside the hotelier, James McBride. According to reports the resort cost a grand total of $ 30 million to build (to say nothing of upkeep!). Additional article to read on

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What is truly astonishing about the verdant and blissful retreat is not that it was built so efficiently nor so beautifully by a man who had previously only had experience as an investor and a fashion designer, but rather that it has become such a resounding success story. In 2016 the Nihiwatu resort was named “The Best Hotel In The World,” by the lifestyle magazine Travel + Leisure. When asked in numerous publication interviews what the key to hotel success was, Mr. Burch replied that it was all about location and aesthetic, that if the look and feel isn’t right it just won’t work – he noted the ability to build spas underneath natural waterfall formations as a key attraction. Also according to Mr. Burch himself, the resort is so nice that he splits his time equally between his homes in Miami, The Hamptons and Nihiwatu where he has taken up semi-permanent residence – and with all that sun and dazzling surf, who wouldn’t?   For an in-depth look on Burch’s profile, visit his website, hit on

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Talos Energy: Majority Stakes Owner in Largest Mexican Oil Discovery In 80 Years Is Launched To Fame

In 2014, Mexico opened up to foreign interests for the purposes of spurring exploration and boosting revenues—breaking the monopoly of PEMEX in the process.
* Talos Energy, a Houston-based offshore energy production company, announced on Wednesday morning the discovery of oil about 37 miles from Puerto Dos Bocas, near the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The well, named Zama-1 is under 546 feet of water and has an initial vertical depth of about 11,000 feet. It’s estimated that the field holds 1.4 billion barrels of oil-in-place, and as much as 2 billion.
* This is the biggest find in the Gulf region by a private company in nearly 80 years, according to David Hunn, author of the article “Houston’s Talos Energy makes ‘significant’ find in Mexico’s waters”. Talos Energy holds a 35 percent stake in the well, sharing it with Sierra Oil’s 40 percent, and London’s Premier Oil’s holdings of 25 percent. Talos and partners plan to drill to 14,000 feet.

2 billion barrels of oil discovered in a shallow water deposit off the coast of Mexico, the first and most significant discovery since 2014; the year when Mexico deregulated it’s oil and gas deposits to foreign business.
This comes on the heels of Mexico’s 2015 auctioning land blocks for drilling.
Tim Duncan, of Talos Energy, calls it a “very, very big” find. He only regrets that development operations on such a large find cannot be conducted quicker
Analysts and Talos executives consider the Zama-1 oil field an important discovery. They expect it to direct more attention to oil drilling south of the US. Even more significant for Talos is the fact that it is the first significant find for their company in a long time. Employing about 200 individuals and annual revenues of $500 million, striking oil at Zama-1 was celebrated by the company.
Despite the oil price crash and thieving of PEMEX gasoline (about 7,000 incidents in 2016), this hasn’t dissuaded Duncan, Talos CEO. From the 2015 auction, only two out of 14 blocks were sold, with Talos and its partners winning both.
Duncan hopes to develop the field while service costs are lowered (which are lowered by the artificial oil glut of recent times)

Sam Dean, in his article “Premier Oil shares rocket after ‘world class’ oil discovery” discusses Premier Oil share prices and Premier’s comments on its recent striking of oil and Zama-1, the world’s newest oilfield located in the Gulf of Mexico was announced by a consortium of energy companies. They are Talos Energy, Sierra Oil & Gas, and Premier.

Talos calls Zama-1 as a “Historic and significant discovery” when the field was estimated to contain 1.4 to 2.0 billion barrels.

Premier, a London-based firm, found share prices surging by more than 30 percent in trading for its session.

In the last month, Mexico auctioned off 10 of 15 land blocks in the fifth auction since deregulating its oil and gas sector, which began in late in 2013.

The consortium will begin drilling next year, determining the next steps for their operations in the region and abroad.

Chris Burch; the entrepreneurial spirit behind the best hotel in the world Nihiwatu

If you have come across famous retail brands such as Tory Burch, then you probably have heard about Chris Burch. Chris undoubtedly has an eye for entrepreneurship; he has founded and cofounded many recognized products. On top of that, he has gone ahead to expand his horizon by becoming a hotel owner. In 2012, Burch and his friend James McBride bought a beach hostel, and then pumped about $ 30 million in renovations to turn into something marvelous. In 2015, the hostel was reopened as Nihiwatu, a five-star hotel in Sumba a remote island in Indonesia. In 2016, it was voted by the Travel and Leisure as the best hotel in the world.  Check

The name Nihiwatu means mortar stone, and it has a nickname means the edge of the wildernesses of its location. The hotel is doing a bit of social justice in the area by giving a lot of locals there employment opportunities. Also, some of the profits accrued by the hotel are given to the Sumba Foundation which helps in funding local communal projects. Nihiwatu also boasts of having 27 villas and beautiful environs. Nihiwatu boasts of the best hospitality that there is in Indonesia.  Continue reading about the above on

Mr. Burch is a 64 years old Miami-born entrepreneur who founded and is also the CEO of Burch Creative Capital.   For a detailed look at Burch Creative Capital, hit  He has invested widely in a variety of businesses such as Tory Burch to which he is the co-founder. He is also an investor and an advisor at Grability and Chubbies Shorts. He also cofounded Poppin a company dedicated to offering trendy and magnificent office products. He has sunk his investments into many companies; most of them start-ups while others established. Such companies are Rappi, Hooch, Nanoleaf, and Bmoda among many others. In July 2014, he joined forces with the famous TV talk show Ellen DeGeneres in launching her lifestyle brand called ED.  Related reading on

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Chris is a staunch believer in the power of branding, which makes him good to apply his knowledge in lines of fashion, marketing, and hospitality just to mention a few. He went to Ithaca College where he learnt business. He has also been on the board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. In addition to that, Burch is also the former President of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. Keeping in mind, Burch is also very philanthropic with foundations such as the Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement just to mention a few.

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The Ambitious Mission that End Citizens United PAC is on

Everything about the campaigns and the elections of the 45th president of the United States was historic. For the first time in many years, the country saw lobby groups that want positive change in campaign financing increase.


Accountability was a key agenda in the run-up to the election, and as the race came nearer to its end, it was very much evident that the election would be tightly contested. Even the PACs that have been dead for decades came out of the woodwork and played a role in the changing of the destiny of the country. Well, one of the PACs that have been working hard to get their voice heard is the End Citizens United movement.


This movement has been focusing on one piece of legislature that was signed into law in 2010, and one which has led to a lot of negative interference in the entire election process in the country. The law in questions has made it possible for super PACs to support the campaigns of their choice and as a result, groups such as the Koch brothers and others who deal with dark money are funding political campaigns, and as a result, they are getting a stake in the national decision-making processes. End Citizens United want to make sure that the interference of these groups in the politics of the country is kept to the minimum.


The team has been very dedicated to their campaigns for the Liberal candidates who they have been supporting. When they broke into the limelight, they had already raised $2 million to support various candidates of the Democratic Party who needed their assistance. They raised the amount to $30 million and were hoping that by the end of the campaign cycle, they would have enough backing to file a petition at the Supreme Court. To file a petition, one needs to have at least a million signatures so that an amendment to the constitution can be considered. They already have about 300,000 signatures. Their strategy was to join hands with the movement that is known as ‘Ready For Hillary’ to get the assistance they need in raising this number of signatures from 300,000 to a million. The movement has four million members, which makes the dream of the PAC a possibility.


Several political analysts have been looking at the move by the company as a little bit too ambitious. The group does agree that a lot will be needed to make an amendment a reality, but they reiterate that their main aim is to make sure that the public knows their options when it comes to these issues. They feel that this is an opportunity for Americans to Understand that despite how the elections turned out, they still have a voice.

The Innovative and Speculative Business Mogul, Christopher Burch

Chris Burch is a respected investor who is always full of useful ideas in business. He is focused mainly in the following sectors; real estate, technology, fashion with manufacturing industries that have employed thousands of people in the USA. His experience in business is summarized as a success.

He kicked off his career in business while he was still in Itchita College when Chris and his brother started a company called Eagle Eye that did well till it was sold at a whopping 165 million dollars.  Check

Chris came up with a new business that he called Burch Creative Capital and he is the manager and principal. The constituents of the company are; Nihiwatu, Poppin, Cocoon9, and ED by Ellen De Generes.   Additional reading on this important link.  His expertise in the industry and his skills has enabled him to have a big empire that has grown to a large scale company with a lot of money. Implementation and execution of strategies are where he is good at. He understands the things that will attract the customers and satisfy them fully.  To read insight from Burch, check this must-read interview of Burch on

Apparently, he is attentive on instituting his hospitality business in Asia. Chris has partnered with James McBride who is an hotelier and built a beach Inn in Indonesia. The Inn is located on an Island called Sumba and was renovated in 2012 when the owners pumped in 30 million dollars so as to refurbish the place. They opened it in 2015 as a five-star resort called Nihiwatu. The critiques have evaluated it and given the entrepreneurs the Best Hotel Award in the world in 2016, by Travel and Leisure.  Additional article on

When he invested in the hotel, he wanted his children to inherit it. He also had the locals there in mind. They wanted to benefit from it either directly or indirectly. The hotel was going to transform the way people were living in the community and attract more local clients, and his expectations were exceeded.

When he is undertaking his roles there, he is to divide and get time for Hamptons and Nihiwatu with 27 private villas and private plunge pools with the best beaches for surfers. He has managed to employ many people in Sumba Island and profit proceeds to charity in Sumba Foundation where local projects are funded.

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There are locations in the neighborhood that have a good scene. The Coconut Grove has a quiet and serene environment that offer a good place for people who are learning to surf. Kids can ride on stables in the resort with a little help. The partners want to proceed and invest in Costa Rica and Nicaragua for the working class and millennial population to visit.

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The Latest Venture Of Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the founder or co-founder of several well-known retail brands. These include C. Wonder besides Tory Burch and much more. Now Chris Burch is trying out his entrepreneurial skills in the hospitality sector.

He has tied up with hotelier James McBride to buy a beach hostel. This is located on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. He had bought this in 2012.

These two decided to renovate the hotel and spent $30 million on it. In 2015, they opened it by promoting it as a five-star resort. It is known as Nihiwatu today. In 2016, Nihiwatu was selected by Travel + Leisure as world’s best hotel

Chris Burch is highly excited by this achievement. He stated that he had bought it for his kids. He was keen to preserve this place so that he could give something back to the community. He says that this place is so beautiful that he feels that a number of things can be done here. For more of his views on things around his area of focus, hit  This may not be possible in other places. There are infinite opportunities here. This would include building a spa that may be located under a waterfall or having a butler in each room, and so on.

He is especially happy with the fact that Nihiwatu has given them much more than what they expected. Even the Wall Street Journal has reported that now Chris Burch is dividing his time between Miami, and the Hamptons, besides this resort in Indonesia.

The resort Nihiwatu comprises of 27 private villas. It also has Raja Mendaka, which is the private home of Chris Burch. This section includes the main house along with four villas. Each villa has a private pool.  Head over to for more.

Christopher Burch founded the Burch Creative Capital, click, for a detailed look at the company.   Presently he is serving as the CEO there. He has over 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur as well as an active investor. He is behind the rise of al several luxury brands that include Faena Hotel + Universe, besides Jawbone, Poppin, along with Voss Water. Chris Burch was on the board of Guggenheim Capital as well as The Continuum Group.

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He has been an entrepreneur since 1976. At that time he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College. He invested $2,000 along with his brother to start the Eagle’s Eye apparel. The business grew. It was sold to Swire Group later for $165 million. This way Chris Burch has an entrepreneurial streak in him from the start.  For an update of Burch timeline activities, hit on

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The Leading organization globally in Kabbalistic Teachings

About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah Centre began in Jerusalem in 1922 with the goal of disseminating the Kabbalah wisdom to the world. Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the founder and his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein succeeded him. He later handed the leadership responsibility to Rev Berg in 1969 who is the current Director of the center together with his wife and two sons. The center has its headquarters in Los Angeles California with 50 other Kabbalah Centre locations worldwide. More than 5,000 people take their online lessons every week, which includes lectures, prayer services, books, downloads, CDs, and DVDs. The center gives their students a platform to interact, exchange ideas with like-minded people, and develop relationships with them.


The Kabbalah Centre derives the teachings from Zohar, which is the sacred book that contains the Kabbalistic wisdom. Zohar also has the writings of the greatest Kabbalist in the world who decodes the mysteries of the Bible or Torah. Zohar terms some biblical passages as the codes of life and universal laws that connect the humans in one way or another. Additionally Kabbalah Centre has produced a series of Biblical teachings, and they give weekly commentaries on the teachings Torah. The Kabbalists teach that pain, war, and suffering would only end when the people learn and embrace Zohar and its wisdom.

Kabbalah teaching

Kabbalists teachings aim at educating people on the tools that will make their lives better and reduce pain and turmoil in the world. They also believe that human beings came into the world with one purpose, which is achieving complete fulfillment. Kabbalists claim that there are physical and spiritual rules that guide the world and understanding the rules is the primary goal behind their teachings. Another teaching of Kabbalah is “Similarity of form” which asks the question of “why we don’t experience life the way we are meant to.” In response to this, they believe that there is the energy that governs our everyday living called the “Light of the Creator.” The manifestations of this power are the feelings of love, joy, fulfillment, and goodness. The more the light is, the greater the fulfillment in our lives.