Susan McGalla Still Blazing Trails

Susan McGalla is still blazing trails after many years. When she was seated as CEO of American Eagle outfitters, she was one of the youngest CEOs and the first at that company.

McGalla had a particular goal in mind and never lost sight of it. And although she rarely saw women in the boardroom, she was determined to shatter that glass ceiling.

Born in Pittsburgh, McGalla was raised in a family that stressed the importance of hard work. She had two older brothers and a father football coach. She knew that her gender would get her no breaks. Her father insisted that she never allow her gender to be a stumbling block.

After graduating from Mount Union College, she immediately went to work for Joseph Horne Company. She worked in various marketing and management positions. After her work was done, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. She also worked in many positions and was finally installed as director of marketing.

A year later, she was promoted to company CEO.

American Eagle Outfitters saw record profits during her tenure.

McGalla says she was able to achieve such a level of success through hard work and determination. The lessons she learned while growing up are the same ones she carried into her career goals.

Today, she runs her own company — P3 Executive Consulting. Her firm offers professional services to companies in the form of mentoring, securing financing and marketing. She is also employed by the Pittsburgh Steelers organization as Director of Marketing.

McGalla says she is encouraged by the growing number of women in the boardroom, however, she says there is room for improvement. “The fact of the matter is, companies work better when they have gender diversity,” said McGalla.

She says more companies should encourage women to take on these leadership positions.

ClassDojo: An EdTech Company Not Likely to Close Shop Soon

For many parents and teachers alike there is the common notion that the current education system is rather obsolete and in dire need of a facelift, if not a complete overhaul. Not only are changes required in the way children are taught in school, as many would agree, but also in the manner of interactions between students and their peers, their teachers as well as their parents. Apparently, ClassDojo has been at the helm of finding a remedy to all these maladies.

ClassDojo is intent on revolutionizing the classroom experience through the combined efforts of the parties concerned; teachers, parents and students. It is a company that believes in the tenet that education is not just the responsibility of teachers alone, but for it to be a successful endeavor even the students and their parents need to be actively involved.

Going with the current trend of software as a service, the ClassDojo App was created so that parents and teachers are kept in the know regarding the happenings in the classroom. Ideally, this should also work well for students who for one reason or the other might have missed a class session. Having begun in 2001, the ClassDojo Company comprises not more than fifty employees and specializes in education technology.

There are other companies which compete with ClassDojo in the education technology sector, but this has not kept ClassDojo from acquiring a clientele base that boasts of both charter and private schools nearly reaching the 100,000 mark. This implies that there are only 10% of the school districts that use other companies’ products.

The success of ClassDojo lies in the fact that the App was developed based on feedback the company got from the stakeholders, in essence becoming a solution to problems that teachers and parents faced previously. With its advent, the App precluded the need for the infernal parent-teacher meetings. Now the progress of students and their daily activities can be shared in real-time. Teachers easily adapt to ClassDojo because they are first consulted before the implementation of any new feature. This further cements the success of ClassdDojo.

Louis Chenevert Brought Positive Change to United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is a competent CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Before he came to UTC, he had been in other big corporations such as general motors where he performed very well. The professional knows different areas where he touches on as a way of improving services in his company. UTC being a technology company, it needs research and competent employees for them to succeed in their business operations. The company has been in operation for several years where they have invested heavily on research. Under the leadership of Louis Chenevert, the company has invested in reach and employee training which has made them achieve great success. Some of the areas where they have excelled in their operations include the following:

Development of Advanced Materials

The development of advanced materials at the company made it possible to manufacture powerful jet engines. The materials can withstand high temperatures which make it possible for airplanes engines to burn fuel at high temperature which makes it possible to deliver high power and great fuel efficiency. The company took time to research on the materials till they came up with reliable materials. It is among the best materials being introduced in the jet industry. It saves on fuels, reduces emissions as well as making jets achieve more power. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

Employee Education

Louis Chenevert from his long years in the industry knows the positive effects highly trained employees can bring to the company. He emphasizes on employee training which has helped them reach great success. For example, he introduced a program which aims at training employees in different American universities as a way of having a reliable workforce which can help the company grow. When a company has highly trained employees, they are in a better position of delivering more to the organization which will make the company realize its investment in the training.

Development of GTF Engine

The engine brings great changes to the airplane manufacturing industry. It delivers more power and has high fuel efficiency. It is among the latest introduction in the jet engines which has attracted many users. Some of the aspects of the engine which make it a great addition to the industry include its ability to save on fuel consumption. For the military planes and airbus industry to achieve some level of economy, the jet engine comes in handy. It has great design which reduces fuel consumption as well as emissions. Read more at

World-Class Jet Engines from UTC

The jet engines are used in both military and air travel operations. The military uses the jet engines due to their great efficiency. They have reduced noise pollution as well as high power delivery. Remember jet engines used on military planes are designed to achieve high power output; the military has taken steps to adopt the planes from UTC due to their great design. Louis Chenevert is among few CEOs who are dedicated to making their organizations succeed. The company operating in an ever-changing field, he has invested in advancement in technology which makes his company stay on top of the competitors. He is patient and highly talented professional who employs proven tactics in his operations.


Waiakea Water’s Planned Switch to Degradable Plastics Speaks to its Commitment to Environmental Conservation

While it has been the norm for many entrepreneurs to pursue profits over and above other goals, Ryan Emmons, the entrepreneur behind Waiakea, Inc., is an embodiment of Digital Age business-minded individuals who have dedicated their businesses to worthy causes. Waiakea came to life in mid-2012 with clear missions to do business sustainably and ethically centered on the provision of naturally alkaline water with a slew of health benefits. Visit the company website Waiakea Springs to know more about Waiakea Water.

Waiakea has lived up to its promise of sustainability in several ways most recently through the announcement of degradable bottles. The company is optimistic that it will switch from the current non-biodegradable (or rather slow to degrade) packaging plastics to fully degradable plastics which are 100 percent recyclable. Even before the imminent switch, Waiakea’s premium water is packaged in superior RPET bottles (less adverse effects on the environment) which cost more than ordinary RPET bottles. The switch to degradable plastics shows Waiakea’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Timeplast, the first and only firm in the U.S with a USPTO patent on the degradation of plastics, engineered a chemical additive that makes plastics degradable (as opposed to biodegradable). Waiakea is a partner of Timeplast, and together they will launch the first degradable bottles in the next year. Waiakea will be the first company in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry to embrace the use of the Timeplast’s additive in its bottles. Manuel Rendon, the founder of Timeplast, explained that it took five years and over thousand chemical experiments to develop a functional additive. He added that Waiakea Water has stood with Timeplast in the journey to develop the world’s first degradable plastics emphasizing that Waiakea actions are indicative of a socially responsible brand.


As Waiakea is readying itself to start the use of degradable bottles, Emmons is not only preoccupied with his company but also other firms in the CPG industry. Emmons envisions a CPG industry that uses degradable plastics. Indeed, the degradable plastics advocated by Waiakea and Timeplast are a marked improvement from the conventional plastics which can last in the environment for over a millennium; degradable plastics can only last up to a maximum of 15 years in the natural setting. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Setting the Trend and then Working The System Like TechStyle

Fashion and business tend to have a lot of commonalities. As with fashion, there are also trends in business. Another thing to look at is that in fashion, there are people who follow trends and then people who set trends. The people who set trends are those who pretty much know the rules and then break them in a way that brings attention to it. The reactions may be rather resistant. However, some people start to follow suit and adopt the new trend in fashion. The same can be said with business. People get ahead of the trends in business and then set the trends.

However, the one thing to understand about fashion and business is that it is not a good thing to be arbitrary. There has to be a reason behind what is done. This is one thing that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have understood. They have looked at the market and have seen it filled with business owners that focus on physical location, products and advertising. Both Don and Adam have seen that the market is ripe for a new approach that involves engagement, interaction, and catering.

Customers need to be able to tell the company what they want so that the company can provide it. For one thing, it does not matter how much marketing a company gives a product. If the company does not have the product that the customer wants and enjoys, then it is not going to gain the customer. Customers go to where the desired product is being sold. This is one fact that is understood by TechStyle. This is one approach that Don Ressler has taken with Fabletics. He and another partner, Kate Hudson, have looked at the market for active wear clothing and have come to the conclusion that there is a lot of room for improvement.

With the help of Adam Goldenberg, the TechStyle group has come up with a great brand that has changed the fashion industry for the better. They have also made sure that they have reached all of the customers that are passionate about fashion including the plus-sized people. The online model has definitely helped.

Chris Burch Presents An Interesting Challenge To American Express

Chris Burch is a man who has founded so many businesses and brands over his time that he’s known as a serial entrepreneur. He recently made an announcement though that after 30 plus years with American Express, he had now switched to JP Morgan and is now using their Chase Sapphire rewards card. He says that he did so because this company’s perks just weren’t as exciting anymore and while he had been most comfortable with this company, he believed it was now time to try something new. American Express is currently in a dilemma because they’ve relied heavily on customers like Burch, but they want their products to be more attractive to lower income millennials as well.

Chris Burch may have kept the same credit card for the most part over the years, but his business startups and investments have changed so much it’s been hard to keep up with. Back in the 1970s while attending Ithaca College in New York, he started a business selling sweaters from dorm to dorm and eventually around town. Burch had figured out how to make a profit doing so, and eventually he and his brother made enough money doing this to buy their own factory and fashion brand that became known as Eagle Eye. Burch soon made enough profits doing this that he sold it off by the early 2000s. His other fashion brand included Tory Burch, and he later helping Ellen Degeneres launch her own brand.  Refer to for more reading

Today, Burch devotes a lot of his time to real estate investing which began in Argentina when he invested in a Buenos Aires hotel, and then began buying and renovating homes in the Hamptons in New York.  Related reading on   But his biggest investment was in the Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia that has some of the most exquisite villas and a million-dollar home that he stays in during part of the year.  Check this link on to read more about his biggest investment.

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But Burch currently works with a lot of new disruptive businesses through his company Burch Creative Capital located in New York City. It was recently announced that this company added some new members to the portfolio including Dirty Lemon and Hooch.  For contact details, hop over to

To know his latest innovative offering to the market, visit

Amex Chief to Rely on Millennials to Keep the Company Profitable

On October 18, 2007, American Express Co. announced a replacement for their longtime chief Kenneth Chenault as the chairman and CEO of the company. Stephen Squeri took over as the leader of the troubled card giant. The company is known for issuing cards to their customers. Besides, the company has its card network and gives loans to some people and businesses.

Challenges Faced by AmEx

AmEx has faced stiff competition from its competitors mainly the banks and other card networks like Visa Inc. At the beginning of this year, the company lost one of its most loyal customers, Chris Burch. Burch, who was named as one of the wealthiest Americans by Forbes in 2014 has now has joined started using Sapphire Reserve card from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

PayPal Holdings Inc. is one company that has presented stiff competition to AmEx. The company has recently overtaken AmEx in market value. The company’s market share in the US credit-card has been falling in recent years. In 2015, the AmEx’s stock fell to 25.4% from 26% in 2014.

Chenault said that under his leadership, the company faced various challenges but still survived. For instance, the company went through the 9/11 crisis.

Way Forward for AmEx

The greatest challenge that Mr. Squeli faces is regaining customers who have left the company. The company is also unsure where it will get revenue from in the long-term and how it will respond to the emergence of mobile payment methods.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is a prominent American businessman who is known as the man bending Burch Creative Capital where he serves as the CEO. Besides, he is also the co-founder of Tory Burch, a fashion brand. His investments are not restricted to any one industry.

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Burch has been an investor and entrepreneur for about four decades. He has vast knowledge of consumer behavior and has experience with direct sourcing. This has helped him start over 50 companies in his career.  Check one of his awesome investment here, click on

For instance, Burch and his brother founded Eagles Eye apparel and later sold it out after seeing its revenue hit $165 million.  More to read on

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TechStyle Inspires People To Be Creatively Disruptive

This is a common story throughout history. The majority of the people are following some kind of norm. Then there is one person or a small group of people that come in who break the norm. When this happens, there is a lot of change that occurs. Often times, there is resistance to this group of people who challenge the norm. In most cases, they just live a life of their own choosing without actually going out of their way to bother people. One of the most common ways to break the norm is through fashion. One of the best ways to move fashion forward is to break rules and tradition so that it can grow in a new direction.

This is exactly what TechStyle owners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are doing. They are looking at the norm and challenging it by going outside of it and showing people that there is a large chance for success outside of what is considered normal. They have shown a lot of creativity and ability to think forward with their ideas. They not only have taken the time to bring forth new designs in fashion that customers actually love, but have also looked at newer and more effective business models.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have decided to take an approach to marketing that is different from the approach of most other businesses. For one thing, they have decided to do their own marketing. With their own marketing, they are able to decide on how they want to approach the customers. One thing they have done was reach out to the customers and get ideas of what they want. Another thing they have done was encourage customers to sign up for a membership and give information about their preferences so that he website can direct them to what they prefer.

The best part of their marketing methods is that it is marketing through consumer engagement. People are not only allowed to know about the company, but also to actually know the company so that they will have an easier time trusting the company and the products.