A Review of NewsWatchTV: Launching Saygus’ Smartphone and Connecting in the Digital Age

NewswatchTV is an award-winning television show hosting a variety of topics that both help inform the general public as well as grow the base of technology, entertainment, and various news platforms. NewswatchTV began in the early nineties focusing initially on financial issues before spreading to broad topics that would educate a larger audience on a variety of products and information. Program segments for NewswatchTV typically run only a few minutes and feature interviews that help support and strengthen the product being sold in an innovative and positive way. Additionally, the entertainment based show allows companies to market their brand through both editorial and paid segments that are reviewed by NewswatchTV’s staff and then aired for the consumer. Based in Washington D.C., NewswatchTV has worked with fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and independent app developers to bring their message to a mass audience through a medium that is easily accessible and familiar.

Lately, NewswatchTV has partnered with more consumer centered technology companies, such as the smartphone company Saygus; following them on their journey to Barcelona to film their Indiegogo campaign which raised over 1.3 million dollars. In a testimonial with NewswatchTV, Vice President of Saygus, Tim Rush, mentions the company as being a crucial component of their sales increase. Rush goes on to address the impact NewswatchTV’s consumer reviews and online campaigns had in connecting with Saygus’ audience and ultimately furthering their base. While filming at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Rush mentioned again how important NewsWatchTV was in driving home the larger ideas of the company by marketing their new line of smartphones and airing them on National TV. As a result of Saygus’ partnership with NewswatchTV, the company exceeded their Indiegogo campaign goal by three-hundred thousand dollars; proving again the positive outcome of partnering with NewswatchTV as well as their ability to grow and connect with the consumer