Career Achievements of Sujit Choudhry

Born in New Delhi in 1970, Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional law expert and educator. He has achieved major successes throughout his career and as a result, he has acquired a great reputation. Sujit Choudhry is currently among the most sought out comparative law experts and he has shared his counsel with a vast number of politicians and country leaders on the nature of their law. Besides, Sujit Choudhry has also analyzed the various constitutions in countries with an aim of pointing out the possible ways in which they could affect the citizens of the country, more info (

Having studied at the University of Toronto Schools for high school, Sujit received his from McGill University before acquiring his law degrees from the University of Oxford and Toronto University. Sujit Choudhry’s vast understanding of the constitution and ability to analyze it has seen him acquire great opportunities to work with prestigious personnel. He acquired a breakthrough in his career when he worked with the Ukrainian government by presenting a report concerning their constitution, see ( During the meeting, Sujit Choudhry worked closely with Kyiv and he majorly focused on the issue of executive powers and its impact.

Sujit Choudhry is fully dedicated towards his career and he has always striven to achieve the best, additional information on He has always put diversity at the forefront when it comes to carrying out his activities and besides taking part in analyzing the constitution in various countries, he is also a professor of law at Michael Heyman as well as at the California University’s Berkeley School of Law. He has also gained a great reputation for being the first Indian American to serve as the dean of California University. He is passionate about sharing ideas with other people and he is a role model for many. He believes in the strengths of planning for the achievement of one’s goals, visit

End Citizens United: Recap Crunchbase Article

End Citizens United Endorses Candidates Who Support Campaign Finance Reform. We are only months away from the midterm elections, and End Citizens United is making it loud and clear the candidates that they are supporting. The End Citizens United was created in 2015 as the direct result of the 2010 Supreme Court decision of Citizen United vs FEC. This decision allowed for what is considered dark money to be poured into the pockets of candidates. This means that candidates are being bought by rich individuals to serve their interests instead of serving the interests of the constituents. End Citizens United hopes to get this decision overturned and overhaul the campaign finance system.

ECU’s game plan is to even the playing field between candidates who take the dark money and those who are against being controlled by the rich. ECU has emerged as a powerful political force and the candidates in which they support reap from many benefits. ECU helps candidates to connect with ECU members directly in their own districts and states. ECU also helps candidates to connect to a large network, 400,000 members, of small-dollar donors. These small donors donate average about 14 dollars per donation, which means that ECU is expected to raise approximately 35 million dollars to use in the 2018 election cycle.

The ECU is endorsing several incumbents who they are hoping will keep their seats. They are also endorsing several candidates who will be challenging Republican incumbents in key districts. Such candidates include Beto O’Rourke who wants to unseat Ted Cruz who is tied to big money and special interest groups. O’Rouke, on the other hand, wants to put an end to the power that big money has in the political arena. Candidate Elissa Slotkin looking to take the seat of Representative Mike Bishop. Bishop has a long history of being tied to big money and special groups. Though Slotkin is in for a tough fight, ECU is hoping with their support, Slotkin and all the other candidates will come out victorious.

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Impressionable Facts about Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a successful businessman; Chris has always exercised diversity in his endeavours. Chris Burch has earned a great reputation over the recent years due to his ability to share business ideas as well as develop strategies with other people. He has specialized in a vast number of business fields including fashion, real estate, and technology. His ability to adopt change as a result of the evolutions brought by the modern technology has seen him achieve major successes in his ventures, posted on

Chris Burch encourages entrepreneurs to be good listeners. He believes that people who pay attention even to slight details in the business field fall high chances of acquiring success in their ventures as they get to learn faster and acquire ideas to employ in the growth of their firms. His ability to bring innovations in the field of business has also seen him outdo many other firms in the market. Burch recently acquired the Nihiwatu resort and restaurant, and this has earned him a great accreditation from a significant number of people, reference ( Besides, Burch likes exploring new opportunities, and he has partnered with a vast number of prestigious personnel to build brands of high value. He acquired his passion for the field of hotels and hospitality from the partnership he had with the renowned hotelier Alan Faena and Philip Star. Burch`s ability to form close and genuine relationships with other investors has also contributed to his notable successes, additional information (

Besides, Burch also recently worked together with Ellen DeGeneres, to help her launch her lifestyle brand. Additionally, Burch has also brought a revolution in the real estate sector through his ability to adopt new strategies and designs while launching his ventures. He recently launched the Cocoon9 ventures, which entail space saving floor plans with a unique and eye-catching design. The buildings have already attracted a vast number of clients, check

Bruno Fagali: How To Hire A Reliable Lawyer Or Law Firm

If you are looking for the right attorney or law firm for your situation, you need to do your homework. It is advisable to find a reputable and experienced lawyer.

There are many law firms and attorneys that render good service in the industry but you need to choose one that has a good understanding of your particular legal issue. Not all lawyers have the expertise to handle the type of legal matter you’re dealing with.

Attorneys and law firms often provide a free consultation. During a consultation you will be able to find out about a law firm or lawyer’s practice. Since many lawyers will meet with a client for free during an initial consultation, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

Every entrepreneur, corporate executive and professional should have access to a competent lawyer. This will help ensure that you understand the rules and regulations that affect your industry, or your specific business.

It is extremely important to have a powerful lawyer on your team. That’s where Bruno Fagali comes in – to advise and guide you properly.

As an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, Bruno Fagali has the resources and track record to meet his clients’ needs. Bruno takes the time to address his clients’ legal issues and help them to run their business without hassles.

If you have a complex legal matter like dispute with another entity, or if you have a disagreement with your business partner, you will certainly need a competent attorney to advise you.

Bruno Fagali is one of the leaders in his field and comes recommended. Many companies and professionals rely on Bruno Fagali  to guide and represent them. He provides outstanding legal services to his clients and can render top notch service to you. His clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The law is complicated, and an experienced and reliable lawyer like Bruno Fagali can help you navigate the system. Bruno knows what works and what doesn’t. He knows how to put together a solid legal defense strategy to obtain a great outcome for his clients.

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Milan Kordestani: Who He Is

Milan Kordestani is an accomplished equestrian, an excellent employee, and a very sought-after business owner.

Kordestani was born in California but moved to London when his parents divorced in his childhood. Kordestani moved back to California a year later and finished high school there.

He is now a student at Colorado College and a prolific writer.

At the Huffington Post, he is employed to write articles on the subjects of politics, mental health, and agriculture.

When Milan isn’t cranking out article after article, he is working his business, Milan Farms.

Milan Farms is a 100% organic farm that specializes in growing eggs, saffron, and mint.

Milan has actually been experimenting with ways of hydroponically growing his saffron. If he succeeds, he will be the first person to have ever grown the herb on sponges.

As a professional, Milan gives the best customer service that he can.

He feels that if a customer has a question about anything at all, business owners should always have an answer available.

According to Milan, to hesitate in responding to customer inquiries shows dishonesty, which is a trait that no entrepreneur should have.

When Milan isn’t hard at work on his farm, at school, or at the Huffington Post, he is enjoying a sport that he has loved for half of his life: horseback riding.

Milan is an equestrian who has ranked multiple times in championships. These rankings include

  • 4th place at the World’s Championship Horse Show in 2015
  • 3rd place at the American Royal in 2015
  • an impressive 2nd place at the World’s Champion Horse Show in 2016

Horseback riding didn’t always agree with Milan, however.

When the lad first began riding horses, he was 10 years old. During this experience, the horse went wild, threw Milan off, and ran away.

What Milan did next was “surprising,” according to his father, Omid Kordestani.

He went after the horse, found it, and climbed back on top of it.

This was pretty impressive behavior for a 10 year old.

However, that situation only revealed a glimpse of Milan’s persistence when it comes to success.


Rodrigo Terpins-Brazilian rally driver

Just like his brother, Michel Terpins, Rodrigo Terpins is a member and a passionate driver of the bull Sertoes rally team. He has been a part of various championships as well as significant rally competitions in Brazil. In most cases, he takes part in the T1 contests where he secured position seven during the 22nd Sertoes rally edition.




The passion for sports in their lineage




Rodrigo Terpins closely resembles his father, Jack Terpins. Besides being prosperous entrepreneurs, they both have a unique passion for games and sports. As he made a remarkable impact in the rally sports, his father, on the other hand, was a passionate basketballer in his youth. He played for the Hebraica between the 1960s and 70s. His continuous defend for the teenagers who had a particular interest in the sport once earned him the community leader position. As he served in this position and other capacities, he displayed excellent performance just like his son when it comes to rally activities.




His achievements in the 22nd sertoes rally




The 22nd race was marked by two states, seven stages, and 2600 kilometers, making it one of the most significant tracks in Brazil. Additionally, this race was also backed with lots of adversities, which saw a few competitors making it to the top five. However, Mr. Terpins and one of his affiliate, Fabricio Bianchini made it to the podium for the T1 category, and they secured position 8 out of the 38 competitors in the general rank. Besides, he has also been able to attain remarkable achievements, which have made considerable impacts on his team. This is attributed to his exceptional ability to handle what seems impossible to others effortlessly. Check out





His participation in the sertoes rally




Rodrigo Terpins and his partner Fabricio Bianchini emerged the third in the prototype division, T1. This followed nearly 20 hours of proofing as they take part in the 22nd edition rally. However, besides tracking, Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel Terpins are also devoted philanthropists who have significant impacts on the lives of various individuals. For instance, through their team, they were able to make donations to enable the purchase of water filters and medicines to be installed in the most visited sites during the races. You can visit




Sheldon Lavin Steering OSI Industries to Greatness

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of one of the world’s largest food industries, OSI Group. The Chief Executive Officer has had holds a load of experience in the practical sector and the development of a worldwide company. His vast reserve of experience run for over forty years. The Executive had worked with OSI industries since the year 1970 when the company was known as Otto & Sons. Mr.Lavin has seen the food production and supplying company rise from a small Chicago based company to a celebrated nationwide establishment, then a globally recognized institution with grips in over seventeen countries.

Among many impressive achievements, Mr. Lavin oversaw the establishment and commissioning of a production plant in Spain that led to the doubling in the chicken output. The high capacity plant for the production of chicken got completed in 2017 costing a total of about 17 million euros. Besides the executive and fellow heads of the company including the President, Mr. David McDonald, ensured for the safety of the plant and its employees by establishing a state of the art surveillance system. This system includes indoor and outdoor cameras with the sole aim of raising the security standards.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is involved continuously in critical roles regarding several charitable organizations and charity activities. He is a part of the Ronald McDonald house charity organization. His dedication to the service of Mankind from every corner of the world, saw him be recognized and awarded the Global Visionary Award. This award is given by India’s Vision World Academy every year to the persons who have shown both dedication and unwavering perseverance in the business world and emerged successfully. The year 2016, saw Sheldon Lavin receive this prestigious award.

Despite his continuous success, Mr. Sheldon Lavin continues to push forward for other innovative means aimed at improving the food industry. His remarkable efforts aimed at the global expansion of his OSI Group of industries is commendable. Furthermore, the CEO is on the front line when it comes to the conservation of the environment. This attribute gets seen by his commitment to productions and innovations inclined to green energy and workflow. The entrepreneur’s business strategies have seen his company flourish and the establishment of OSI Group’s branches in seventeen countries and offering employment to over twenty-two thousand workers. The OSI industries have also seen to the development of the regions where their branches get established.

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Clay Hutson’s Name Continues to be Prominent in the Music Production Industry

Clay Hutson remains a common name in the music production industry and stage management in the United States. Although he is based in Nashville, Tennessee, the producer has worked with several artists including big names like Kid Rock and Pink. Through hard work and dedication, Clay Hutson is expected to become even more prominent in the coming years.


Getting sorted after Tour Rigger

Clay Hutson recently completed his tour with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. With a resulting success, the producer was immediately chosen by Soul2Soul to join their tour. This will be a great opportunity for Soul2Soul to connect with their fans in different regions after a long period of time. With Clay Hutson on the tour, it is obvious that the tour will be completed with a great success.


Production management career

Clay Hutson is a renowned production manager across the United States. Over the past 20 years, he has been able to work through event scenes. He attended the University of Central Michigan where he earned a degree in Theatre Design and Technical Production. He also furthered his studies at the Steven M. Ross School of Business to earn a post-graduate degree in Business Management. Through these courses as well as his hustle in different music companies, he managed to develop skills in handling lighting, setting up equipment, driving equipment trucks, and performing duties related to audio.


Currently, Nashville could be his choice, but because of his popularity, Clay Hutson engages in several road event tours. He has offered his management skills on tours of big name brands including Alive in Chains, Prince, Smashing Pumpkins, Guns n Roses, the Backstreet Boys, and Pink. The producer owes his success to his hard work and extreme attention to smaller details that many professionals would undermine.


His association with big musicians

Clay Hutson has worked with the biggest names in the music industry including Kanye West, Pink, and Prince. He always appreciates and acknowledges those artists that use innovative technological equipment to perform and showcase their art. Past music, the talented producer claims that he nurtures his talent all the time to remain relevant to the changing music trends. Specifically, he believes that technology advances and gets brighter, faster, and more mobile, skills he believes that he must keep above his heels.


About Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is a Nashville-based sound engineer, tour producer, and a stage manager. He helps musicians to set up live performances and ensures that everything works out well for the music fans. Clay Hutson also operates his own founded live event production company where he serves several artists with variable budget sizes. He continues to strive to organize his music equipment in the safest and most effective way for every event he manages. Learn more:


A Review of Gregory Aziz of National Steel Car

Gregory J. Aziz is currently the president, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car which is one of the leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. The company is highly reputable in North America as it is the leading manufacturer in Hamilton, Ontario. National Steel Car was founded in the year 1912 and has been able to satisfy the evolving needs and standards of the railroad industries and other customers due to its unique design and manufacturing of freight cars.



Gregory Aziz was born on 30th April 1949 in London, Ontario. He attended Ridley College and then joined the Western University of Ontario to major in economics. He later joined his family to work in the wholesale food business in the year 1971. The company grew fast and became a worldwide fresh foods importer from Europe, to Central America and South America. Besides, the food business became the primary distributor to renowned wholesale marketers of fresh foods in Eastern Canada and the USA.



During the 1990s, Gregory J Aziz continued to widen his scope by trying out several investment opportunities from various banks in New York. In 1994, Greg was able to purchase the National Steel Car Company from Mr. Dofasco. His main aim was transforming the company to become the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.



National Steel Car expanded at a very fast rate due to its engineering excellence, commitment to producing quality products, excellent customer relations, and team-work and significant investment in capital and human resources. Consequently, there was a substantial increase in the rate of manufacturing cars from 3500 to 12000 cars per annum from 1994-1999. The company has since created many employment opportunities. See This Article for more information.



Due to its consistency, persistence, efficiency, and focus in the railroad industry, the company has an excellent reputation to their customers as they manufacture high-quality railcars. Their delivery performance is high and on-time. In addition to that, this is the only railcar company in North America that has an ISO 9001:2015 certification. The company has been honored consistently with the TTXSECO annual award for over ten years.


The company has a significant commitment to the community of Hamilton, and it funds several charities such as the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, and Salvation Army among others. Greg Aziz and his wife also sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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Entrepreneurial Tips from Robert Deignan

Since 1998, Robert Deignan has established himself in the business world as a successful entrepreneur. He has managed various businesses as a co-founder, CEO, and vice president. He is currently the CEO of Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services, LLC, a company he co-founded in 2011.

Robert was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and studied at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. He enrolled for a degree in business management in Purdue University in 1992, which was fully sponsored by a football scholarship. In 1995, he graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business Management, with specialization in Organizational Leadership. Before venturing into business, he played briefly for New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

Entrepreneurial Life

His first business venture was in 1998, when he co-founded a company called Fanlink, Inc. the company was based in Robert’s home region of Fort Lauderdale, and he ran it until 2001. He then ran the iS3 company as an executive vice president from June 2002 till June 2011.

The most successful entrepreneurial venture of Robert Deignan is the ATS Digital Services, LLC. As the company’s CEO, he has helped steer ATS into a reputable digital company for high-end services. But how does he manage his personal life and still realize entrepreneurial success? He shares some of his tips below.

For productivity, Robert starts off his days by physical exercise from 5:15 AM. Unlike business owners who get so involved in their businesses to an overwhelming point, Robert usually help prepare breakfast and get his son to school. His working time often begin at 8 AM, with finishing the previous day’s tasks, analyzing his business’ data, and responding to emails.

Like most entrepreneurs, Robert gets his business ideas when disconnected from electronics like computers; it can be outdoors, travelling, during a trip, or while enjoying nature. His basic act is usually to record his ideas on a spreadsheet and research on it if it is promising.

The most essential habit that increases his productivity is analyzation of numbers. He believes sound decisions in any organization originate from wise analysis of numbers. Besides, one has to fully maximize on their revenue within time frameworks.

Ultimately, recording ideas in a spreadsheet, hiring the right employees, and taking brief breaks from using electronic devices are among the ingredients of good business leadership.