Highland Capital Management a Leading Giant in the Investment world

Highland Capital Management, L.P is a SEC-registered investment advisory company that was co-founded in the year 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Highland together with its affiliates companies has assets worth 13.7 billion dollars under its management. Highland is the top most experienced alternative investment management firm globally. The firm provides credit strategies services such as credit hedge funds, structured investment, and distressed investments funds among others. Highland invests globally in public equity, fixed income and hedging markets with the aim of leveraging loans, high-yield bonds including structured products. The firm’s head office is based in Dallas, Texas and has other offices in New York, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Highland Capital Management has a wide array of clients from different sectors who include public pension planners, corporations, governments, wealthy individuals, financial institutions, endowments and foundations among many others.
In 2016 the Highland Small Cap Equity Fund did very well in the stock market and generated a 32% return for its investors. Michael Gregory the company’s chief investment officer of Highland Alternative Investors was the person behind the energy stock picks and projects that the health sector could make a major rebound this year 2017.
Highland management capital besides being an investor in the financial markets is also involved in helping the community through its charitable program. The firm as part of its corporate social responsibility invests in the communities where the company employees live and work. The company is committed to changing lives in the society through provision of funds in the form of donations to both the local community charitable organizations and also the national non-profit organization. In addition, as part of their charitable work, the firm provides volunteers in community projects and offers advisory to the boards of the charitable organizations. The firm contributes more than 3 million dollars annually to charitable organizations around the world through the Dallas Foundation. As part of continuing with its commitment to the expanding giving program, Highland Capital brought on board Linda Owen to provide strategic direction to Highlands philanthropic activities. Linda is a Dallas civic leader and a former President of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

Rodrigo Terpins and the art of Brazilian rallying

Rodrigo Terpin the brother to Michel Terpins the chairman of the Brazil cross country championship as well as a successful rally driver. Rodrigo began his career young and now in his early 40’s he has been able to achieve so much success. His career as a rally driver has taken him for competitions all over the country as he took part in various championships.

He is a member of the team from São Paulo Bull Sertões Rally dos Sertões which he formed early with his brother Michel Terpins when he joined the T1 category.Under the T1 category, he has been able to use various vehicles before he finally settled for the T-Rex developed by MEM this is a special rallying vehicle that has enhanced performance and suspension that enables it to handle the toughest of terrains.

He is very consistent in rallying especially the Sertões Rally which he has participated severally. During the 22nd edition, he partnered with Fabrício Bianchini as his navigator. The rally was shorter in comparison to the previous year but still traversed through two states i.e Goiás and Minas Gerais. The total distance covered was 2,600 kilometers and drivers went through seven cities. They departed in Goiânia and went through the entire circuit to finally enter the finish line in Belo Horizonte all this took place between August 23rd and August 30th. The race saw more than 200 participants in the various categories that included Motorcycles, UTV’s, Cars, Quadricycles, and Trucks.

Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini representing the Bull Sertões Rally Team came in the second stage while they achieved position 8 overall this was a compelling result for the duo as reflected in Rodrigo’s after race statement saying that the result exceeded his expectations also noting that the partnership with Fabrício was great this combined with a very competitive car proved vital.

Rodrigo continues his commitment to rallying and has vowed to continue doing his best in the sport and ensure that his team has reached the peak.Terpins was absent from the Rally Cuesta Off-road but took part in the twenty-fourth edition of the Sertões Rally.

An Air Conditioning Company Changing Lives Since 1939 – Goettl

When the temperature rises, some people may be in danger of spending a lot of money to keep cool. Furthermore, there is a lot of other issues that might arise and force someone to overly use their air conditioner. A long-lasting air conditioning company, Goettl, sees the problem and explains some of the causes through “GOETTL TELLS ALL: EVEN THOUGH YOU LIVE IN NORCAL, I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THIS TRICK ABOUT YOUR HVAC SYSTEM..” article.

Some of the most important tips that the company shares are:

  • Preserving the temperature
  • Correctly placing the AC unit
  • Replacing the air filters
  • Using a programmable thermostat

The list on achrnews.com goes on with more useful information on what should be done. Main points advise the readers to avoid using their ACs if hot air is still coming in. Also, the AC units should be placed in cold and shaded areas where there is minimal exposure to heat. To make sure that the bill is reasonable, one should keep the AC at or above 78 degrees. Having the right thermostat and maintaining the AC will be just as vital, as failing to replace air filters or do tune-ups can have a detrimental effect on the device.

The Company

Goettl started operating in the industry in 1939. The company was founded by Gust and Adam Goettl in Pheonix, Arizona. Indeed this area was known for its extremely high temperatures that made life very complicated. Company’s values are mostly focused on innovation, reliability, and high-quality service that is provided to each customer. Partnerships that the company facilitates also ensure that only top-notch brands are used during their implementation. As a consequence of their dedication and great customer experience, Goettl is now showing promising growth in the future.  Read more on glassdoor.com.


Jason Hope And His Passion For Future Tech

The skills required in business make a person a good risk taker. There’s courage in being a business man, and the more noble thing about doing things is that people don’t seem to recognize business men’s magnificent work and service. There’s no recognition given to the risk takers who give a lot of wealth for the society to enjoy. One of the more traditional risk-taking businessmen today is Jason Hope.

The Risky Man

Jason Hope has retained its reputation for being a futurist whose passion in understanding technology and using it in business is unparalleled. The understanding he has of the knowledge and information required for the successful implementation of companies that make use of technology proves to be fascinating in the industry.

Right now Jason Hope finds great purpose in applying all the technology available in the Internet of Things technology available for consumers and businesses.

Jason Hope also offers a lot of advice to businesses on how to use technology as an advantage in developing products that today’s modern consumers can appreciate. Technology has to be straightforward and intuitive, and Jason Hope understands this as the key element to all the essential technology that any business should implement.

Many companies are banking on the idea that the future will be about internet data, consumer data, information technology in the homes and consumer products that are smarter than their previous precedents.

The Believer of Internet Tech

Jason Hope’s reputation of being the believer of the future of internet tech and he shows his beliefs in his support for the projects he does with companies who advocate for future tech. In fact, Jason Hope has written a lot about Tech.co and how this relates to internet technology as well as how this becomes one of the many networks that businesses can tap to get the advancement to their business that they need.

Jason Hope sees the Internet of Things as the technology system that allows consumers a better and more intuitive connection that they can build with their consumer tech. Internet of Things allows people to talk to their refrigerators to command them to lower their temperature and it can also enable them to give particular useful commands.

There’s no other way in the future than the path paved by the power of Internet tech. Jason believes that in the next few years, even the most undiscriminating tech user will find a lot of value in what the Internet of Things (IOT) can offer.

In the recent article from Engadget, Jason Hope mentioned that one of the greatest benefits one can get in embracing technology is the ability it affords to eliminate waste and excess in power used for fuelling the gadgets we have. Our daily lives are made better with Internet of Things, and he believes in this that he is willing to build his entire career on it.

Greg Secker Hopes To Make Others Free From Financial Troubles

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Are you tired of being broke month after month? If so, Greg Secker is a name you want to know. He is a well-known trader in the forex trading world. Greg was not always interested in finance and he actually began school studies in food science and agriculture. It was during his studies that he decided to begin something else. While learning to build computers and start selling them, he went to a job fair. While walking around the job fair, he approached the Thomas Cook Financial Service booth that he was intrigued by what he was told. After speaking with the person running the booth, he was asked to take an interview for the company. Once he went to the interview, Greg took position within the company.

While working here, he was asked to join forces to begin working on the Virtual Trading Desk. The first currency trading platform was used to open the doors of trading. While working on this project, Greg met a number of traders who helped him to learn much needed strategies to being successful in forex trading.

After working on the virtual trading platform, Greg decided to simply retire. While sitting in his home, Greg decided he needed to find something to do with his spare time. In his spare time, Greg visited a number of seminars. While sitting through the seminars, Greg found that he would be good at this same type of thing and decided to hold his own seminars.

Once Greg knew he had something to say and that people would listen, he found other celebrities and famous people to join forces with his seminars. Once people learned of the seminars, he began selling out pretty quickly. It was at the seminars that he began teaching others what he learned within forex trading.

When people left his seminars, they carried away the knowledge they needed in order to be successful when trading currencies virtually. The hope was that he would help others gain the freedom they needed from their finances. Not only did he do this is well known countries, he traveled to under privileged countries where people lacked self confidence to be successful.


NuoDB is Powering The World

Since NuoDB has harnessed the power of cloud technology, this SQL database has completely wiped out the competition. Companies with large networks of computers absolutely love their software design as it makes things more efficient. This is why companies like

Over a decade ago, NuoDB started as a smaller SQL database project known as NimbusDB. This project received many rounds of funding after changing their name and it now has grown to be an international brand name with hosting companies.

NuoDB is the last SQL database that you will ever need since it is compatible with syntaxes and standard of other products. Databases from Microsoft SQL or Oracle SQL may even be imported to make the migration even easier. NuoDB also has their own powerful syntax to create powerful server infrastructures.

Cluster computing is at the base of NuoDB so large server networks may efficiently interact with each other. Other databases have been applied to computing clusters but their performance is far from optimal. NuoDB is the SQL database that has specific commands to work with clusters so that it can combine the computing power of the hardware so that more is better when it comes to adding servers to the network.

Lime Crime Scandal Lipstick is the New Rage

On January 10th, 2017, it was announced that Lime Crime came out with a new shade in their Velvetine line of lipsticks. The new shade is called Scandal. It is a purple-violet hue. The Velvetine line is a liquid-to-matte lipstick line that includes a varied selection of many colors—not just tints of pink and red.

Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime, suggests that Scandal is great for those who love that punk-rock look and don’t care about the conventions of wearing only pink or red lipstick. US Weekly declared that the Scandal color conveys a great sense of sexuality.

It is suggested that for the best look, users of the lipstick should apply lip balm fifteen minutes before application. After fifteen minutes, one should use a tissue to wipe off excess oils. If one wants to refine edges, one can use a lip brush to perfect the look. When you want to take the lipstick off, you can remove it with either oil or waterproof lipstick remover.

Doe Deere gives some pointers about what looks good with Scandal. She suggests to wear Scandal under the Trip Diamond Crusher, claiming that it enhances the violet undertones of Scandal and helps to highlight her lips.

Cruelty-conscious consumers can rest easy to know that Scandal is certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny. Scandal is also 100% vegan.

The company holds the philosophy that makeup is a gateway to self expression and freedom—not just a method to cover up blemishes. They try to make the most cruelty free, vibrant, beautiful products with the most selection. Their makeup works with every skin, hair and eye color. If you don’t believe it, go look at the the selfies featured on their site.

There are different types of makeup and different shades to match up with Scandal lipstick. You can pick a hair coloring to match with your Scandal lipstick. You can be creative with an eye shadow pallet to bring out the best of your Scandal lipstick. You can also mix and match pop-on nails to your lipstick.

Samuel Strauch: Real Estate Mogul

Samuel Strauch has definitely made a name for himself in the business word. Strauch originally began his career in banking, but later joined the rest of his family in the real estate business. Both Strauch and his family practice real estate in South Florida.

In 2002, Strauch began his own real estate company, Metrik Real Estate, which is currently located in Miami Florida. In a recent interview, Strauch mentioned that the idea for Metrik Real Estate came from the new wave of real estate developments and the transformation of Miami from a vacation spot to a metropolis. The entrepreneur felt that he could capitalize on Miami’s changing real estate environment, and find clients and investors to begin the business.

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Much of the success of Metrik Real Estate comes from Strauch’s approach to the real estate industry in Miami. People are changing the way that they live and travel. Samuel Strauch has taken the time to understand how these changes have effected industries and corporations, and used that information to help better his business. Samuel Strauch has been able to build a business that focuses on adaptability. He researches the market and adjusts his company according to that market. The company also looks strives for transparency with their customers, increasing trust among the two parties. Many people have turned to Samuel Strauch and his company because they don’t often find this level of transparency in the real estate marker. In order to have s successful partnership, everyone involved needs to know what is going on in the business.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch: http://www.realtor.com/realestateagents/Samuel-Strauch_Miami-Beach_FL__967574027

Rocketship school scales the height of education

Rocketship School is a non-profit education center with the public elementary charter. It serves low-income earners who are limited to access better schools. The first Rocketship school was opened a decade ago in San Jose, California in a church basement. As a non-profit corporation, Rocketship`s mission is to build a scalable and sustainable school approach that enhances learner`s progress in unfortunate communities across the country.

Rocketship School`s teaching method is student centered and technology integrated to meet the needs of individual students. The school focuses in each learner so that to better the instructional goals of the students as per the student and family interests. Teachers spend their time helping each learn thoroughly.

Rocketship School engages parents in the learning process and the whole school at large. They make sure parents become educational advocates for their children. The school believes that personalizing learning starts from home. The school conduct annual home visits to enhance the personalized learning model.

Rocketship School builds parent leadership program so that families can demand political attention by holding leaders accountable and enabling high-quality public education systems thrives. Since Rocketship offers elementary education only it’s a must for parents to organize and fight for quality middle and high schools accessibility for their children.

The school values diversity. Rocketship School welcomes all children regardless of their ethnicity, religion, class, race or creed. The school has also diversified on the staffs helping the learners to ensure that they benefit from teacher diversity and experience different cultural ideologies.

The school has meaningful-inclusion model in that the students with disabilities are well catered for by the system. The school focusses on improving the kids’ state of mind and help them to discover and develop remarkable potential as they grow up in academic life. They don’t discriminate the special need kids rather they make them part of the learning community.

Preston Smith is the co-founder and the CEO of Rocketship Education. He started his career course as a teacher before becoming a principal. Just like every parent who wishes his kids goes to a world class school, Preston`s two children studies in Rocketship School.


Paul Mampilly, Investor Of A Kind

Paul Mampilly is an investment advisor and stock market analyst. Born in India, Paul moved to United Stated his career in the financial sector as a young man. In the over 25 years he has been in the business, he has proved to be a resourceful investment analyst and even held high ranking positions at some of the best firms like Deutsche Bank.

Wall Street work was not enough for him; Paul Mampilly eventually left the hedge funds to venture into private business. Nevertheless, that was not after making the companies there a lot of money. According to Kinetics Asset Management, during Paul’s tenure there as a hedge fund manager, the company saw an average 26% annual return raising the firm’s portfolio from $6 billion to $25 billion.

Investing in stocks can be challenging and extremely risky for the average untrained individual. This fact was a great motivator for Paul’s decision to start an investment newsletter ‘Profits Unlimited’ that gives valuable guidance to its over 90,000 subscribers. He continues to advise people on the volatile and risky stock market industry helping them make good returns on their investment.

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Companies manufacturing Electric cars is one of the key investment options that Paul Mampilly advises new investors. He believes that with the rapid change in technology and the efficiency that electric vehicles offer customers, they are the stocks to watch. The cars are easy to maintain as only three of their parts need maintenance.

The food industry is another lucrative venture according to Paul Mampily on talkmarkets.com. More people are seeking fast and healthy food delivered to their doorsteps. This trend has resulted in various businesses venturing into food delivery services. Paul advises investors to put their money into such enterprises since, in the near future, their stock value will be very lucrative.

With the advancement in health science technology, Paul sees promising growth in the medical industry. The latest progress in precision medicine where doctors can now treat individuals based on their genetic composition. A patient’s genetic information is used to determine the best medication and even predict what types of illnesses are likely to infect the individual. Paul’s advice is for investors to look out for companies that have embraced this technology and invest in them.

Find more about Paul Mampilly: https://technewsspy.com/2017/08/23/paul-mampilly-investment-advice-electric-vehicles-food-delivery-precision-medicine/