Lime Crime Is Giving Their Fans What They Have Always Wanted.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that is known for their rich and vibrant hues of makeup. They have gained a cult following in the last several years. The head unicorn in charge, Doe Deere, is herself known for her brightly colored clothes, makeup, and hair. She was proud to recently announce that Lime Crime had developed a line of semi-permanent hair dyes that are vegan and cruelty-free. There are two different types of colors and thirteen different colors.


Doe Deere had modeled the new dyes after her own brightly colored hair. She named the bold colors fun names such as Dirty Mermaid which is a deep teal green and LeeLoo which is a bold orange named after the main character in the movie The Fifth Element. The colors are designed to last about six weeks and are recommended for light colored hair.


Although the product has not been officially released for purchase yet, it has been announced on the Lime Crime website and has an entire page dedicated to those products. That means that the hair dye will most likely be released to the public very soon. No doubt, the products will be scooped up as fast as possible now that the word is out. People have been patiently waiting in the hopes that the cosmetic company would finally begin to sell hair dye. For many, it is a dream come true. Lime Crime has always catered to individuals that love to express themselves through the use of bold color and their hair dye is just another way for people to get even more creative while using their incredible products.


Short Story: The Truth about Cassio Audi

Being a successful Brazilian investment manager is not an easy thing. The reason being political scandals, recession, and high inflation rates. Wealthy Brazilians would rather invest abroad than in their country due to low levels. However, the only thing preventing commercial capital flight according to executives is the high-interest rates in the country.

With the inflation running at almost double percentage (8.7%) of the central bank target (4.5%), investors are enjoying very high-interest rates of about 5%. With such prices, the investors have gone back to investing in local products such as real estate and agribusiness credit bills. Despite these high-interest rates, local investors still want to invest abroad to evade issues like corruption and inflation and protect their assets. These inflation rates have led to the rise of mergers and acquisition since Brazilian firms have gone down regarding value.

However, despite all this, there are many successful investment managers in Brazil. One such individual is Cassio Audi; he defied the odds to become one of the best. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo for his undergraduate degree in business administration. Later, he attended Universidade de São Paulo where he graduated with a master’s degree in finance in 2000.

Born in 1972, Cassio Audi has worked in different firms and built an excellent reputation in the world of investment. He attained massive skills and has 23years experience in finance. The various skills include private and public companies, startups, global multi million-dollar organizations, equity funds among others.

In conclusion, Cassio Audi is accomplished financial management executive. He has proven to have the required ability and talent to increase efficiency, profitability and improve operation growth. He possesses exceptional leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, and is known to create a good relationship with both management and staff.

The Importance of Partnerships and Teams With Adam Goldenberg

A lot of business owners understand that they need teams in order to get the business going and make it a success. For one thing, there needs to be different mindsets when it comes to the different aspects of running the show on For one thing, people need to brainstorm in order to come up with ideas. One thing that has happened with business meetings was that someone was able to come up with an idea of a certain aspect of business that they could take on. For one thing, different people see different things with business at This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to look to one another to see what advantages they have within the business.

One team that has done really good in the fashion industry is the team of Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. All three are part of a larger team that is responsible for Fabletics, a fashion company that offers plenty of unique items for sale. Adam Goldenberg have not only thought about some unique designs to put towards activewear and other forms of fashion but also have consulted plenty of other fashion experts to see what they can do about bringing forth not only unique fashion but also attractive fashion.

This is the main issue with fashion according to The best way to sell fashion is to come up with something that is going to attract a lot of customers. This is where a team of people can come forward. Without a team, a designer is going to go very far out of the norm, or he is going to not go far enough. The creative team at TechStyle offers plenty of insight that is going to give them the right ideas to go with fashion. Meanwhile, the analytical person who handles data is going to determine whether or not this item is a hit among customers or not.

The team behind TechStyle that Adam Goldenberg is part of is a very effective team. This is one of the reasons that customers are very happy with the items that they get from the company.

Cheap and Healthy?Beneful’s Got the Benefits

Hi there! You’re here because you’re looking for opinions on shopping at Petsmart for Beneful products. This article will cover some common questions, based on common experience.

Does Petsmart have Beneful dog food?

Petsmart carries reputable, well-known brands like Purina’s Beneful dog food.

How much is Beneful dog food at Petsmart?

Beneful dog food at Petsmart comes in a variety of options, such as pre-made entrees, Purina’s Chopped Blends product line, and Beneful Healthy Weight Adult Dog Food, and several other options. Purina’s Beneful has foods designed for puppies as well. Price ranges typically from $1.89 (and often lower) for Purina’s chopped blends and up to $5.99-$25.99 for Beneful Healthy Weight Adult Dog Food.

Where can I find Beneful coupons for purchase at Petsmart?

I’ve found several buy-one-get-one free coupons from this website: I’ve gotten really a good deal lately: $1.50 each, when buying two units of BenefulIncredibites Dog Food

Does Petsmart carry Beneful dry food for dogs?

Yes! In fact, Beneful Healthy Weight is dry food; made with real beef and chicken.

Does Petsmart have Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food?

Petsmart carries this brand. It’s created in mind for weight loss and maintenance, formulated with savory chicken flavor, and essential ingredients to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It comes in four sizes, 3.5 pounds, 6.3 pounds, 15.5 pounds, and 31.1 pound bags.

Can I find BenefulIncredibites at Petsmart?

I’ve frequently come across BenefulIncredibites at Petsmart. I personally recommend it! My own dogs like it very much! It’s made with real beef and I consider it to be healthy for my dogs.

Does Petsmart carry Beneful Chopped Blends Senior formula?

Some Petsmarts do carry it. However, my local petsmart does not.Does Petsmart carry Beneful prepared meals dog food? They do. I most commonly see two flavors: Beef Stew with Peas, Carrots, Rice & Barley; and the Savory Rice & Lamb Stew with Peas & Carrots.

What’s the best flavor of Beneful dog food that Petsmart carries?

I own smaller dogs, so I must personally vouch for either the Beef Stew, or the Rice & Lamb Stew. Judging the reactions from my dogs, I’d say the Beef Stew is the best flavor. There’s no one right answer to this question, as it is a subjective one to begin with.



The Factors Of Success With Andrea McWilliams

There are a lot of factors to the success of any individual. While many people may think that success depends mostly on the cards that one is dealt, there are some people that show that one of the few things that people need in order to succeed is passion. One also has to have a sense of purpose and a vision. These types of people tend to go far compared to people that were born at an advantage but have no drive to succeed. As a matter of fact when one has the passion and the energy, then she is going to make a huge difference in the lives of the group that she chooses to serve.

One example of such a person is Andrea McWilliams. She has held plenty of offices because she has wanted to fulfill a vision of a better world for people. This is a far cry from people who get into office for reasons that have nothing to do with the people. However, Andrea has looked at some of the deepest issues that people are faced with when it comes to health and society in general. Therefore, she has held events for different nonprofits such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Andrea has also won plenty of awards for her services. For one thing, she has won the Woman of Distinction award in 2012. She has served on the board of many nonprofit organizations. One of the factors that she has looked at are the type of people that are at a disadvantage. She understands that life tends to be rather cruel in the way that it can change for the worse on some people. This is one of the reasons that she has also done everything she can to work with children.


Reaching High – Goetti

When Goetti company decides to do something, they do it big. They took over two companies recently in Las Vegas. These companies were Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air, and they merged with Goetti. A total of 20 employees were added to the Goetti roster, and they are in the beginnings of their new home.

The company is proud to bring these two companies on. It will give them a chance to branch out into more economical avenues, like the commercial one. Before, they were just doing the residential care, and there is not a lot of money in that, so they will now be able to do a lot more.

Everyone seems to be happy with the mergers. From the tops in the companies to the workers, they feel it was a positive move, and that is good for everyone. They will likely see an increase in profits very shortly.

Goetti is a good, solid company that has been around for 70 years. They are specialists in what they do, and they not only fix, but they sell the air conditioning parts. Their team is experienced in HVAC and more, and they can complete jobs that other companies cannot. They love their staff, and they treat them well for their hard work. In all cases, they are looking at a future that looks to be good and solid. People will surely want to do business with this company as they proceed with what they do best for the country.

Dr. Clay Siegall’s Innovative Cancer Treatment Impresses Many

Seattle Genetics is among the many companies making its way to Cancer research field. The company is focused on improving the lives of all cancer patients. The company has been in business for about a decade and seems to be rising fast and establishing their position in the field. The Seattle Genetics, state-of-the-art, was founded by Dr. Siegall in 1998 and grown as he worked steadily to improve the advancements as well as come up with innovative therapies for the patients. Currently, Dr. Siegall is the president, CEO as well as the chairman of the Seattle Genetics’ Board since 2002.

Dr. Siegall earned his Ph. In genetics from the George Washington University and started off at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a Senior Research Investigator. He was then promoted and made the Principal Scientist. Before long, Dr. Siegall became a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute after which he began to launch Seattle Genetics.

Besides all of his professional achievements, Dr. Siegall has maintained his focus on research and cause implementation of state-of-the-art developments to help cancer patients by relieving their pain. Because of his desire and motivation, Seattle Genetics developed the first antibody-drug conjugate (ADCs) such as ADCETRIS which gained approval in 2011. It is now expanding and readily available to patients in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Often, news releases find him to be hard-working and compassionate at what he does and in the process ready to help people in need. According to, Dr. Siegall has made great accomplishment in the use of antibodies to save lives. As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, he works tirelessly; to come up with new, more advanced ways of combating with the illness. Additionally, he is helping in the fundraising of more than $1.2 billion for his company.

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall has to ensure that there are new advancements at all time to keep his patients alive. He steers his company to discovering better technologies and methods of dealing with cancer. Dr. Siegall is a blessing to all cancer patients as he will continue to put in his time to ensuring that cancer will eventually be under control.


Bruce Levenson Back in Court Over Atlanta Hawks Settlement

After a separation with their General Manager some years ago, the Atlanta Hawks are at the center of another legal battle over Dan Ferry’s separation from the team. Bruce Levenson,, former Governor of the Hawks, is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) over what he alleges is a breach in policy that concerns Ferry’s exit.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, Levenson’s company, filed the suit with the Fulton County Court where it expects to face the NHIC. The insurance company is accused of bad faith of policy after failing to cover several parts of the policy filed with Levenson.

After agreeing to manage the team for six years, Ferry terminated his contract in 2015, just about halfway through his expected term. According to Levenson the expense of having his GM walk out on the team should’ve been covered, but NHIC failed to cover any of the cost. This is raising some eyebrows as Ferry exited the team just days before Levenson released control of the Hawks entirely.

The Time of both exits may prove to be important to the lawsuit since Levenson argues that termination of contract was part of his policy. As the date Ferry left the company came before his policy was terminated, he suggests that he ought to be compensated. The NHIC, however, spent nothing on Ferry’s contract termination and didn’t notify Levenson that he’d be responsible for the cost.

Levenson is suing on the grounds of bad faith of policy. He’s seeking damages that the NHIC would have to pay for denying him coverage of an insurance policy that was valid at the time Ferry left the Hawks.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson has become a known name in American business and entertainment. With a back ground in writing and publishing, he went on with partner Ed Peskowitz to form the United Communications Group. There he has served as Partner for more than 20 years. Read more about him on Wikipedia.


The Broad Spectrum of Benefits from Securus Technologies Video Visitation

Securus Technologies, based in Dallas, Texas, is an industry leader when it comes to a broad spectrum on criminal justice system technology. This includes technological solutions associated with general public safety, criminal investigation, corrections, and offender monitoring.


A newer type of technology from Securus Technologies is Video Visitation. Video Visitation is a technological solution that permits an incarcerated offenders friends and family members the ability to have remote visits. There are a variety of benefits being realized as the result of ever-increasing use of Securus Technologies Video Visitation.


One of the main benefits associated with Video Visitation is that it enhances institutional and public safety. A reality of managing a correctional facility is that security is at risk because of an in-person visitation system. Although correctional facilities do not necessarily eliminate in-person visitation when video technology is utilized, the number of in-person visits within an institution reduces. By extension, this enhances overall institutional security.


Another of the benefits associated with Securus Technologies Video Visitation is found in its contribution to permitting incarcerated people the ability to maintain important relationships while in prison or jail. Research reveals that the maintenance of key relationships while a person is incarcerated assists a person in making a smoother transition back to society when released. Visitation and the maintenance of relationships while incarcerated lowers the recidivism rate.


Finally, a benefit of the Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution is cost savings. In this day and age, correctional departments on the federal, state, and local levels face tight budgets. The costs associated with in-person visitation can prove to be significant when annualized.


With the introduction of the Video Visitation solution, the costs associated with visits between inmates and family or friends can drop from about $100 to $2.72 per visit. In addition, family members have to expend less money to be able to see an incarcerated loved one.


Highland Capital Management is Optimistic That 2017 Will be a Great Year

The chief investment officer of Highland Alternative Investors, Michael Gregory, announced that Highland Small Cap Equity Fund was opting for healthcare stocks. The fund almost tripled the S&P 500’S returns on energy stocks in 2016. Highland Alternative Investors is a branch of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based investment adviser. The energy stocks, which were picked by Gregory, generated 31.6 percent of the Mutual fund’s Class A shares HSZAX, +0.6 percent for small cap in 2016, compared to 12 percent for the large-cap S&P 500. Together with James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital, Gregory manages Highland Small Cap Equity Fund with approximately $55 million in assets.

Highland Capital’s credit competency played a significant role in helping the company to make profitable investments in pipeline partnerships at the beginning of 2016 when oil prices were relatively low. The pipeline partnerships contributed 50 percent of the fund’s impressive results. None of the partnerships deducted dividends after the fund bought shares. Among the six sectors of S&P 500 composite Index, only health care dropped in prices. The others sectors were energy, real estate, financials, and consumer discretionary.

About Highland Capital Management

James Dondero and Mark Okada are the founders of the renowned Highland Capital Management. Being one of the largest alternative credit managers, the firm focuses on credit strategies, including long-only funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, distressed investing, and Collateralized Loan Obligation as well as alternative investments. They provide their services to different foundations, pension plans, financial institutions, corporations, endowments, high net worth individuals, governments and fund of funds. Highland Capital Management strongly believes in giving back to the community by investing where their employees work and live.

Through its philanthropic arm, the Dallas Foundation, the company offers financial support to both local and national charitable organizations and initiatives. They also support community initiatives by volunteering and providing advisory services. The firm, together with its partners, has committed over $10 million to different initiatives since 2005. The SEC registered company has close to $15.4 billion in assets. Because of the increased demand for their services, the company has opened offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo.