For Internet Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Jason Hope, finding a cure for Diabetes, Alzheimers and other diseases is a personal quest for him and

Jason Hope may not be a household name in term of wealthy industrialists, tech company CEOs or hedge fund managers, but he is a person who believes firmly in technology and its future applications in medicine and other ventures.

Hope is an Internet marketing expert, futurist, and philanthropist who donates money to many communities in Arizona. Hope also believes in contributing to anti-aging projects. Hope wants to help find a cure for chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases.

In terms of philanthropy, Hope has spent a good bit of his time making charitable contributions to important causes and organizations. One of the men involved in a reason that Hope supports, predicts that there are children born today that could live to 1,000 years old based on the cutting edge research that is being conducted today. That man’s name is Aubrey De Grey or Dr. Grey for short.

On Jason Hope’s website, he provides a section for college students as well as high school seniors to submit their idea. Jason Hope notes on his site that he review submissions from them all, but only chooses the ones that he believes are exceptional. Hope also remarked that he decides which submissions will receive contributions of $500 to 5 thousand dollars.

In addition to endowing grant money to young and aspiring entrepreneurs, Jason Hope’s more extensive philanthropic endeavors involve the non-profit, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation (SNES). SNES is fully engaged in regenerative medicine and research. was co-founded in 2009 by Kevin Perrott, Aubrey de Grey, Michael Kope, Jeff Hall, and Sarah Marr. In December of 2010, Hope contributed $500 thousand to SNES. Because of Jason Hope’s tremendous gift, the non-profit organization was able to expand into new research areas and found a new research laboratory at Cambridge University.

Concerning motivation and quotes, Jason Hope believes in the wise words of entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari Gaming company. Basically, it is critical to get going and do something. A lot of people have really great ideas, but only a few make the decision to do something about those ideas today. Hope also quips about success and business ownership that the actual entrepreneur does.

Regarding his education, Jason Hope earned his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. His major was in Finance. He also received his MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

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Rodrigo Terpins in Retail and Racing

Rodrigo Terpins started up a career in business before he added off-road rally driving to his resume. He has been an active part of the retail industry in Brazil for many years and for the past decade he has also been establishing a career in off-road rally driving alongside his younger brother, Michel Terpins.



Up to date, on the business front, Rodrigo Terpins is a part of the Marisa Stores S. A., and he is working at the Control Block division. Earlier in his career, Rodrigo Terpins co-founded the business of the Brazilian Textile RetailAssociation also known as the ABEIM.



Other than business, Rodrigo Terpins is strongly involved in philanthropy and contributing to various causes. He has been working with the company Floresvale for a few years now a Partner. In his role, Rodrigo Terpins has committed a lot to the business and its efforts to create environmental and sustainable reforestation.



Rodrigo Terpins often drives on behalf of charitable organizations and to raise awareness and money for various causes. He says that he has the best off-road rally drives when he is doing it to help other and organizations. For more info you can visit




In business, Rodrigo Terins has taken strongly after his father, Jack Terpins who is also working in business and is a leader of a sports organization. Jack Terpins used to be a basketball player, playing professionally on a Brazilian team. He later started working at a sports organization striving to raise the quality of sports services for athletes. Now, Jack Terpins is leading a company.



The younger brother of Rodrigo Terins is also into off-road rally driving. For Michel Terpins, the sport is a passion and his calling in life. He is a huge fan of the Sertoes Rally and takes part in the off-road rally even almost every single year. Together with his older brother, the two make up the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and often take part in it together. You can checkout for more details.




Last year the team finished among the seven fastest and would have finished even higher if one of the cars had not experienced mild technical difficulties.




How Graham Edwards Is Prepared To Guide Telereal Trillium Through Brexit

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) launched a new initiative in November 2017 called New Generation. The goal is to provide a new space which will result in new points of view on various issues. As there is only one more year to go until Brexit occurs they want to generate policy ideas for what Britain will look like post-Brexit.

CPS recently established four major policy programs that will focus on housing and planning, welfare, tax and cost of living, and business and enterprise. They want to help people feel like they have a genuine stake in society and that they are in control of their own lives.

These four programs will be watched over by Alex Morton who is the director of Field Consulting. The tax initiative will be handled by Tom Clougherty while Rachel Wolfe and the organization Public First will team up on the welfare aspect. Graham Edwards will oversee the housing programs. Who will be heading up the enterprise and entrepreneurship programs will be announced soon.

Telereal Trillium is a property development firm which has a big stake in what happens after Brexit. This company is managed by its Chief Executive Officer Graham Edwards Telereal. His company is one of Britain’s biggest property development firms with over £6 billion worth of properties. This company was established in 2001 and Graham Edwards has been the CEO since that time.

When Telereal Trillium was founded Graham Edwards had negotiated a 30-year partnership with British Telecom, at the time called BT Plc. Through this partnership Telereal Trillium purchased 6,700 properties from British Telecom. Another major transaction he handled was in January 2009 when he purchased Trillium from its then owner, Land Securities Group Plc.

Prior to becoming the CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards was the CIO for Talisman Global Asset Management. He had also worked for Merrill Lynch Investment Management for a number of years where he was a fund manager. During his time with this firm he had also worked for their BT Group Plc. where he headed the finance department.


Matt Badiali: Freedom Checks And Master Limited Partnerships, What Are They?

Viral videos about investment opportunities that promise incredible levels of returns in a record-setting amount of times seem to be more and more common in the digital age. You may be keen to lump in Matt Badiali’s recent viral video on Freedom Checks with all of the rest of these videos. However, if you take a few minutes in order to look into the details of these so-called Freedom Checks, you’ll be quick to realize that they represent a real and significant investment opportunity. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

First off, what exactly are these Freedom Checks? Well, Freedom Checks are simply a term that Matt Badiali has popularized in reference to the periodic payments that you receive upon investment in a corporation which is known as a master limited partnership. Currently, there are over 450 corporations within the United States of America that qualify to operate as a master limited partnership. Now you may be asking what exactly a master limited partnership is? A master limited partnership is a unique classification for corporations that allow them to operate tax-free according to a piece of legislation known as Statute 26-F. Statute 26-F was enacted by Congress in the 1980s in an effort to help incentivize corporations to further develop the oil and natural gas industries of the United States of America. This was done in order to help spur the energy independence of our nation.


Not any corporation can be considered a master limited partnership as Statute 26-F specifies a few specific requirements. A master limited partnership is a corporation which generates 90% of its revenues through the production, processing, storage, and transportation of either oil or natural gas domestically inside of the United States of America or one of its territories. A master limited partnership is also required to periodically pay out a portion of its revenues to its investors. This periodic payment is very similar to a much more well-known investment vehicle known as dividends. There are a few differences however to the payments that you received from these Freedom Checks in comparison to the much more conventional dividends payments investors receive. Perhaps the most important and most relevant to your average investor is that the income that you generate from Freedom Checks is treated as a return of capital and as such is only subject to the much lower capital gains rate of tax instead of the personal income tax which dividends are subject to. Watch this video at Youtube.


The Fagali’l Airport – Its Size and Location

     When we discuss the Fagali’l airport we talk its size and location. It is very small, but sufficient and includes a great Samoan cultured staff with great intentions. It’s located a few minutes from Apia, where weather averages 85 degrees all year long and fun attractions are everywhere.

The Fagali’l airport is one of the smaller airports on the map, yes it is. It’s a fun size and is an easy place to navigate through. It includes a customs department, an informations desk, a mini market, a currency exchange and more, definitely sufficient to say the least. Visitors are commonly satisfied with doing business here. The customer services staff is very friendly and very helpful. If for any reason you were to need their assistance on any matter, whether it is a need for an escort throughout the building or help carrying a bag, staff will provide services respectfully.

As far as location is concerned, it is just a few minutes from the center of Apia – the capital of Samoan. Beaches, volcanoes, Samoan parties, shows, scuba diving, jungle hiking, museum exhibiting, rock sliding, Samoan foods, dancing, the list goes on. The Fagali’l airport comes just within a short bike ride to all of these fun attractions which is definitely something that the entire family will enjoy. The weather of Apia is warm – includes nice breezes of comfort – the city sceneries includes many magnificently beautiful sites, sounds of pleasurable songbirds, Apia is a remarkable destination to explore.

Many hotels surround the airport as well. Prices that start at just $48 a night for a room built for two adult guests. Below are a few of the more positively reviewed hotels that surround the Fagali’l airport that many feel as though are worth every penny and more:

* Travellers Point Hotel – $74

* Taumeasina Island Resort – $225

* Tanoa Tusitala Hotel – $121

* Ulalei Lodge – $48

* Insel Fehmarn Hotel – $65

Book your flight to the Fagali’l airport today. You will be glad that you did and that you’ve decided to choose Apia as your vacation destination.

Chris Burch Wants New Startups To Consider These Tips:

Chris Burch recently offered up what he feels are the key factors a startup business must consider ( The business world, as usual, has its ups and downs. It is a matter of debate whether the business world is in a long decline or more of a “glass half full” type of situation. New businesses opening has been trending downward but that is changing. The market is definitely looking for business but there are some things a business startup must consider.

It is true that consumers are tending to shop at big box style stores as well as online and this is weeding out a lot of small businesses. These big stores are not taking out all of these smaller retailers. There are opportunities for businesses that can do certain services better than the big chain stores. Always make sure to have a realistic appraisal of your market.

Regulation is a constant presence to protect consumers. It is necessary but can slow new businesses. It can also come as a surprise to new business owners who don’t do their due diligence.

Chris suggests that business owners “Consider piggybacking.” There are great innovations occurring due to watershed funds from big companies. If you don’t have the funds you need for your business, a larger industry certainly does. Sometimes larger companies are happy to work with a small company in areas that they don’t currently service.

Chris’s ending point is that there are a lot of aspects you must consider before you begin operating. He says the most critical thing you must do is make sure this consideration has been done before you get going.

About Chris Burch:

Christopher Burch is the founder as well as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a brand development and venture investment management firm that is located in New York City. He has had a 40 plus year career in business and created several multi-million dollar companies (

Chris Burch has played a role in the growth of 50 companies. He has consistently demonstrated a great understanding of the behavior of consumers. He is known for his innovative approach to business as well as his diverse portfolio.

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Reading about Equities First Holdings on French Tribune, you will read several wonderful things about this company. This is a company that offers customers personal and professional loans that are secured using their stock and shares as security for the loans.

Equities is able to give these customers the money they need to accomplish either their personal or professional goals, using their stocks and shares as security for the loan that they grant them.

Equities may also offer these customers terms and conditions that are not as stringent ad that of the conventional banks. They offer them lower interest rates making repayments easier for them. They are located in nine countries that include China, Thailand, Australia, The United Kingdom and the United States and continue to provide the funding they need, with the intention to open in more countries. Get company has successfully completed transactions with over 700 customers that total over 1.4 Billion Dollars. They continue to make financing a possibility.

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Perry Mandera and Charitable Giving

Perry Mandera is the owner of Custom Companies, Inc. Custom Companies is a successful business that serves many Fortune 100 companies and has profits of over 200 million dollars a year. Custom Companies, Inc. is located in Northlake, IL. Perry Mandera shows passion in everything he does and Custom Companies is no exception to the rule. Perry Mandera has built Custom Companies as a “Full-Service Transportation Provider” and the services he provides are both for Domestic and International Air Freight as well as Custom Bonded Warehousing. Paul Madera takes pride in providing the best service for his clients.

There is another side of Perry Mandera which he shows thru his Charitable giving to the needy and disadvantaged. Perry Mandera started Custom Cares, Charities as with the sole purpose of bringing back the smiles to people who are suffering or in great need. Whether it is helping the victims of National Disaster like the Katrina victims or the Victims of the California Wildfires. When Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans Perry Mandera and Custom Cares sent 40 truckloads of food to the suffering community of New Orleans and surrounding cities. Perry Mandera loves to share his wealth where it can help the most people in need. For example, recently Custom Cares provided 6,500 winter coats to the underprivileged and needy children of Chicago and its local counties.

Besides supporting victims of natural disasters Custom Cares, Charities also provides support to over 100 local sports teams throughout Chicago and greater Illinois. Perry Mandera and Custom Care, Charities continues to provide financial support to educational programs which are given to the underprivileged, disadvantaged and abused. Lastly, Perry Mandera and Custom Cares, Charities supports every way it can returning veterans. For example, Custom Cares, Charities helps Marines for Life as well as Hiring our Heroes.

Perry Mandera is a man of his word and a man who has a heart for the needy and the victims of a disaster. He knows how to give back to the community and to bring a smile to others who are facing disaster in their life.

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GoBuyside Is Acheiving Success With Unheard Of Search Parameters

The employment landscape started to evolve during the 1990’s when the internet was in the infancy stage. An employer no longer calls a talent recruitment agency to fill a position. The talent recruitment methods have changed along with the jobs due to the information age. One of the best known executive search firms in New York City is GoBuyside. The company has become a leader in the tech centric approach to recruiting talent by monitoring the job trends. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

The finance industry is experiencing a new trend. This the decentralization of positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states 24 percent of all employed individuals have completed work on the internet while at home in 2015. As time passes the location of the individual is becoming less important for employers. This means their hiring searches can be effectively broadened. This has ensured the hiring process is becoming more selective regarding the applicants available. As the amount of qualified applicants increases GoBuyside is using the results to provide firms with the highest quality of applicants.

GoBuyside is assembling applicants using the locational flexibilities. These applicants are exceeding the firm’s expectations. A search on a nationwide basis will bring in more applicants. These numbers are turned into stellar hires due to the proprietary screening process of GoBuyside. The company is using aggregated software and programs as well as people on the cutting edge. GoBuyside uses informational sites including social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to assemble information. Past applicants could choose the information they wanted potential employers to see. Current employers receive a much more holistic view.



The project oriented and part time products are becoming normal within the financial industry. GoBuyside fills these short term hires by using applicant tracking systems, artificial intelligence and job boards online. More applicants are required for project oriented positions because the applicant must have experience with the type of work required. These roles enable applicants to be more flexible in regards to their abilities and talents.

GoBuyside works with private equity firms, advisory platforms, hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies and investment managers due to their 21st century hiring approach. Applicants are given the ability to make a connection with companies all over the world. Applicants have full control because their employment search no longer involves a headhunter. GoBuyside is different because of the breadth of their data points. Recruiters can find the data required about a firm in one stop. They are also aided by preparation materials in their hiring process.

A private equity firm associate recently discussed their experience with GoBuyside. The individual stated they were an analyst in investment banking at the time their profile was created. GoBuyside was instrumental in this individual gaining employment in private equity. The recruitment was easy due to the connection features, updates, confidential jobs and news. This associate is now responsible for the management of $12 billion in assets. GoBuyside is using search parameters nobody has ever heard of before. This enables them to screen and identify professionals to exceed the requirements of their clients. Follow GoBuyside on Linkedin.

Dr. Johanan Rand Customized Treatments And Cures

Dr. Johanan Rand is a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist that resides in West Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Johanan Rand also holds the distinguished honor of holding the role of president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, New Jersey. Certainly, this doctor has the necessary background to provide the highest quality of care to patients. His background includes extensive training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Dr. Johanan Rand’s practice specializes in providing needed care to patients concerned about their weight or the aging process. Surely, the treatments offered to the doctor’s patients completely improved their quality of life.


Treatments Provided By Dr. Johanan Rand

The fact is that Dr. Johanan Rand provides customized treatments for his patients. The doctor realizes that one treatment plan does not fit all. Therefore, he works diligently to design a treatment program that will fit the patient and serve to improve their quality of life. Dr. Rand specifically focuses on new approaches to treating menopausal symptoms. Of course, this is a time in life when women face a number of health concerns that are directly related to menopausal symptoms. Some of the health concerns include hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure and fuzzy thinking. Dr. Johanan Rand has devised treatments that address this concern. Dr. Rand has also devised programs to address aging issues too, which include everything from addressing low libido, night sweats, and more.


Nutritional Studies

Dr. Johanan Rand has addressed several health issues very successfully. The doctor focuses on a nutritional process to heal a number of health complaints. This is the approach that Dr. Johanan Rand used in planning his HCG diet program. Dr. Rand suggests the HCG diet plan to patients that would like to lose the weight quickly, in a healthy fashion. The fact is that most people stop their weight loss plan because the results are not apparent or it takes too long to lose even a pound. However, Dr. Johanan Rand’s HCG diet plan promises weight loss up to a full pound a day. Many find this is an amazing diet plan that produces healthy results.