Bruce Levenson Back in Court Over Atlanta Hawks Settlement

After a separation with their General Manager some years ago, the Atlanta Hawks are at the center of another legal battle over Dan Ferry’s separation from the team. Bruce Levenson,, former Governor of the Hawks, is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company (NHIC) over what he alleges is a breach in policy that concerns Ferry’s exit.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, Levenson’s company, filed the suit with the Fulton County Court where it expects to face the NHIC. The insurance company is accused of bad faith of policy after failing to cover several parts of the policy filed with Levenson.

After agreeing to manage the team for six years, Ferry terminated his contract in 2015, just about halfway through his expected term. According to Levenson the expense of having his GM walk out on the team should’ve been covered, but NHIC failed to cover any of the cost. This is raising some eyebrows as Ferry exited the team just days before Levenson released control of the Hawks entirely.

The Time of both exits may prove to be important to the lawsuit since Levenson argues that termination of contract was part of his policy. As the date Ferry left the company came before his policy was terminated, he suggests that he ought to be compensated. The NHIC, however, spent nothing on Ferry’s contract termination and didn’t notify Levenson that he’d be responsible for the cost.

Levenson is suing on the grounds of bad faith of policy. He’s seeking damages that the NHIC would have to pay for denying him coverage of an insurance policy that was valid at the time Ferry left the Hawks.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson has become a known name in American business and entertainment. With a back ground in writing and publishing, he went on with partner Ed Peskowitz to form the United Communications Group. There he has served as Partner for more than 20 years. Read more about him on Wikipedia.