*A Closer Look: Capitol Anesthesiology.

Capital Anesthesiology Association was established in 1973 in Austin Texas. Capital Anesthesiology provides care in over 20 healthcare facilities throughout the greater Austin area.

CAA provides anesthesia services to emergency care facilities, trauma centers as well as surgical centers. All Anesthesiologists are Board Certified. In addition, many of the physicians received additional training within the field of anesthesia.

CAA has a skilled staff of over 120 Certified Specialists. Therefore, you know you are in excellent with Capital Anesthesiology. CAA also accepts various insurance plans. CAA uses comprehensive and up to date software to ensure a smooth medical billing process.

CAA is currently a member of the Anestesia Quality Institute (AQI). In addition, CAA encourages continuing education for their anesthesiologists as well as efficient data reporting procedures.

CAA also has a number of highly trained Pediatric and Cardiovascular surgeons on staff. The majority of on staff physicians have received additional training within their chosen field of medicine.

Administration of anesthesia prior to a surgical procedure is meant to relax the patient, alleviate anxiety and fear and enable to patient to sleep until the procedure is completed.

General anesthesia is used quite frequently at CAA. However, when this type of anesthesia is used carefully monitoring of breathing and heart rate are closely regulated until the procedure concludes.

Additional information about CAA may be obtained by viewing the web site. Please see www.capanes.com. Emails are also accepted at [email protected]