Entrepreneurial Tips from Robert Deignan

Since 1998, Robert Deignan has established himself in the business world as a successful entrepreneur. He has managed various businesses as a co-founder, CEO, and vice president. He is currently the CEO of Advanced Tech Support (ATS) Digital Services, LLC, a company he co-founded in 2011.

Robert was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and studied at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. He enrolled for a degree in business management in Purdue University in 1992, which was fully sponsored by a football scholarship. In 1995, he graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business Management, with specialization in Organizational Leadership. Before venturing into business, he played briefly for New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

Entrepreneurial Life

His first business venture was in 1998, when he co-founded a company called Fanlink, Inc. the company was based in Robert’s home region of Fort Lauderdale, and he ran it until 2001. He then ran the iS3 company as an executive vice president from June 2002 till June 2011.

The most successful entrepreneurial venture of Robert Deignan is the ATS Digital Services, LLC. As the company’s CEO, he has helped steer ATS into a reputable digital company for high-end services. But how does he manage his personal life and still realize entrepreneurial success? He shares some of his tips below.

For productivity, Robert starts off his days by physical exercise from 5:15 AM. Unlike business owners who get so involved in their businesses to an overwhelming point, Robert usually help prepare breakfast and get his son to school. His working time often begin at 8 AM, with finishing the previous day’s tasks, analyzing his business’ data, and responding to emails.

Like most entrepreneurs, Robert gets his business ideas when disconnected from electronics like computers; it can be outdoors, travelling, during a trip, or while enjoying nature. His basic act is usually to record his ideas on a spreadsheet and research on it if it is promising.

The most essential habit that increases his productivity is analyzation of numbers. He believes sound decisions in any organization originate from wise analysis of numbers. Besides, one has to fully maximize on their revenue within time frameworks.

Ultimately, recording ideas in a spreadsheet, hiring the right employees, and taking brief breaks from using electronic devices are among the ingredients of good business leadership.


Vijay Eswaran Supports Emerging Entrepreneurs

Eswaran is a prominent Malaysian entrepreneur who doubles as a philanthropist, author and business leader. Also serving as the head cheerleader of QI Group of Companies, he leads the conglomerate that oversees real estate, education and other viable businesses across more than thirty countries.

Background Information

Growing up in the monarchical state of Malaysia, Eswaran was brought up by a very modest family of well-educated parents. To support this family, he worked as a taxi driver. This is clear indication that he did not have the luxury to enjoy youth like his peers. With the proceeds he made from the taxi business, he funded his college education in London where he majored in accounts and business administration. Shortly after graduating, he landed a job working as systems manager for more than one company in South-East Asia. He extended his services across North America as well.

Establishing QNET

In 1998, the Asian financial crisis had a negative impact on several businesses. Eswaran took advantage of the situation by creating a direct-selling firm that utilized a revolutionary amalgamation of e-commerce that became QNET. In one year, the company joined some of the state’s supporters of connecting emerging entrepreneurs. Until now, the company has expanded its operations in Africa and South-East Asia.

Supporting Emerging Business Professionals

While Vijay Eswaran is into business and garnering extensive profits, he also values the well being of people who aspire to succeed in business. For entrepreneurs especially, he involves himself with V-Convention, one of the industry’s motivational as well as training and networking programs that accommodates up to 15,000 upcoming entrepreneurs and project managers.

Diversifying Business

Over the years, Ewaran diversified his business welfare by establishing QI Group of Companies that oversees several business units in real estate, hospitality, education ans retail industries. For him, leadership the success of these businesses is attributed to excellent leadership. However, he is not just a leader in business as he dedicates most of his time to help the less fortunate by sharing 10% of his revenue with them.

Helping Business Professionals

In helping entrepreneurs across the world, Eswaran addresses different audiences including Indian business professionals, Malaysian entrepreneurs, and Singapore and South African business leaders. In such functions, he is graced with several slots to share his mantra for success.

Life Lessons from Eswaran

Eswaran has been through tremendous transitions in life. Growing up in difficulties, he did not allow the impending challenges to get in his way. Instead, he utilized the resources around him to achieve success in real estate. As such, he advises people to cultivate useful virtues in life.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: http://bookmarketingbuzzblog.blogspot.com/2018/02/author-interview-with-vijay-eswaran.html

TechStyle Inspires People To Be Creatively Disruptive

This is a common story throughout history. The majority of the people are following some kind of norm. Then there is one person or a small group of people that come in who break the norm. When this happens, there is a lot of change that occurs. Often times, there is resistance to this group of people who challenge the norm. In most cases, they just live a life of their own choosing without actually going out of their way to bother people. One of the most common ways to break the norm is through fashion. One of the best ways to move fashion forward is to break rules and tradition so that it can grow in a new direction.

This is exactly what TechStyle owners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are doing. They are looking at the norm and challenging it by going outside of it and showing people that there is a large chance for success outside of what is considered normal. They have shown a lot of creativity and ability to think forward with their ideas. They not only have taken the time to bring forth new designs in fashion that customers actually love, but have also looked at newer and more effective business models.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have decided to take an approach to marketing that is different from the approach of most other businesses. For one thing, they have decided to do their own marketing. With their own marketing, they are able to decide on how they want to approach the customers. One thing they have done was reach out to the customers and get ideas of what they want. Another thing they have done was encourage customers to sign up for a membership and give information about their preferences so that he website can direct them to what they prefer.

The best part of their marketing methods is that it is marketing through consumer engagement. People are not only allowed to know about the company, but also to actually know the company so that they will have an easier time trusting the company and the products.

Soaring to New Brewery Heights: Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is the CEO of Steamworks Brewery. Along with being CEO he is also a pilot, as well as a lawyer. He is known for his laid pack work-class CEO attitude. He is not like most of the major business CEOs. He strongly believes that you need to grow to meet the demand of the business or the demand will shrink to meet you. This has helped him create his business model of innovation and improvement of his craft. He also believes that if you are not continuously growing you will become stagnant and you will have other companies surpass you. Eli Gershkovitch also runs his business a little different than most. He does not have any partners and runs his business all on his own. With the revenue he gets he add classic cars into his collection, as well as figuring out how he can make his business grow. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

Eli Gershkovitch has taken the millennial enjoyment for craft beers to his advantage. Most major brewing companies are loosing money to craft breweries, almost by 20%. Eli has competed in the U.S. Open Beer Competition. Steamworks brewery is one of the top selling breweries and are constantly impressing the judges. When Eli Gershkovitch created Steamworks in 1995 in a small pub. It started off with only 184 seats for guests and now has 754 seats. Along with being in the pub they started in they have moved into other bars and stores all across Vancouver.

Read: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/eli-gershkovitch#/entity

Eli Gershkovitch originally bought out his partner in 1997 to gain sole control over Steamworks. He did this because he liked to have total control over everything that his company did. This way he was also able to create things the way he wanted to. This also came from his background as a lawyer. He has often thought that law is what make everything run smoothly. Eli Gershkovitch has been very hands on with this process from the start. He has often had his opinion in all aspects of the construction, operating and the success of the brewery company. Read more about his craft beers at The Bro Talk.

ID Life Chief Executive Officer Logan Stout Wants To Help People Achieve Their Best Results

As a child, Logan Stout enjoyed different types of sports. He always looked for ways to implement successful strategies, regardless of whether he was working on school work or sports. Stout was a star basketball and baseball player at J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas.

Passion For Baseball

Stout aspired to become a professional baseball player. Stout earned a business degree from Panola and a psychology degree from the University of Dallas. Stout was also a standout baseball player in college. After finishing college, Stout played baseball for the Fort Worth Cats.

Stout also coached at Dallas Baptist University. He enjoys coaching baseball and serving as a mentor to young players. Stout takes pride in helping young players fulfill their potential. Stout developed the Dallas Patriots to help make baseball more accessible for young players. The Patriots offer private classes, baseball camps, and clinics. Stout wants to give young baseball players the chance to maximize their potential.

Other Business Ventures

Stout has become a successful entrepreneur. Stout actively promotes physical health. He believes that developing your mind, body, and soul is important to your overall success. Stout developed a line of healthcare products known as ID Life. Stout offers customers a free personalized assessment. When people fill out the questionnaire, representatives from ID Life are able to create a unique combination of products based on the person’s individual needs.

Stout has also written a book titled: “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams. Stout explains many of the strategies that helped him evolve as a child, athlete and entrepreneur. Stout also does some motivational speaking. He has been featured in a number of different publications.

About ID Life

ID Life is a health and wellness company that emphasizes personal nutrition. Through its innovative line of products and business model, ID Life strives to change people’s lives. The company’s featured products are their vitamin packs that are individually designed to benefit someone based on their sex, eating habits, amount of exercise, and medical conditions. Every single product has been individually designed.

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Adam Milstein Is Recognized As One Of The World’s Leading Philanthropists

Adam Milstein has made a name for himself in the real estate industry. He started off by working as an independent real estate broker. His talent and determination drew the attention of real estate development company, Hager Pacific Properties. Mr. Milstein now works as a managing partner for the company, where he oversees a portfolio that is worth more than $2 billion dollars.


The impressive performance of Adam Milstein in the real estate industry is not his only claim to fame. Adam Milstein has been labeled as one of the top 100 most influential Jews in the world for his philanthropic work, leadership and business success in 2016 by the Israeli Newspaper, the Jerusalem Post. Now in 2017, Adam Milstein has been recognized as one of the top 200 philanthropists and social entrepreneurs. This adds to another impressive title to the Jewish businessman and philanthropist.


The reason Adam Milstein was selected as one of the top 200 philanthropists and social entrepreneurs was because of his tremendous advocacy for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Mr. Milstein’s most well known and biggest non profit initiative is the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This charity works with other non profit groups to help them expand their reach and to help them achieve their goals. It also endows them with money.


Adam Milstein is not a philanthropist who has a hands off approach. He does not just write checks to charities and claims credit for supporting them. Neither does he just sit around on a board and pretend that he impacts millions. With Adam Milstein, charity work is a passion and a major driving force in his life. He interacts directly with the people that he impacts and who he helps. He actually leads the charities that he has created and works with others to help them promote Jewish values.


One of the key missions of Adam Milstein in his charitable work is to reach out to Israeli-Americans who have been marginalized by the larger Jewish American community. Mr. Milstein and his family immigrated to the United States from Israel. He founded the Israeli-American council to help bridge the gap between the two groups and to foster a better relationship with the Jewish state of Israel.