Perry Mandera and Charitable Giving

Perry Mandera is the owner of Custom Companies, Inc. Custom Companies is a successful business that serves many Fortune 100 companies and has profits of over 200 million dollars a year. Custom Companies, Inc. is located in Northlake, IL. Perry Mandera shows passion in everything he does and Custom Companies is no exception to the rule. Perry Mandera has built Custom Companies as a “Full-Service Transportation Provider” and the services he provides are both for Domestic and International Air Freight as well as Custom Bonded Warehousing. Paul Madera takes pride in providing the best service for his clients.

There is another side of Perry Mandera which he shows thru his Charitable giving to the needy and disadvantaged. Perry Mandera started Custom Cares, Charities as with the sole purpose of bringing back the smiles to people who are suffering or in great need. Whether it is helping the victims of National Disaster like the Katrina victims or the Victims of the California Wildfires. When Katrina destroyed much of New Orleans Perry Mandera and Custom Cares sent 40 truckloads of food to the suffering community of New Orleans and surrounding cities. Perry Mandera loves to share his wealth where it can help the most people in need. For example, recently Custom Cares provided 6,500 winter coats to the underprivileged and needy children of Chicago and its local counties.

Besides supporting victims of natural disasters Custom Cares, Charities also provides support to over 100 local sports teams throughout Chicago and greater Illinois. Perry Mandera and Custom Care, Charities continues to provide financial support to educational programs which are given to the underprivileged, disadvantaged and abused. Lastly, Perry Mandera and Custom Cares, Charities supports every way it can returning veterans. For example, Custom Cares, Charities helps Marines for Life as well as Hiring our Heroes.

Perry Mandera is a man of his word and a man who has a heart for the needy and the victims of a disaster. He knows how to give back to the community and to bring a smile to others who are facing disaster in their life.

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