Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, A True Cure For Cancer

In a world of ever-advancing technology, few industries garner as much attention than medicine, particularly developing vaccines and cures to all sorts of afflictions that have been incurable in the past, cancer being the most common. With visionaries such as Clay Siegall heading the drive, such remedies may become reality sooner than one would expect.

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seatlle Genetics, the largest biotec firm in Washington, and is pursuing the fight against cancer in a rather unique, yet familiar, way. Instead of the usual avenues such as chemo therapy or radiation, which can cause all kinds of horrendous side effects, Seatlle Genetics intends to go back to the basics and develop a cancer cure in the most iconic and recognizable form in the medical field, vaccinations which contain specialized antibodies specifically designed to destroy cancer cells, far safer than any alternate currently available.

The reception has been, as expected, very positive with many hoping that this breakthrough would elevate Seattle Genetics to a pharmaceutical company, which the biotech community sorely needs due to constant ups and downs in the industry and with Seattle Genetics on a steep growth trajectory, it could very well become that anchor the community hopes for.

Holding a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University, Clay Siegall also holds impressive prestige in the pharmaceutical industry, serving with multiple medical research institutes such as Bristol-Myers Squibb from 1991 to 1997 and National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991 before co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998. Under Siegall’s leadership Seattle Genetics eventually pioneered a widely diverse assortment of antibiotic cancer therapies. Siegall also did legwork for other aspects, such guiding Seattle Genetics’ capital-raising activities and finances, securing more than $675 million in company earnings.

Clay Siegall has proved his passion and dedication to his goal, taking part in far more responsibilities than many CEOs wouldn’t. This is also reflected in his company, which is fastidiously developing breakthrough after breakthrough until one day that cancer is as curable as the common cold. It may be a while yet, but Siegall intends to be there on the day a true cure for cancer is found.