At the Academy of Art University, it’s About More than Just Art

The Academy of Art University was established in San Francisco, California, in 1929. It was founded by Richard S. Stephens. He ran the University until his son Richard took over, in 1951. The school offers a large variety of course studies, and several different degree programs.

The University takes part in the always highly anticipated Fashion Week. Fashion Week is a bi-annual event held in New York City. It’s the time and place where new talent can get discovered, and where designers can show off their newest fashion lines. Designers prepare for Fashion Week for months, just to get their several minutes of fanfare on the runway.

Many well known people have graduated from The Academy of Art University, and many of them return to the university as a staff member. Over the years, the list of returning graduates include Diane Baker, Richard Hart, Michael Brandt, Tim McGovern, Adam Savage, Art Spiegelman, and many more.

University attendees can choose to obtain an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree. Courses can be taken online or on campus. The University offers an architecture program, and it is accredited by the National Architectual Accrediting Board. Additional accreditations have been received from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, and more.

Students are urged to visit the many fine art shows, exhibits and museums that are located in San Francisco. One of the museums is the non profit Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. Some of the automobiles are owned by the university, some are owned by members of the founding family, and some by other private owners. It is believed that the value of the autos on display exceeds $70 million.

The museum is open to the public during its regular operating hours. It is non profit, and two charitable organizations are the recipients of the proceeds. The recipients are the Rotary Club and the Boys & Girls Club.

Lime and Polly: A Match Made in Pocket Heaven

Lime Crime is a vegan beauty company that offers cruelty-free makeup and hair dyes. It is known for introducing and reintroducing hip products in new and exciting ways, and its latest project is no different. Lime Crime is bringing Polly Pocket back in style in the funnest way possible.

Lime Crime is reviving the bright colors of Polly Pocket and pleasing every Polly Pocket fan around the world with their Polly Pocket-inspired Pocket Candy Palettes. These palettes, like the Polly Pockets, are small enough to fit in one’s pocket. Three purse-shaped palettes are available, each containing five shades of colors for one’s eyes and cheeks.

The Pink Lemonade palette comes in a yellow case. It contains two velvet matte shades, a satin shade, and a sparkle shade called Strawberry. The final shade is shimmer and, you guessed it, named Lemonade.

The pink case is the Sugar Plum palette. A versatile palette, these colors are bold and can create neon, dark, or glittery looks. The names of the shades reflect their colors. While Icing is a frosted, bright white shade, Nutcracker is chestnut brown, and Candied Plum is a shimmery pink-purple.

The final palette is called Bubblegum and is a bright, cotton candy blue. All of the shades in this palette are soft. Bubble is a sky blue hue, and Pop is peach champagne. Like its case, Snap is also a cotton candy color but is pink. Blow is baby violet, and Chew is toasted nude.

Lime Crime was so spot on in creating a Polly Pocket-inspired makeup line that fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the palettes. Demand was high. Subsequently, Lime Crime didn’t disappoint and made these products available to consumers earlier than originally planned.

Lime Crime Scandal Lipstick is the New Rage

On January 10th, 2017, it was announced that Lime Crime came out with a new shade in their Velvetine line of lipsticks. The new shade is called Scandal. It is a purple-violet hue. The Velvetine line is a liquid-to-matte lipstick line that includes a varied selection of many colors—not just tints of pink and red.

Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime, suggests that Scandal is great for those who love that punk-rock look and don’t care about the conventions of wearing only pink or red lipstick. US Weekly declared that the Scandal color conveys a great sense of sexuality.

It is suggested that for the best look, users of the lipstick should apply lip balm fifteen minutes before application. After fifteen minutes, one should use a tissue to wipe off excess oils. If one wants to refine edges, one can use a lip brush to perfect the look. When you want to take the lipstick off, you can remove it with either oil or waterproof lipstick remover.

Doe Deere gives some pointers about what looks good with Scandal. She suggests to wear Scandal under the Trip Diamond Crusher, claiming that it enhances the violet undertones of Scandal and helps to highlight her lips.

Cruelty-conscious consumers can rest easy to know that Scandal is certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny. Scandal is also 100% vegan.

The company holds the philosophy that makeup is a gateway to self expression and freedom—not just a method to cover up blemishes. They try to make the most cruelty free, vibrant, beautiful products with the most selection. Their makeup works with every skin, hair and eye color. If you don’t believe it, go look at the the selfies featured on their site.

There are different types of makeup and different shades to match up with Scandal lipstick. You can pick a hair coloring to match with your Scandal lipstick. You can be creative with an eye shadow pallet to bring out the best of your Scandal lipstick. You can also mix and match pop-on nails to your lipstick.

Lime Crime Is Giving Their Fans What They Have Always Wanted.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that is known for their rich and vibrant hues of makeup. They have gained a cult following in the last several years. The head unicorn in charge, Doe Deere, is herself known for her brightly colored clothes, makeup, and hair. She was proud to recently announce that Lime Crime had developed a line of semi-permanent hair dyes that are vegan and cruelty-free. There are two different types of colors and thirteen different colors.


Doe Deere had modeled the new dyes after her own brightly colored hair. She named the bold colors fun names such as Dirty Mermaid which is a deep teal green and LeeLoo which is a bold orange named after the main character in the movie The Fifth Element. The colors are designed to last about six weeks and are recommended for light colored hair.


Although the product has not been officially released for purchase yet, it has been announced on the Lime Crime website and has an entire page dedicated to those products. That means that the hair dye will most likely be released to the public very soon. No doubt, the products will be scooped up as fast as possible now that the word is out. People have been patiently waiting in the hopes that the cosmetic company would finally begin to sell hair dye. For many, it is a dream come true. Lime Crime has always catered to individuals that love to express themselves through the use of bold color and their hair dye is just another way for people to get even more creative while using their incredible products.


The Importance of Partnerships and Teams With Adam Goldenberg

A lot of business owners understand that they need teams in order to get the business going and make it a success. For one thing, there needs to be different mindsets when it comes to the different aspects of running the show on For one thing, people need to brainstorm in order to come up with ideas. One thing that has happened with business meetings was that someone was able to come up with an idea of a certain aspect of business that they could take on. For one thing, different people see different things with business at This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to look to one another to see what advantages they have within the business.

One team that has done really good in the fashion industry is the team of Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. All three are part of a larger team that is responsible for Fabletics, a fashion company that offers plenty of unique items for sale. Adam Goldenberg have not only thought about some unique designs to put towards activewear and other forms of fashion but also have consulted plenty of other fashion experts to see what they can do about bringing forth not only unique fashion but also attractive fashion.

This is the main issue with fashion according to The best way to sell fashion is to come up with something that is going to attract a lot of customers. This is where a team of people can come forward. Without a team, a designer is going to go very far out of the norm, or he is going to not go far enough. The creative team at TechStyle offers plenty of insight that is going to give them the right ideas to go with fashion. Meanwhile, the analytical person who handles data is going to determine whether or not this item is a hit among customers or not.

The team behind TechStyle that Adam Goldenberg is part of is a very effective team. This is one of the reasons that customers are very happy with the items that they get from the company.

A Must Read Summary Of Top Reviews About Fabletics

Fabletics has continued to take the athleisure market by storm. With its trendy attires and affordable monthly subscription, more and more clients are subscribing to the company’s membership system. Apart from the hype, this article looks at what renowned reviewing experts such as the Krazy Coupon Lady and A Foodie Stays Fit says about the products.

A client stated that she was able to get an entire outfit shipped to her for only $25. Mind you, these trendy outfits fetch high prices on Lulu. It is true that Fabletics is living up to its goal of providing the public with affordable and stylish outfits that make every woman comfortable as she exercises or does yoga in some cool yoga pants.

Although 2-3 piece outfits sold by Fabletics are valued at around $100, the subscription method gives members massive discounts on the outfits. For instance, VIP members only pay $49.95 for the outfit. The best part of being a VIP member is that one enjoys free shipping on all purchases.

Being a VIP member at Fabletic is easy. A client only needs to take a short lifestyle quiz. It helps the company to establish your style and workout preferences. This information is then used to handpick outfits that are recommended to the client on the first day of each month. The clients have between 1st and 5th of the month to modify the selection or skip the month.

The ability to skip a month ensures that customers only make purchases when they want. In addition, clients buy only those outfits that they like. Failure to modify or skip the month will see the handpicked outfits being shipped to you and your account charged.

As a company that cares about customer satisfaction, Fabletics accepts returns on products that the client has not stayed with for more than 30 days. If the returns are for exchange or store credit, the client is not charged. The company charges customers $5.95 for returns or refunds.

Clients believe that Fabletics’ outfits are fabulous as they provide them with value for money. For individuals who love yoga or exercising, Fabletics is the right store for them. The outfits are cool and could be adorned when doing outdoor activities, especially during the scorching sun of summer. Many clients have recommended Fabletics’ outfit to their friends and family. Having used the products, she was pleased with their high quality, affordability, and trendiness. She adds that the outfits are comfortable and made from thick materials. This way, there are no see through issues.