Reading about Equities First Holdings on French Tribune, you will read several wonderful things about this company. This is a company that offers customers personal and professional loans that are secured using their stock and shares as security for the loans.

Equities is able to give these customers the money they need to accomplish either their personal or professional goals, using their stocks and shares as security for the loan that they grant them.

Equities may also offer these customers terms and conditions that are not as stringent ad that of the conventional banks. They offer them lower interest rates making repayments easier for them. They are located in nine countries that include China, Thailand, Australia, The United Kingdom and the United States and continue to provide the funding they need, with the intention to open in more countries. Get company has successfully completed transactions with over 700 customers that total over 1.4 Billion Dollars. They continue to make financing a possibility.

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Highland Capital Management is Optimistic That 2017 Will be a Great Year

The chief investment officer of Highland Alternative Investors, Michael Gregory, announced that Highland Small Cap Equity Fund was opting for healthcare stocks. The fund almost tripled the S&P 500’S returns on energy stocks in 2016. Highland Alternative Investors is a branch of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas-based investment adviser. The energy stocks, which were picked by Gregory, generated 31.6 percent of the Mutual fund’s Class A shares HSZAX, +0.6 percent for small cap in 2016, compared to 12 percent for the large-cap S&P 500. Together with James Dondero, the co-founder of Highland Capital, Gregory manages Highland Small Cap Equity Fund with approximately $55 million in assets.

Highland Capital’s credit competency played a significant role in helping the company to make profitable investments in pipeline partnerships at the beginning of 2016 when oil prices were relatively low. The pipeline partnerships contributed 50 percent of the fund’s impressive results. None of the partnerships deducted dividends after the fund bought shares. Among the six sectors of S&P 500 composite Index, only health care dropped in prices. The others sectors were energy, real estate, financials, and consumer discretionary.

About Highland Capital Management

James Dondero and Mark Okada are the founders of the renowned Highland Capital Management. Being one of the largest alternative credit managers, the firm focuses on credit strategies, including long-only funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, distressed investing, and Collateralized Loan Obligation as well as alternative investments. They provide their services to different foundations, pension plans, financial institutions, corporations, endowments, high net worth individuals, governments and fund of funds. Highland Capital Management strongly believes in giving back to the community by investing where their employees work and live.

Through its philanthropic arm, the Dallas Foundation, the company offers financial support to both local and national charitable organizations and initiatives. They also support community initiatives by volunteering and providing advisory services. The firm, together with its partners, has committed over $10 million to different initiatives since 2005. The SEC registered company has close to $15.4 billion in assets. Because of the increased demand for their services, the company has opened offices in New York, Singapore, Seoul and Sao Paulo.


Martin Lustgarten Offers Transformative Investment Banking Solutions

Martin Lustgarten is an established investment banker who has assisted several entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business ventures. He offers a broad range of services to individuals, entrepreneurs, corporations, and multinational organizations around the globe. Martin founded his Martin Lustgarten Firm through which he provides top class services in investment advisory. The company is located in Florida, and Lustgarten acts as the CEO and operations manager.

Martin has an excellent reputation in the investment banking industry due to his eye for details and world-class customer service he offers his clients. He is also active in social media platforms and endeavors in collecting vintage products.

The Essentials of Investment Banking

Investment Banks’ core business is to provide advisory services and funding to corporate clients and individuals. The banks may also carry out trading activities on behalf of their customers. Boutique financial firms purely carry out investment banking and focus on deals within the mid-markets.

Investment Banks Ownership

Several established investment banks are usually publicly traded. A community of shareholders, therefore, owns the banks. However, the majority shareholders are the ones with decision-making powers on the running of the banks. These are individuals with high net-worth values, government agencies, institutional investors, and bank directors. There are also privately held investment banks serving particular clientele within the industry.

Services Offered By Investment Banks

Apart from advisory services and funding, investment banks are involved in several services like facilitation of business mergers and acquisitions, brokerage services, and underwriting. The banks play a critical role in the field of investment and mostly act and transact businesses for clients from the private and public sectors. Some of these firms will offer professional advice to their clients in various sectors of the investment market.

Investment banks function within two ends of business: the buying side and the selling side. Some firms will offer both categories, but others may choose to specialize in one area of operation. The sell side involves selling new bonds issues and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). The banks will help clients carry out the transactions and participate in market creation. The buy side, however, deals with purchasing of mutual funds, hedge funds, public investments, and pension funds. The firm will mainly assist clients to maximize their returns on such investments.

How Following Martin Lustgarten Can Lead To Prosperous Retirement

For one thing, they will have to eventually leave the full time job and begin the next phase of their lives which is going to be a bit slower than their fast paced careers. While a lot of people like the idea of being able to retire and live comfortably, one of the important things to realize is that it takes money in order to be able to retire comfortably.

One of the best ways to save for retirement is through making investments. However, one has to be careful when investing because he could go broke. For this reason, it is important for people to find someone that they could follow when it comes to example. One of the examples to follow: Martin Lustgarten.

One thing that Martin is doing is making sure that he is taking advantage of the recovering economy. For one thing, he understands how quickly the economy is recovering. That said, he also understands how unpredictable the markets are.

When following Martin’s method of navigating the economy, one will manage to save a lot for retirement. This will be a good feeling to have when one knows that he is not only going to be able to live well after retirement, but will also have a bit left over to do some of the things that he wants to do. One thing that Martin does in order to make sure that he is saving for retirement is diversifying his portfolio. This is one of the aspects of investing that is often stressed. Diversifying is very important so that one will have something to fall back on if something else is not working.

Relmada Therapeutics Adjusts Its Lawsuit File Against Laidlaw

Relmada Therapeutics recently filed an application to amend some sections of the lawsuit against Laidlaw & Company, an investment bank operating in the United States and the United Kingdom. Prior to the amendment, Relmada filed a case at Nevada District Court seeking to get compensation for what it termed as Laidlaw’s failure to honor their contract agreement.

The company, which produces series of novel therapies for treating chronic pain, announced through their spokesperson that the amendment is already at the desk of the Nevada District Court judge. The amendment includes an additional claim that seeks compensation for Laidlaw’s breach of fiduciary duty. Laidlaw was supposed to pay the company for revealing confidential information to the public. In its capacity as Relamada’s financial advisor, Laidlaw had access to crucial information about the company, which leaked to the public for some unknown reasons. Relmada is also seeking monetary compensation for the damages caused as a result of Laidlaw’s false proxy materials.

About Laidlaw

Laidlaw is a private financial investment company lead by Mathew Eitner and James Ahern. The company was started in London, United Kingdom but was later moved to New York City. It operates as an investment banker throughout the country. The company is believed to be a subsidiary of Sand Brothers & Co. It is evident that many people who invested in the former have stakes in Laidlaw.

Laidlaw has been on the spotlight for the wrong reasons. In 2007 and 2008, the company became the center of focus after it received more than 60 complaints from clients in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, the company was cleared based on lack of evidence on the claims.