OSI Food Solutions’ Spain Plant will Produce Double the Volume of Chicken

OSI Food Solutions is the largest privately-owned producer of top-quality, health-value meats in the world. The company is also a leading global producer of meat and has facilities in countries around the world. OSI Food Solutions was named to the prestigious list of the Top 100 Companies in the United States. The company has been absolutely flourishing over the past several years and has seen a snowball of growth in recent months. For OSI, success is all about expansion. The company’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality meat products – including beef, chicken, pork, sausages and item’s like hot dogs – to distributors around the world.

Unlike many producers of meat, OSI works on several different levels. First and foremost, the company provides meat products to distributors around the world. These distributors then handle the process of re-distributing the meat products to the entities that they work with. They also work on a different level by distributing straight to grocery chains. In addition to that, OSI sets itself apart by working directly with restaurants across the world. The company works with every kind of restaurant. From fast-casual, to fast food, to the best fine dining restaurants in the world, OSI has irons in many fires. OSI Food Solutions also offers to provide custom meat products. The company has a dedicated team that will work with restaurants or retailers to create custom products that fit consumer needs. This is especially important when considering things like consumer demand shifting, trends in the meat industry, or the transition of food popularity during different seasons.

OSI Food Solutions prides itself on staying ahead of consumer demand in its various markets. For example, the demand for high-quality chicken products has been increasing in Spain and Portugal. For that reason, OSI has expanded its plant in Toledo, Spain by over 20,000 square feet. They also installed a high-capacity production line system to give employees the capacity to double the volume of production of chicken. This expansion cost $17 million. However, OSI always wanted to be prepared to be the industry leader and sees the $17 million as a strong investment that will meet the market’s growing demand.

Additionally, OSI also recently purchased the majority of shares in the Netherlands-based meat production company, Baho Foods. The company is a household name in many European countries and will give OSI an even bigger presence within those countries.

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2 Benefits of Buying Waiakea Water

People buy bottled water for many different reasons and purposes. One of the most notable involves a good source of drinking water that can be used for those people who like to exercise. In these cases, some people may even run with a bottle of water in their hands. Or, they may even decide to place a bottle of water near the area that they are exercising. In either case, bottled water is a great way to stay hydrated without having to go inside of a home or sports center to get a glass of water from the tap. With this in mind, here are 2 benefits of buying Waiakea Water.

Benefit #1 – Hawaii volcanic water Benefits and waiakea water ph

Not all bottled waters are the same. This is because they are bottled from a wide variety of sources. In many cases, some bottled water is considered to be purified using a cleansing process that has been developed and designed by the manufacturer. Or, the bottled water may come from famous springs that manufacturers choose to be their main resource for bottling their water. In each case, the water that people drink will have different benefits. However, not all water sources are known for having the same added health benefits. So, for those of you who may be interested in knowing the actual health benefits of Waiakea, you should know that it is naturally rich in electrolytes, minerals and has an alkaline ph balance of 8.8. Therefore, people who drink this Waiakea water ph bottled water regularly will find that they can benefits from minerals that they need to remain healthy.

Benefit #2 – Hawaii volcanic water Packaging

Another key benefit of purchasing this type of volcanic water is the fact that it is made by a company that that using sustainable packaging to make their products. The sustainable packaging process is also produced in the manner that uses at least 33% of renewable energy. Therefore, this company is making sure that they are taking advantage of more than one way to save money and energy at the same time.


How Beneful Brand Dog Food is Changing an Industry

The dog food industry is very competitive, in fact, there are dozens of brands all fighting for the same small space at your local grocery store. That being said, it can be very challenging to tell one apart from the other when you compare the food side by side. That is why Beneful brand dog food has been getting so much attention lately, their food looks nothing like the competition.

Open a bag of Beneful brand dog food and you will notice right away this is not your ordinary pet food. The huge chunks of chicken are all moist and plentiful, the meal has plenty of fruit like blueberries, and their are essential nutrients packed in those veggies like spinach and pumpkin you see in the wet dog food. Not only is the food appealing on the eyes, it is nutritious for your dog.

Every bag of Beneful brand dog food has delicious meals that are full of important vitamins and minerals your dog needs, and you don’t get any of the fillers like you find in competitive brands. Beneful dry dog food eliminates the fillers, and substitutes healthier ingredients that will allow your dog to live a healthier and a longer life.

Get Signature Pet Food Products From Beneful

Walmart is known for meeting the demands of most shoppers with a variety of reasonably priced products that include a great selection of Beneful pet food products. They are well known for all-natural ingredients that keep your pet healthy as well as providing a nutritious meal. You have the benefits of feeding your pet companion organic ingredients that include chicken, beef, green beans, wild rice, carrots, and more. Did you know that Beneful is packed with ingredients that can help your pet maintain their weight? Walmart has rollback promotional offers for additional savings, but you can also visit the Beneful website for coupons up to 20% off to learn more click here: https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/

Beneful is on a mission to carry quality pet food products that will also provide a favorable taste for your pets. They have formulated a pet food that will give your pet a meal that is hard to resist. You can find a wet or dry dog food collection that is perfect for a dog of any size. Get gourmet pet food products that cost under $20. There is a extensive selection of products at your local Walmart that is going to please your wallet and make your pet extremely happy.