Thor Halvorssen Looks Globally To Complete His Human Rights Activism

In 2005, Venezuelan film producer and human rights activist Thor Halvorssen decided the time had come to embark upon his own arena of human rights activism through the founding of the Human Rights Foundation; Halvorssen had already spent a large amount of his adolescence and early adult life working with some of the biggest human rights activism groups in the world.

Thor Halvorssen has worked to aid some of the best known activists in the world trapped in closed societies, including the large amount of time he has spent working with Russian activists, such as Gary Kasparov and Pussy Riot.

The work of the Venezuelan born, New York based expert has seen him take his expertise to some of the world’s most respected groups, such as the Harvard Law School, the United Nations, and the British Houses of Parliament.

The political choices of Thor Halvorssen have become well known as he has backed specific groups and leaders in their quest to overcome tryannical governments in all their forms. Slavery and anti-democratic policies in China have always been an important part of the work of Thor Halvorssen who attended the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony as a guest of Chinese recipient Liu Xiaobo. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The strong links to some of the best known political activists in the world Thor Halvorssen has built has seen him bring many of these political experts to the board of the Human Rights Foundation. The anti Putin stance of Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation has seen him appoint Russian dissident Gary Kasparov to the role of President. For

Thor Halvorssen the need to place his own body on the line for his beliefs is well known after he suffered a vicious beating by Vietnamese officials after interviewing a religious leader who had been under house arrest for over a decade.