Sussex Healthcare Helps Seniors Enjoy Their Lives

Life is sometimes difficult for seniors because of the issues they face. They must deal with problems with their health and other issues that come as a result of aging. They also have to deal with illness and problems other people don’t have to worry about.

Sussex Healthcare knew this when they started their facility for seniors. They also knew they could do everything possible to make a difference for all the seniors in their area. They wanted to set the standard for senior care by providing them with opportunities no other company was able to do.

Sussex Healthcare has a gold standard they use to help people. They want their seniors to know they are welcome there and they have a chance to live their lives in the best way possible. Now Sussex Healthcare has started to make news and more people know about it. The company is more popular than ever and that’s what has allowed them to keep going to be a positive influence in the industry. Sussex Healthcare knows what they’re doing and they use other opportunities to help people understand what they’re doing. Other healthcare facilities look up to Sussex Healthcare and see they’re doing a positive thing in the elderly communities.


Throughout the time they’ve been working to help seniors, Sussex Healthcare has created new opportunities for their patients. They want them to enjoy everything they have to offer and they want them to know there are things they can take advantage of. Perhaps one of the biggest things the company has done is offer people the chance to try new things. For Sussex Healthcare, this means they have to try their best and give back the opportunities to people who need them. For Sussex Healthcare, the point of doing all this is so seniors know they can experience a more positive life.

As long as Sussex Healthcare is doing what they can to help people, they will keep growing. The company knows what they’re looking for and knows how to give attention to the issues going on. Growth is important no matter what and that’s how Sussex Healthcare plans to keep up the options they have. Even though there have been times where other companies have done a better job, they don’t know what they need to do to get where Sussex Healthcare is at. Sussex Healthcare knows things will get better and they’ll make things easier on themselves through the opportunities they have.

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Dr. Samadi Creates SMART Method to Help Cancer Rates

Dr. David Samadi is a well-renowned doctor in his field. He currently holds the position of Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at the New York based Lenox Hill hospital. He is a board-certified urologist, which means he specializes in the diagnosis and possible treatment of urological diseases, like prostate, kidney, and bladder cancers. During his tenure, he has performed over a thousand minimally invasive treatments for diseases like prostate cancer. Some of the treatments include laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy.

In order to get to this position, he earned a degree in biochemistry and his MD from Stony Brook University. After graduate, he completed postgraduate training Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine with a fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center focusing on proctology. Then he went to France, he completed another fellowship at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil, where he focused on robotic radical prostatectomy. His education and training has helped him to become one of the foremost experts in his field.

Dr. Samadi has performed surgeries worldwide, in over 45 countries. He has also worked at several prestigious institutions, like Columbian Presbyterian and Mt. Sinai. He is now at Lenox Hill. An active professional in his field, he belongs to the American Urology Association and American Medical Association. He also contributes to the medical community through his television appearances and radio programs. For five years, 2011-2016, he was a medical expert on the Fox New Channel TV show, “Sunday Housecall.” He started his own radio program and even started own web site His site helps to share health news and information.

His background has helped him to develop a certain treatment called SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment), which has helped 90% of his patients remain cancer free.This procedure is innovative because it helps to spare the nerve damage to the prostate. One big reason men wait so long to have surgery is the side effects caused by nerve damage, like incontinence or impotence. His new surgery helped to encourage men to have surgery sooner, which helped him with his success rate.

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Passion can lead to creativity, and this can get identified when we meet Drew Madden who is a healthcare entrepreneur. He is zealous about electronic medical annals and for an extended period he has joined forces with some of the most intellect electronics personnel and industries to find out challenges in the pharmaceutical sectors and get solutions on how to them through technology. He is the president of Nordic Consulting Partners, and he has an experience of more than ten years handling and directing EMR ventures. He is in charge of client associations, business improvement and taking on both new ideas and employees.

He keeps right public relationships with his customers both internationally and locally. Drew Madden aims at supporting the community in which Nordic has a connection and operates thus building trust. His leadership skills are topnotch, and he has led Nordic with a lot of professionalism valuing both his employees and the clients. Nordic is a consulting firm that provides efficient clinical and managed services. It comes up with solutions to suit the customer’s needs. The moment one gets services offered at Nordic they don’t feel like any other client because their services are of high standards and the employees have nice people’s skills.

Drew has a very healthy personality, and he’s driven by his passion to not only provide clinical services but for also giving back to the community. Through Nordic, he has been able to reach out to the people in the society by coming up with non-profitable projects around the nation. By giving his employees an opportunities to provide one day to help some of the charitable organizations in the country to lend a hand in the charity work. He has motivated his workers to work in unity to the society the best place to call home and work. He has come up with medical systems that help in improving lives of most people that are suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer. He has a great desire to help people suffering from critical ailments such urinary tract infections and other healthcare-associated infections.