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Chris Burch, the renowned investment entrepreneur who is behind several brands such as Faena Hotel & Universe, Tory Burch, Voss Water, Jawbone, has continued to take the luxurious lifestyle by storm ( The billionaire in 2012 bought a modest surfers retreat along the beach of Sumba based in Indonesia. He had a renovation of over 30 million dollars after which the hotel was named the best in the entire globe by the Travel & Leisure magazine.

Nihi Sumba Island, the captivating rustic-luxe resort is comparable to none. The resort is based at a stretch of the soft white sands of a relatively unknown island featuring breathtaking scenery. Guests enjoy the private space provided by the resort featuring unique settings to fit their client desires. Some people describe the hotel as the “On the Edge of Wilderness” because of its luxe bleakness along with a lot of freedom of exploration.

The insularity of Sumba, however, has resulted in its authentic and dominant culture, which is yet to be influenced or touched by most people. The coast is also untouched and undeveloped giving it a sense of natural beauty as compared to other beaches around the globe.

In the 1980s, many visitors came to the isolated land to enjoy the 20-feet waves while seated at the only Nihiwatu resort at the southwest beach which faces the Indian Ocean. The Nihiwatu beach is known to be 2.5 long featuring two reefs which serve as protection of the island from massive storms as well as reserving the white sands of that beach.

The island also has some rare as well as fascinating stories including the Marapu landing stories. Marapu is believed to be a spirit that is said to be still on the island since its landing some centuries ago. That has made the destination an ideal place for people who propagate and honour stories of the past.

Nihiwatu can be defined as a mortar stone. Thus the name comes from the incredibly isolated rocks which were formed by the powerful tides of the sea. The resort was born from the idea to maintain the natural beauty of the destination while upholding the Sumba tide a mystery. The CEO also wanted to share the Sumba experience with people who appreciate it too (

The reputation of the great Sumba resort emerged in 2012 when Burch saw the need to expand it. He called James McBride to visit the place along with the New York Carlyle Hote. James is a renowned global innovator in the hospitality industry. Hence his partnership with Chris brought a significant transformation to the Nihiwatu resort.

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Upwork Helps Users With To-Do Lists

Upwork is a popular freelance work platform. It was founded in 2015, after being previously named Elance-oDesk. The site allows users clients to post projects and assignments, and for users to bid against other users for work. It’s widely regarded as one of the best online platforms to secure freelance work. Upwork recently republished a blog post from the website ClickUp about 10 ways to work through one’s to-do list.


Starting at the top, ClickUp first suggests to “capture everything.” That way you won’t forget anything or lose the thought. On that line of thinking, he also suggests to create the list the night before. This allows for you to get a head start the following morning when you are feeling the most productive. It’s also equally important to have everything on a single list and pick priorities. Unexpected events or time issue are bound to come up throughout the day, so its important to have an idea of what the most important tasks are.


As time goes by, whether hours or days, its important to keep re-evaluating your list. Sometimes a task needs to get done sooner, rather than later. At the same time, some tasks may just not need to be done anymore. It’s also important to remember that some tasks can be broken down into smaller tasks. A smart way to handle tasks can be doing them in batches. If they involve something similar or have a connection, then why not do everything at once. Finally, make sure to use the appropriate amounts of energy for each task and plan accordingly.


Everyone uses to-do lists at some point in their lives, but people vary in how efficient they are about completing the list of tasks. The Upwork article from ClickUp provides a strong range of tips on how to use, plan, and complete a to-do list. At the end of the day, its the best way to keep your life organized and moving forward.


Chris Burch Helps People See How They Can Enjoy Life

Chris Burch knows a lot about businesses and how he can help in different businesses. He spent a long time trying to help people and giving them the opportunities they were searching for ( Since Chris Burch knew what he wanted to do, he was prepared for anything that could happen to different companies. He also prepared to show people things would get better and they could use them to make their own careers better than what they were in the past. Chris Burch likes to help people and likes them to realize they can enjoy life without spending millions of dollars doing it (

As long as Chris Burch knows how to give attention to issues he has going on in the industries, he feels good about the work he does. He has spent a long time trying to come up with positive opportunities and all that he does goes back to working in the right industry. For Chris Burch, the business world only gets better as he continues to help people and show them what they can do to have a better. He wants everyone to understand how everything gets better and how they can make things easier on their own.

For Burch, the point of the business is to give back. People don’t always realize what they can experience from just a little luxury, but Chris Burch knows it will make sense to help people get that luxury. He also knows there will be opportunities he can use to make his own life better. Even when he started working toward a better future for those who took advantage of the business, Chris Burch prepared to help them. He wanted everyone to know what he was doing and how the company would grow if they continued shopping there and trying to do things the right way.

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By looking at the right opportunities for businesses, Chris Burch prepared to help everyone with the issues they faced. He always wanted people to know how they could get better and how his business would help them. With Nihiwatu, people can visit a resort. The resort has so many options they can take advantage of. It also comes at a price point that is affordable to most. People don’t have to try hard to ensure they have the right price on everything in the resort. Chris Burch made sure everyone knew he made the resort for every budget.

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Chris Burch Presents An Interesting Challenge To American Express

Chris Burch is a man who has founded so many businesses and brands over his time that he’s known as a serial entrepreneur. He recently made an announcement though that after 30 plus years with American Express, he had now switched to JP Morgan and is now using their Chase Sapphire rewards card. He says that he did so because this company’s perks just weren’t as exciting anymore and while he had been most comfortable with this company, he believed it was now time to try something new. American Express is currently in a dilemma because they’ve relied heavily on customers like Burch, but they want their products to be more attractive to lower income millennials as well.

Chris Burch may have kept the same credit card for the most part over the years, but his business startups and investments have changed so much it’s been hard to keep up with. Back in the 1970s while attending Ithaca College in New York, he started a business selling sweaters from dorm to dorm and eventually around town. Burch had figured out how to make a profit doing so, and eventually he and his brother made enough money doing this to buy their own factory and fashion brand that became known as Eagle Eye. Burch soon made enough profits doing this that he sold it off by the early 2000s. His other fashion brand included Tory Burch, and he later helping Ellen Degeneres launch her own brand.  Refer to for more reading

Today, Burch devotes a lot of his time to real estate investing which began in Argentina when he invested in a Buenos Aires hotel, and then began buying and renovating homes in the Hamptons in New York.  Related reading on   But his biggest investment was in the Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia that has some of the most exquisite villas and a million-dollar home that he stays in during part of the year.  Check this link on to read more about his biggest investment.

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But Burch currently works with a lot of new disruptive businesses through his company Burch Creative Capital located in New York City. It was recently announced that this company added some new members to the portfolio including Dirty Lemon and Hooch.  For contact details, hop over to

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Chris Burch Helped People Realize What They Needed

Since Chris Burch was young, he was working on businesses. He wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age so he did what he could to get to that point. He also wanted people to know what he could do to make his business better. Even though he started out in construction and watching his father in construction, he knew that was not what he wanted to do for a long time. It was his goal to eventually own his own business. In his recent article, he talked about all the ways he would work as an entrepreneur while he was growing up.  Read his shared views and insights here.

While Chris Burch was in college, he was working on selling things that would help him to make money. He started selling sweaters so he would have a chance to try different things on his own. He wanted to sell things that people needed and that’s what gave him the chance to truly be successful in every way possible. It was the ideas he had that helped him to become the business person that he currently is. No matter what he did, he was always a success because he knew what people needed and how they wanted their things.  Refer to for more reading.

For Chris Burch, the most logical thing after selling sweaters was to start a fashion company. That’s where Tory Burch came from. Chris Burch knew he would need to make a name for himself so he branded his company as Tory Burch. The company is now extremely successful with iconic shoes, clothes and accessories that are found all around the world. If Chris Burch had not been successful as an entrepreneur, he may not have had the chance to try and make things work for his own company. Tory Burch may have never happened if he didn’t do things the right way while working as an entrepreneur. Additional article on

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Things consistently change in the fashion industry and Chris Burch knew that. He wanted people to know what he was doing so he would have a chance to try different things.  Check  He also wanted to make sure everyone knew what they would be able to do. Because of this, he decided to go even further into luxury. By finding out things like the right way to open a luxury resort, Chris Burch was preparing himself to make the resort. He is now helping people who have different budgets take a luxury vacation.  Read more about his resort on

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Paul Mampilly, Investor Of A Kind

Paul Mampilly is an investment advisor and stock market analyst. Born in India, Paul moved to United Stated his career in the financial sector as a young man. In the over 25 years he has been in the business, he has proved to be a resourceful investment analyst and even held high ranking positions at some of the best firms like Deutsche Bank.

Wall Street work was not enough for him; Paul Mampilly eventually left the hedge funds to venture into private business. Nevertheless, that was not after making the companies there a lot of money. According to Kinetics Asset Management, during Paul’s tenure there as a hedge fund manager, the company saw an average 26% annual return raising the firm’s portfolio from $6 billion to $25 billion.

Investing in stocks can be challenging and extremely risky for the average untrained individual. This fact was a great motivator for Paul’s decision to start an investment newsletter ‘Profits Unlimited’ that gives valuable guidance to its over 90,000 subscribers. He continues to advise people on the volatile and risky stock market industry helping them make good returns on their investment.

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Companies manufacturing Electric cars is one of the key investment options that Paul Mampilly advises new investors. He believes that with the rapid change in technology and the efficiency that electric vehicles offer customers, they are the stocks to watch. The cars are easy to maintain as only three of their parts need maintenance.

The food industry is another lucrative venture according to Paul Mampily on More people are seeking fast and healthy food delivered to their doorsteps. This trend has resulted in various businesses venturing into food delivery services. Paul advises investors to put their money into such enterprises since, in the near future, their stock value will be very lucrative.

With the advancement in health science technology, Paul sees promising growth in the medical industry. The latest progress in precision medicine where doctors can now treat individuals based on their genetic composition. A patient’s genetic information is used to determine the best medication and even predict what types of illnesses are likely to infect the individual. Paul’s advice is for investors to look out for companies that have embraced this technology and invest in them.

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The Beginning of Nihiwatu

Behind every great business is a great entrepreneur. Christopher Burch is a world renowned entrepreneur and investor. He’s been a part of dozens of success brands and businesses known all over the world. His investment activities have ranged though numerous industries for the past forty or so years.

Burch’s entrepreneurial career began while he was still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. Together with his brother, Bob, he started Eagle’s Eye apparel. It wasn’t long before the company had become a $165 million brands. Eventually, the company was sold to Swire Group, and Burch was hooked on the rush of entrepreneurship.  Check bjtonline for an important article.

With future ambitions whispering in his ear, Burch became one of the earliest investors in Internet Capital Group. He’s had an incredible ability to find the nexus between innovation and implementation since his first company. It’s a skill set he continues to use to this day to realize unusual success.

Burch has such a love for what he does that he can’t help but wander from industry to industry. Anything he finds exciting or thinks that it can be a huge success, he invests time and money. It’s the reason that he has been a part of so many successful brands and businesses, more of this on   Most recently, his luxury resort, Nihiwatu, just opened after renovations.

The hospitality industry can be a very hectic place. For someone like Chris Burch, that hectic environment is more of a challenge than a deterrent. After founding and co-founding numerous internationally renowned brands, Christopher Burch wanted to set his entrepreneurial sights on a new industry.

Like with many of his new adventures, he partnered with someone who knows the industry. In the case of Nihiwatu, his partner was James McBride, a well-known hotelier. Together, they bought the hotel located on Sumba in 2012. Over the next three years, the duo invested $30 million into renovating all the buildings.  Related article here.   Finally, in 2015 the five-star resort opened and was named Nihiwatu. It was even voted “Best Hotel in the World” by Travel + Leisure a year later, check this on

This project was different for Burch. For most of his earlier investments, it was all about the journey of building a company up and achieving its fullest potential. Nihiwatu, he bought for his children. He wanted to have something that he hopes they’ll want to preserve for future generations.

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