Chris Burch Gives Back To His Community

As the owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Burch Creative Captital, Chris Burch understands the balue that giving can give to any person’s life. Surely someone who has been as successful as Chris can appreciated what charity can do for a society. Chris’ need to give back is only outweigh by his desire to succeed in whatever endevour is in front of him at the moment. He recently shared his thoughts on gift giving and where he draws the inspiration for certain gifts.

Chris usually gives gifts that come from companies that companies that he personally invests in, while other gifts are inspired by the places his career has taken him. Chocolates from two companies he is familiar with, Fatty Sundays and Pretzables, are always a sure hit to anyone who receives them. Chris also tends to purchase gifts that can have a real impact on the recipient while maintaining a certain sense of class. One such example is a jacket from one of his favorite clothiers, Barbour Gisburne. Giving is all about respect and admiration for others for Chris Burch.  Check

Chris Burch has nearly four decades of experience being an investor and entrepreneur. Fully understanding of what a little bit of hard work can do, Chris has helped over 50 successful businesses get off the ground. His firm is one of the most well-respected in the New York City area and much of that respect stems from the respect that Chris gives to others. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Burch has a wide range of experience in business from fashion to real estate. Additional article on

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Chris started his first business, Eagle Eye, with his brother Bob while studying at Ithaca College. He turned the apparel company into a business worth in excess of $160 million, which he later sold. His current clientele at Burch Creative Capital includes the highly successful entrepreneur and TV personality, Ellen DeGeneres. Chris is an active volunteer in his community and has served on the Boards of many non-profit institutes over the years.  Related article here.

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Chris Burch: Having Fun While Giving.

Chris Burch is an investor and entrepreneur. He is a man who has had great success in investing in companies at just the right time. He has more than forty years of experience in this field and knows what he is talking about. He is currently the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital in New York. Click on this for more details about him.

Christopher Burch is also a philanthropist and knows when and how to distribute his money in his investments. A couple of his best investments that he has made over the years are a new clothing line by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Nihiwatu a private resort that he owns in Indonesia. More about this resort on  Knowing when to take advantage of an opportunity when he sees it is one of the keys to his phenomenal success. His giving goes far beyond his companies and he has some gift ideas that he would like to share with people. Additional article on

Chris Burch is a man who can be full of surprises when it comes to giving gifts to his family. When he is thinking about it he goes outside the box and gets things his family would not normally buy for themselves. A few of the gifts that he has bought for his family this year are a Snowe Home Candle Set, a Cooper Cage Tote, and a zero-gravity massage chair. These are just a few of the things he has selected and with each gift that he gives a donation is made to the charity of the recipient’s choice. This is the way that Chris Burch does it. He gives not only to his family but makes sure that charities are not forgotten as well. He also says giving isn’t just for one time of year and he gives gifts to his loved ones the whole year around.  Check for a related article.

Chris Burch has made his mark on how to invest and now he can take the time to give back. Giving gifts to family and friends is not a chore for him. He loves to do it. Giving the perfect quirky gift is what makes Chris Burch smile from ear to ear.

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Chris Burch’s Five Star Resort Nihi

Based on a recent article posted by, Chris Burch’s Indonesian resort, Nihi, has gained mass popularity. The location was purchased by Burch after the momentous success of his investments in other real estate ventures such as the Universe resort and Faena Hotel. Formerly known as Nihiwatu, the resort was owned by Claude and Petra Graves before it was acquired by Burch after he was stunned by the tribal atmosphere, natural beauty and hospitality. He got to work, with the help of his managing partner James McBride, to market his new resort to a larger audience and attract international customers.

Within the first year that Nihi was opened to the public the resort was ranked one of the best hotels in the world due to its service, location, hospitality, decor and atmosphere. Due to its rise in fame, Nihi resort has become one of the top places to travel, but a reservation is needed well in advance because of its popularity. Burch has stated that his resort isn’t for everyone. Not only is it time consuming to get to single bedroom villas start out at $750 a night, with a three night required minimum.It took Chris Burch over $30 million and almost three years to complete the vision he had for Nihi. He made sure to include every luxury, earning the resort its five-stars, all the while supporting the local wildlife and native villages found on the island.   Read more about the resort on

Chis Burch is much more well known as being the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, a entrepreneurial company. Burch Creative Capital is a direct expression of its founder’s vision for the consumer market and follows is views and actions regarding innovative opportunities, leading designs and creative solutions. He is always trying to find new companies and businesses whose practices have a positive impact on those who consume their products and the world in general.  Related reading on

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Burch has almost four decades if experience as a entrepreneur and investor. He has had a hand in almost sixty different companies ranging from home furnishings, retail, apparel, food and hospitality. The majority of these companies saw unrivaled growth due to Burch’s influence. A few entries in his portfolio include TRADEMARK, Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Jawbone, Poppin and Voss Water.  Additional details about him on

Chris Burch believes that by combining direct sourcing and international experience, while also understanding consumer patterns has led him to his lifelong success in the field.  Have updates on his timeline activities, hit

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