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Nestled in a secluded corner of Indonesia surrounded by the Indian Ocean is a beautiful island called Sumba that’s the site of the world’s best resort, Nihuwatu. Opened in 2015, the resort took 3 years and a $30 million investment to complete. It features 27 private villas decorated with Ikat prints, traditional Sumbanese antiques and local wood and surrounded by waterfalls, a blue lagoon, private plunge pools, one of the world’s top surfer’s beaches and virgin forests. Guests are treated to personalized spa treatments in their villas or on the beach, daily yoga classes, scuba and surfing lessons, horseback riding on the beach at sundown and more.

Nihiwatu, also called ‘The Edge of Wildness’, is just one of the many investments of fashion mogul Chris Burch. Working in concert with Alan Faena the famed hotelier and internationally known architect Philippe Stark, Burch has been involved in developing several real estate projects. They include the Argentina based Faena Hotel + Universe as well as luxury properties on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, Palm Beach, Florida and Southampton, New York. And Chris Burch plans to build more five-star resorts like Nihiwatu in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and Nicaragua to make them more accessible.

But hotels, resorts and real estate are just a small part of the investment portfolio of Chris Burch. He is also a major investor in companies like C. Wonder, Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Voss Water, Cocoon9, TRADEMARK, But+Mah and Jawbone.  Read more on  Burch has also invested in a wide range of industries including apparel, home décor, furnishings and accessories, luxury prefab homes, office supply, technology, organic foods, as well as a variety of other consumer and lifestyle products ( He has holdings in companies like Little Duck Organics, Brad’s Raw Foods, Soludos and Blink Health.

Burch has come a long way. He began investing in business in 1976. While at Ithaca College, brothers Chris and Bob Burch each put up $2,000 to fund Eagle’s Eye, a clothing company. Initially, they bought sweaters at discounted prices, marked them up and sold them door-to-door. Eventually, they had the cash flow and customer base to have apparel made and expand their sales force. When the Swipe Group bought Eagle’s Eye apparel for $165 million, Chris Burch became among the earliest investors in the Internet Capital Group. He has since gone on to develop a very diversified investment portfolio and become an internationally known entrepreneur.

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Christopher Burch suggests some of the gifts for 2018

Just the other day, The Burch Creative Capital Founder Mr. Christopher Burch wrote a piece that was published on his blog carrying a number of gift ideas which his readers can pick inspiration from whenever they want to gift their loved ones at any time of the year. In the blog post, Mr. Burch gives a rundown of some of the factors he considers when deciding on which gift to give a certain person. This is because of his belief that every single gift should epitomize the recipient’s style and character. Considering Mr. Burch’s long history of giving, this is an exercise that is very dear to him.

He revealed that one of the most important factors he considers when choosing a gift to give to a loved one involves going through the products made by companies he has invested to see whether there are products that would put a smile in his loved one’s face. This is because he also believes that a gift should bring in some element of surprise in that you get your loved one a gift that you know they would not buy themselves. He also considers some of the unique items he sees all around the world he is doing his traveling.  For his new and follow on investments, hop over to this.

For this year, Mr. Burch has already chosen some of the gifts he would give to his family, friends and loved ones. Some of them are US Jaclean Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, Barbour Gisburne Jacket, Chocolate and Candy from Fatty Sundays and Snowe Home Candle Set. Additional article on

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Mr. Burch is also the founder of Burch Creative Capital which is a privately owned investment company which is based in New York City. His deep knowledge and vast experience spanning more than 4 decades goes a long way in helping him identify viable investment opportunities while at the same time helping the infant business organizations grow to become world-class brands to reckon with. Thus far he has helped over 50 businesses achieve greatness using his rare business acumen which plays a very important role in his business’ investment philosophy.  Additional info about him on

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Chris Burch’s New Hotel Property

Fashion mogul, Chris Burch, has recently built an incredible resort that is taking the world by storm. He has founded multiple brands out there like C. Wonder and Tory Burch, he is taking his knowledge to a new place that can benefit others in new ways. Deciding to buy a beach in Indonesia, he renovated it with the help of James McBride, and they turned this area into something amazing. They had spent more than $30 million renovating every aspect of the hotel. They strived to help overcome the old design of the hotel to bring it to a new level. More details about him on

They opened it back in 2015 with the name, Nihiwatu, and it opened up as a top of the line five-star resort. Just recently, they were named as the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure. Today, the hotel continues to grow being the place to visit in Indonesia. With the awards, the brand and hotel still delivers top of the line service to this very day. Read more of its awesome features, click on

Burch explained in an interview that his idea of this place was mainly to create a spot for his children. In a sense, he also explained how he loves there were no boundaries for him and what he was looking for. He loved the idea that when you’re in a new place, you can do other things out of the ordinary like build a spa underneath a waterfall, have a butlet in every room, and go to places so unique and different.  Check his entrepreneurial views in this link on

Chris Burch is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. This firm based in NYC manages a wide range of venture investments specifically, alongside brand development. With a ton of different investments across real estate and other areas, it’s very true this guy has put his money in all the right places. Have a glimpse to his latest innovative product in the market, hop over to this.

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Chris Burch’s Fantasy Island Resort

The insightful tech and fashion theorist and billionaire, Christopher J. Burch is a man who is primarily known for his highly esteemed and widely sought after venture capital firm, Burch Creative Capital, a company dedicated to investing into new, cutting-edge and globally scaling business ideas. Mr. Burch is also very well known for his numerous magazine appearances, such as in Forbes, detailing his fiscal success and his sizable independent investments with companies such as the global financial services company, Guggenheim Partners and the designer fashion company C. Wonder (which Burch also founded).  For timeline activity updates, click

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Despite his obvious talents Mr. Burch does not seem like the kind of guy to be jumping head first into such divergent markets as real estate – but that is precisely what he has recently done with the creation of a massive beach-side hotel and resort amidst the tranquil beauty of Indonesia. The resort, known as Nihiwatu, is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and was developed by Burch alongside the hotelier, James McBride. According to reports the resort cost a grand total of $ 30 million to build (to say nothing of upkeep!). Additional article to read on

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What is truly astonishing about the verdant and blissful retreat is not that it was built so efficiently nor so beautifully by a man who had previously only had experience as an investor and a fashion designer, but rather that it has become such a resounding success story. In 2016 the Nihiwatu resort was named “The Best Hotel In The World,” by the lifestyle magazine Travel + Leisure. When asked in numerous publication interviews what the key to hotel success was, Mr. Burch replied that it was all about location and aesthetic, that if the look and feel isn’t right it just won’t work – he noted the ability to build spas underneath natural waterfall formations as a key attraction. Also according to Mr. Burch himself, the resort is so nice that he splits his time equally between his homes in Miami, The Hamptons and Nihiwatu where he has taken up semi-permanent residence – and with all that sun and dazzling surf, who wouldn’t?   For an in-depth look on Burch’s profile, visit his website, hit on

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