Big Changes to the Business World

Billy McFarland, may have possibly just changed the face of the industrial world through his ingenious creation of, interestingly enough, a new discount social media program. The name of the program is Magnises, and allows members to save large sums of money on discounted entertainment locations such as bars, restaurants, concerts and amusement parks.

This already sounds like an amazing idea for usual, everyday consumers, but it could mean a big difference in the way that businesses operating in the United States could potentially save money.

The concept of Magnises is easy; you are given a metal discount card that acts in much the same way as a credit card and when you make purchases through the card you are given large discounts on choice locations and events.

The card is linked to a member’s bank account and is immediately deducted for these accounts as a form of legal tender. In terms of business savings there is always the need for businessmen and sales people to take potential clients and business partners to meetings at similar locations.

It makes sense for these individuals to want to save money, and Magnises can bring this to them through the membership program. The same hundred dollars normally spent on a single meeting can now be distributed to multiple meetings instead thanks to Magnises.

According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland, even art his young age of twenty three years old, has already produced something that could revolutionize the way that American companies do business. The potential for savings are immense and the Magnises program has the ability to open new doors to companies that were before extremely hard to land.

Not only is this a godsend for American businesses, who are still rearing from a poor economy, but it also could mean big changes to international markets as well, assuming that Magnises is implemented there. The sky is the limit for this program, and if everything continues to go smoothly we will see more.