OrganoGold: On a Mission

Bernardo Chua, affectionately nicknamed “Bernie”, is now known as one of the top names in the direct sales industry.

For all of his wonderful efforts, “Bernie” has been awarded many different awards, such as the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry. In recent years, he has taken a step back from the direct sales industry and has instead focused his efforts on coffees and teas.

 Bernardo was born in the Phillipeans, but thanks to his Chinese heritage, he was aware of “Ganoderma” early on in his life. Ganoderma Lucidum is a genus of polypore mushrooms. It grows on wood and includes about 80 species.

They are extensively used in traditional Asian medicine. Realizing how many people did not have access to Ganoderma Lucidum, Bernardo Chua made it his life’s mission to share this Asian secret with the western world.

Bernardo Chua started his company, OrganoGold in 2008, in hopes of taking Ganoderma Lucidem products to a whole new level. Infusing Ganoderma Lucidum into coffees, teas, and even soaps, OrganoGold was a huge success in the market!

In two short years, OrganoGold went from a small company with only 3 employees to one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies in the world. Today, it is operating in 35 countries.

With an amazing line of products, as well as a dedicated team, OrganoGold is on a mission, striving to help improve the lives of people by helping them reach new levels of wealth, balance, and wellness. This is all thanks to the company’s strong principles of loyalty, unity, and edification, making it one of the most admired companies in the modern world.