Greg Finch Gives an Insight on Some of the Top Most Orthopaedic Procedures

Most people end up requiring orthopaedic care at some point in their life. When you find yourself experiencing any pain linked to the muscles, it is wise that you seek medical attention. Your doctor will examine you, and they will advise what is best. If you are either suffering from a single muscle injury or a bone injury, an orthopaedic surgeon has a variety of non-invasive techniques at their disposal which they will use to treat you.

One common othropeadic procedure is the spine surgery. In most cases, it is often as a result of recurring back pain. The doctor might find it vital to conduct surgery on you to improve your condition and reduce any pain that you might be experiencing. If you enjoy taking part in fun activities, you will be back on the field in no time. Here, the surgeon joins the spinal bones to reduce any movement between the bones.

Another common procedure is the Joint replacement which is often as a result of arthritis. The patient experiences severe pain, and thus, the procedure comes in quite handy. The surgeon examines the patient to identify which fragment of the joint is damaged. The doctor then replaces the damaged part with either plastic or metal surfaces.

Shoulder Replacement is also a common procedure that is carried out on most patients. Due to the nature of a person’s work, they might start experiencing shoulder pains and need to seek medical advice. The procedure comprises of replacing the injured area with either a plastic or metal implant. With no time, the shoulder joint begins to function as normal.

About Greg Finch

Greg Finch is an orthopaedic surgeon based in Australia. Greg Finch has specialized in spinal surgery and has a key interest in matters related to adult deformity, cervical spine surgery, and invasive spine surgery. Greg Finch offers specialized care to patients suffering from conditions such as disc protrusions, lumbar spine cases, spinal stenosis, and all cases of spine deformity.

Greg Finch is a registered member of the Spine Society of Australia and the Australian Orthopaedic Association. He is also a member of the North American Spine Society.