The Impact End Citizens United Group

End Citizens United is a group that was formed in 2015 whose mission is to fight against paying for election to favor certain groups by large political funding institutions that have hidden agendas. The group itself does not receive funding from these wealthy entities, but being in the low community level means that those involved depend on the contributions of the people on the ground. Either way, it is for a good cause because all they seek good leadership that will consider all people equally and individuals who will be voted in legally and with the people’s support. Once elections are bought, it means that just a few individuals benefit from certain people being in office while others suffer despite having exercised their democratic right of voting.

On their part, End Citizens United has an interest in supporting pro-reform candidates which they have done on several occasions which makes it clear that they have nothing against leaders that are voted in legally and ready to work for the all people equally. With the 2018 midterm elections, the group is on the frontline to recommend candidates who have showcased support for reforms regarding finances. In their effort to keep up the fight, the group has encountered many hardships that are determined to slow them down in their objectives considering that most people are against their idea especially those who reap big from bought elections. In that case, End Citizens United has appeared in court severally to have their cases heard and settled although they have not been derailed from their major objective.

End Citizens United group has proven to be serious about their major objective in this year’s midterm election. They are backing up various candidates whom they feel are worth like Beto O’ Rourke who stands out for rejecting contributions by Political Action Committees. With such loyalty, he stands a chance to grasp his relevant seat with the support of the group. Jacky Rosen and Randy Bryce as well are in the list of candidates that the group feel deserve their support because they are likely to consider them and other citizens once in office. In the case of Elissa Slotkin, the End Citizens United group are in support of her to unseat Mike Bishop who is a big supporter of big money and special interests something that the group loathes. He has as well been against the finance reform bills and has annulled the Affordable Care Act which makes him unfit to be in office in regards to the group’s point of view.

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George Soros Donations Increase In 2017

George Soros is a man doesn’t just talk the talk. He puts his money behind his words, and has in fact given millions to political action committees and organizations over the years. He is now 85 years old, but shows no signs of slowing down.

Spectators thought that they may have seen the last of Soros’ mega spending after the 2004 election in which George Soros donated with an aim of defeating Bush. He was somewhat reserved (by the standards he has set for himself) in the Obama elections, but now he is increased spending again. This shows that he is still as engaged as ever in his political activism.

In fact, the Washington Times found that Soros’ donations were the financial center of the Ferguson political rallies two years ago. The racially-focused protests were organized by several key groups. These groups, it turns out, had been financed in a large part by George Soros. For years before the actual Ferguson protests, Soros was giving to funds such as the National Action Network. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

The Ferguson protest movement sparked a nationwide movement for greater equality, social justice, and police force transparency. This power behind this movement comes from grass-roots organizations that work tirelessly towards change. Soros has been funding these groups because he too believes in social equality and government agency transparency. With his word and his dollar he argues for “open society” one based on freedom and trust rather than covert operations and oppression.

Soros was born in Hungary, and his activism is in no way limited to the United States. Soros has been involved in setting up democracies in Eastern Europe after the Cold War. His funding has sponsored a network of organizations across Europe that fight for human rights.

The foundations and organizations that Soros funds have had many effects on government policy. He enables individuals to spread the messages that they care about. It takes money in order to have a voice, and his funding gives that voice to many organization. The liberal causes that he supports include women’s rights and voting rights for immigrants. He wants to mobilized people to vote so that everyone has a fair say in the democratic system. Learn more about this article at

As a billionaire investor, Soros has the opportunity to take action and make real changes. He writes and speaks about his political views, and gives millions to the organizations that he supports. His two main foundations which are focused on his open society beliefs, manage an estimated $3 billion dollars each year. He gave $27 million dollars during the Bush campaign in favor of defeating bush, and then donated $25 billion towards supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016. He gives multi-million dollar gifts on a regular basis to democratic causes.

The Ambitious Mission that End Citizens United PAC is on

Everything about the campaigns and the elections of the 45th president of the United States was historic. For the first time in many years, the country saw lobby groups that want positive change in campaign financing increase.


Accountability was a key agenda in the run-up to the election, and as the race came nearer to its end, it was very much evident that the election would be tightly contested. Even the PACs that have been dead for decades came out of the woodwork and played a role in the changing of the destiny of the country. Well, one of the PACs that have been working hard to get their voice heard is the End Citizens United movement.


This movement has been focusing on one piece of legislature that was signed into law in 2010, and one which has led to a lot of negative interference in the entire election process in the country. The law in questions has made it possible for super PACs to support the campaigns of their choice and as a result, groups such as the Koch brothers and others who deal with dark money are funding political campaigns, and as a result, they are getting a stake in the national decision-making processes. End Citizens United want to make sure that the interference of these groups in the politics of the country is kept to the minimum.


The team has been very dedicated to their campaigns for the Liberal candidates who they have been supporting. When they broke into the limelight, they had already raised $2 million to support various candidates of the Democratic Party who needed their assistance. They raised the amount to $30 million and were hoping that by the end of the campaign cycle, they would have enough backing to file a petition at the Supreme Court. To file a petition, one needs to have at least a million signatures so that an amendment to the constitution can be considered. They already have about 300,000 signatures. Their strategy was to join hands with the movement that is known as ‘Ready For Hillary’ to get the assistance they need in raising this number of signatures from 300,000 to a million. The movement has four million members, which makes the dream of the PAC a possibility.


Several political analysts have been looking at the move by the company as a little bit too ambitious. The group does agree that a lot will be needed to make an amendment a reality, but they reiterate that their main aim is to make sure that the public knows their options when it comes to these issues. They feel that this is an opportunity for Americans to Understand that despite how the elections turned out, they still have a voice.