Rocketship school scales the height of education

Rocketship School is a non-profit education center with the public elementary charter. It serves low-income earners who are limited to access better schools. The first Rocketship school was opened a decade ago in San Jose, California in a church basement. As a non-profit corporation, Rocketship`s mission is to build a scalable and sustainable school approach that enhances learner`s progress in unfortunate communities across the country.

Rocketship School`s teaching method is student centered and technology integrated to meet the needs of individual students. The school focuses in each learner so that to better the instructional goals of the students as per the student and family interests. Teachers spend their time helping each learn thoroughly.

Rocketship School engages parents in the learning process and the whole school at large. They make sure parents become educational advocates for their children. The school believes that personalizing learning starts from home. The school conduct annual home visits to enhance the personalized learning model.

Rocketship School builds parent leadership program so that families can demand political attention by holding leaders accountable and enabling high-quality public education systems thrives. Since Rocketship offers elementary education only it’s a must for parents to organize and fight for quality middle and high schools accessibility for their children.

The school values diversity. Rocketship School welcomes all children regardless of their ethnicity, religion, class, race or creed. The school has also diversified on the staffs helping the learners to ensure that they benefit from teacher diversity and experience different cultural ideologies.

The school has meaningful-inclusion model in that the students with disabilities are well catered for by the system. The school focusses on improving the kids’ state of mind and help them to discover and develop remarkable potential as they grow up in academic life. They don’t discriminate the special need kids rather they make them part of the learning community.

Preston Smith is the co-founder and the CEO of Rocketship Education. He started his career course as a teacher before becoming a principal. Just like every parent who wishes his kids goes to a world class school, Preston`s two children studies in Rocketship School.