About the Chainsmorkers

A much awaited new track was recently released by the band ‘The Chainsmorkers.’ Featuring Halsey and Andrew, the hit has come as an exemption to the other previous songs as it includes a new artist, Andrew.

Most dance music runs in genres that lack emotions and constitute drug-like euphoria. Pall and Taggart have the ambition to awaken these genres by releasing personalized songs that bear thoughts and feelings. The band is currently known internationally. A recent interview put on the table what the group is working on.

How Pall and Drew started working together

Alex Pall started off as a DJ. He worked in New York and after a time realized that his life revolved around dance music. His manager introduced him to Drew.

Andrew Taggart, a lover of electronic music, was a college student before he met Pall. DJ booking opportunities were presenting themselves around New York at his time, and he pursued the work for some time. He later left for New York from Maine when he learned that Alex was in search of a partner.

Whenever the two talked, it was almost all about their musical ambitions. They held meetups daily and soon became so bonded.

Drew is a talented producer while Pall has lots of DJ gigs which provided market socially. Bearing similar core values and having an internal drive towards their ambition has enabled the two always to move ahead.

About the band’s oncoming release

Bringing personalization to the unemotional genre means producing songs that are more about their personal life. The band’s next song is about hooking up with an ex-girlfriend. The idea came when Andrew and his friend Shawn frank coined up a story involving a party where someone rehooks with an ex-lover. It’s a unique step in the music industry and it is so because the band writes the lyrics to their own songs or aid the songwriters.

How working with Halsey has been.

Pall admits that the band always looks forward to working with artists who do not try to hide their character while producing a song. Her strong voice and unique approach to new things made her the band’s choice.

With an expanding audience, the band is faced with the expectation of delivering a lively and exciting show. Performing a live show has been their pride.