Glen Wakeman Works To Get Startups Past The Roadblocks That Are Keeping Them From Succeeding

Glen Wakeman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Launchpad Holdings LLC. where he helps startups get their ideas and plans off of the ground. Glen is also an entrepreneur, investor, and businessman in his own right who has years of experience leading companies towards success. Wakeman earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. He also received an MBA in Finance while studying at the University of Chicago. From 1985 through 2006, he worked with GE Money as the CEO of its Latin America operations, and while working there, lived in a spread of different countries. He also worked in South America, Asia, and Europe during his time with the company and served in the departments of business development, general management, country management, operations, technology, and regional management (Glenwakeman).

Glen Wakeman spent many years watching new startups work hard only to fail and scrap their plans. He co-founded Launchpad Holdings in order to help startups take the right path towards success rather than stumbling around in the dark with no idea what to do. He recognizes that there are many young entrepreneurs or companies in their early stages that have great ideas, but they fail to turn these ideas into palpable business plans that have a chance at getting financed. Without the knowledge to take an idea from concept to finish or the financing to get it off of the ground, most startups fail and never get off of the ground at all. This is where Glen Wakeman comes in, and it is his company, Launchpad Holdings, that provides businesses in their earliest stages with the tools and knowledge to become the next greatest thing.

Glen Wakeman recently revealed that one of his habits that make him a more productive entrepreneur is his curiosity. He has found that this one trait has allowed him to push through and solve problems as well as come up with innovative ways to satisfy his customers and clients. He has expressed that it is when he truly understands a subject from the inside out that he can take the necessary action needed to answer client’s questions or help them to get past the roadblocks that are keeping them stuck.