GoBuyside Is Acheiving Success With Unheard Of Search Parameters

The employment landscape started to evolve during the 1990’s when the internet was in the infancy stage. An employer no longer calls a talent recruitment agency to fill a position. The talent recruitment methods have changed along with the jobs due to the information age. One of the best known executive search firms in New York City is GoBuyside. The company has become a leader in the tech centric approach to recruiting talent by monitoring the job trends. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

The finance industry is experiencing a new trend. This the decentralization of positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states 24 percent of all employed individuals have completed work on the internet while at home in 2015. As time passes the location of the individual is becoming less important for employers. This means their hiring searches can be effectively broadened. This has ensured the hiring process is becoming more selective regarding the applicants available. As the amount of qualified applicants increases GoBuyside is using the results to provide firms with the highest quality of applicants.

GoBuyside is assembling applicants using the locational flexibilities. These applicants are exceeding the firm’s expectations. A search on a nationwide basis will bring in more applicants. These numbers are turned into stellar hires due to the proprietary screening process of GoBuyside. The company is using aggregated software and programs as well as people on the cutting edge. GoBuyside uses informational sites including social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to assemble information. Past applicants could choose the information they wanted potential employers to see. Current employers receive a much more holistic view.

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The project oriented and part time products are becoming normal within the financial industry. GoBuyside fills these short term hires by using applicant tracking systems, artificial intelligence and job boards online. More applicants are required for project oriented positions because the applicant must have experience with the type of work required. These roles enable applicants to be more flexible in regards to their abilities and talents.

GoBuyside works with private equity firms, advisory platforms, hedge funds, Fortune 500 companies and investment managers due to their 21st century hiring approach. Applicants are given the ability to make a connection with companies all over the world. Applicants have full control because their employment search no longer involves a headhunter. GoBuyside is different because of the breadth of their data points. Recruiters can find the data required about a firm in one stop. They are also aided by preparation materials in their hiring process.

A private equity firm associate recently discussed their experience with GoBuyside. The individual stated they were an analyst in investment banking at the time their profile was created. GoBuyside was instrumental in this individual gaining employment in private equity. The recruitment was easy due to the connection features, updates, confidential jobs and news. This associate is now responsible for the management of $12 billion in assets. GoBuyside is using search parameters nobody has ever heard of before. This enables them to screen and identify professionals to exceed the requirements of their clients. Follow GoBuyside on Linkedin.