Chris Burch Gives Back To His Community

As the owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Burch Creative Captital, Chris Burch understands the balue that giving can give to any person’s life. Surely someone who has been as successful as Chris can appreciated what charity can do for a society. Chris’ need to give back is only outweigh by his desire to succeed in whatever endevour is in front of him at the moment. He recently shared his thoughts on gift giving and where he draws the inspiration for certain gifts.

Chris usually gives gifts that come from companies that companies that he personally invests in, while other gifts are inspired by the places his career has taken him. Chocolates from two companies he is familiar with, Fatty Sundays and Pretzables, are always a sure hit to anyone who receives them. Chris also tends to purchase gifts that can have a real impact on the recipient while maintaining a certain sense of class. One such example is a jacket from one of his favorite clothiers, Barbour Gisburne. Giving is all about respect and admiration for others for Chris Burch.  Check

Chris Burch has nearly four decades of experience being an investor and entrepreneur. Fully understanding of what a little bit of hard work can do, Chris has helped over 50 successful businesses get off the ground. His firm is one of the most well-respected in the New York City area and much of that respect stems from the respect that Chris gives to others. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Burch has a wide range of experience in business from fashion to real estate. Additional article on

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Chris started his first business, Eagle Eye, with his brother Bob while studying at Ithaca College. He turned the apparel company into a business worth in excess of $160 million, which he later sold. His current clientele at Burch Creative Capital includes the highly successful entrepreneur and TV personality, Ellen DeGeneres. Chris is an active volunteer in his community and has served on the Boards of many non-profit institutes over the years.  Related article here.

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