Chris Burch’s Nihiwatu, The Pride Of Sumba Island

If asked where I would like to stay when on a vacation, I would choose a resort over hotels, any day. Particularly is it’s a five star resort like Nihiwatu. Unlike hotels, at resorts like Nihiwatu, you do not have to deal with the hustle and bustle of busy towns. The calm nature of resorts make you feel that you are indeed relaxed and have gotten away from it all. The spacious rooms and the scenic views are a bonus. If you are travelling to Indonesia on a vacation, consider staying at Nihiwatu.


Nihiwatu is a luxurious five star resort that is located on Sumba Island. The resort is owned by Chris Burch and the hotelier James McBride. Nihiwatu is nicknamed The Edge of Wilderness. In the past, this used to be a beach hostel owned by a couple from New Jersey. Chris Burch and his business partner bought the beach hostel in the year 2012 and began renovations. It cost them $30 and the resort was completed in the year 2015. Today, the resort is the largest employer in the Island and donates some of the profits to Sumba Foundation that works to improve lives of the destitute in the Island.


Spa Under A Waterfall

This a spa like you has never seen. It is located under a waterfall, and is serviced by some of the best masseuse in the country. Do you want to get your treatments as you watch the beautiful waterfall or would you rather have the treatments brought to your villa? It is all up to you to decide.

Horse Riding Stable

Horse riding is a great experience on its own. But when it comes to riding horses on a beach during the sunset, it becomes something else. This is true intimacy with nature. Having a double dose of the beautiful beach and also watching the sun set. I think that this is truly amazing.


Do you love surfing? If yes, Nihiwatu is the place to be. If you don’t know how to surf but are interested, you can learn at Nihiwatu. The resort offers transportation on boats or safari jeeps to Coconut Grove to learn how to surf.  Interesting article here.

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