ClassDojo: An EdTech Company Not Likely to Close Shop Soon

For many parents and teachers alike there is the common notion that the current education system is rather obsolete and in dire need of a facelift, if not a complete overhaul. Not only are changes required in the way children are taught in school, as many would agree, but also in the manner of interactions between students and their peers, their teachers as well as their parents. Apparently, ClassDojo has been at the helm of finding a remedy to all these maladies.

ClassDojo is intent on revolutionizing the classroom experience through the combined efforts of the parties concerned; teachers, parents and students. It is a company that believes in the tenet that education is not just the responsibility of teachers alone, but for it to be a successful endeavor even the students and their parents need to be actively involved.

Going with the current trend of software as a service, the ClassDojo App was created so that parents and teachers are kept in the know regarding the happenings in the classroom. Ideally, this should also work well for students who for one reason or the other might have missed a class session. Having begun in 2001, the ClassDojo Company comprises not more than fifty employees and specializes in education technology.

There are other companies which compete with ClassDojo in the education technology sector, but this has not kept ClassDojo from acquiring a clientele base that boasts of both charter and private schools nearly reaching the 100,000 mark. This implies that there are only 10% of the school districts that use other companies’ products.

The success of ClassDojo lies in the fact that the App was developed based on feedback the company got from the stakeholders, in essence becoming a solution to problems that teachers and parents faced previously. With its advent, the App precluded the need for the infernal parent-teacher meetings. Now the progress of students and their daily activities can be shared in real-time. Teachers easily adapt to ClassDojo because they are first consulted before the implementation of any new feature. This further cements the success of ClassdDojo.