David Giertz’s Experience Can Help you Retire Comfortably

David Giertz, considered one of the best experts on the retirement industry, recently did an interview where he answered questions about what a person when they secure.

Giertz was asked about how a person should secure a financially stable retirement. He thinks that the basic problem is that it ir hard to know how much money that a person needs to cover his or her whole retirement. Trying to save hie or her money in retirements accounts may not help to cover a person’s retirement financially. He or she may have think about using other income opportunities to help an individual in retirement.

Another question was about whether investment was worth it or not. He believes that a person should know how to invest it and what to invest in.

He believes that a person should know how much money that he needs to save by the time that a person’s retires. He believes that there is a formula to saving money. His formula is that he or she should save six times a his or her annual income by the time that he or she are 50 years old and then, for the next 10 years, it should be ten times his or her income.

He was asked about what the best retirement is and he believes that it should be a flexible one. He does recommend a Roth IRA because a person can withdraw their savings from this IRA without any penalties.

A person can trust his advice since he has been in financial services industry for the last 30 years. For the last three years, he has been the Senior Vice President at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He is also a President, Senior Vice President and Director for a variety of Nationwide companies.

As far as credentials, Millikin Universiry gave him a Bachelor of Science degree and he got an MBA from the University of Miami.

WABC has certified him as a business coach and FINRA has made him an industry arbiter.

David Giertz is a trusted man in the financial services industry and his advice should not be taken lightly.