Dr. Johanan Rand Customized Treatments And Cures

Dr. Johanan Rand is a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist that resides in West Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Johanan Rand also holds the distinguished honor of holding the role of president of the Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange, New Jersey. Certainly, this doctor has the necessary background to provide the highest quality of care to patients. His background includes extensive training at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Dr. Johanan Rand’s practice specializes in providing needed care to patients concerned about their weight or the aging process. Surely, the treatments offered to the doctor’s patients completely improved their quality of life.


Treatments Provided By Dr. Johanan Rand

The fact is that Dr. Johanan Rand provides customized treatments for his patients. The doctor realizes that one treatment plan does not fit all. Therefore, he works diligently to design a treatment program that will fit the patient and serve to improve their quality of life. Dr. Rand specifically focuses on new approaches to treating menopausal symptoms. Of course, this is a time in life when women face a number of health concerns that are directly related to menopausal symptoms. Some of the health concerns include hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure and fuzzy thinking. Dr. Johanan Rand has devised treatments that address this concern. Dr. Rand has also devised programs to address aging issues too, which include everything from addressing low libido, night sweats, and more.


Nutritional Studies

Dr. Johanan Rand has addressed several health issues very successfully. The doctor focuses on a nutritional process to heal a number of health complaints. This is the approach that Dr. Johanan Rand used in planning his HCG diet program. Dr. Rand suggests the HCG diet plan to patients that would like to lose the weight quickly, in a healthy fashion. The fact is that most people stop their weight loss plan because the results are not apparent or it takes too long to lose even a pound. However, Dr. Johanan Rand’s HCG diet plan promises weight loss up to a full pound a day. Many find this is an amazing diet plan that produces healthy results.