Entrepreneur Kingpin Chris Burch.

Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of a New York investment company Burch Creative company and has over forty years’ experience in investment and entrepreneurial skills. Chris implements the use of skills and financial practices in creating and supporting brands and businesses (prnewswire.com). Chris Burch has been part of the growth of over 50 companies and had his vision, and entrepreneurial value drives his company.

Chris has been part of the establishment of several international retail brands and has invested in others Chris is taking his entrepreneurial venture to another domain: hospitality. Burch has partnered up with James McBride who is a hotelier and bought a beach guesthouse located on the Indonesian island of Sumba. The infrastructure cost 30 million dollars to renovate the hostel and opened a five-star resort in 2015 called Nihiwatu.

The resort received an award in 2016 named as the best hotel in the world. Chris primary purpose of buying the hotel was for his children so that it can be preserved and given back to the community. Nihiwatu has turned out to be more than expected from the place. Chris Burch has his time split between staying at Miami, the Hamptons and spending time at Nihiwatu resort in Indonesia. The resort has a total of 27 private villas which includes Raja Mendaka which is Chris’s private home. The section is famous for the four additional villas around it and the private plunge pool.

Chris was born in March 1953 and began his success in the entrepreneurial market in 1976 as an undergraduate at Ithaca College. Chris invested 2,000 US dollars together with his brother Bob to establish Eagle Eye apparel company which grew to 165 million US dollars and sold it Swire Group. Mr. Chris was among the first investors in Internet Capital Group.

Chris Burch has been the president of the Pierre Hotel Board and the Rothman Institute of Orthopedic Foundation. Mr. Burch has been the primary contributor to funding research at the Mt. Sinai Hospital based in New York. Mr. Burch is a former board member of both the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.

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