Felipe Montoro Jens Speaks his Mind on Tackling Sanitation Problem in Brazil

Sanitation and proper hygiene is a bog issue in Brazil. Since cleanliness is a fundamental and essential requirement of any human being, the Brazilian government has struck a deal with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development i.e. BNDES to tackle the issue. To bring about better hygiene and sanitation, the government would be announcing of concessions. The private establishment Trata Brasil, which manages basic sanitation, will be actively involved in the project. In an interview with the infrastructure expert, Felipe Montoro, the Trata’s President Edison Carlos spoke at length about how the agreement would improve the sanitation problem and reduce water wastage. In the interview, he also threw light on the basic outline of the program.


Felipe Montoro highlighted water wastage as the primary cause of sanitation problem. Edison agreed with and emphasized how the partnership would effectively tackle the problem. He stated that the finance and latest technology available with the private sector and the wealth of experience available to the public sector would not only help each sector individually but would also contribute to reducing water wastage and bring about a significant improvement in all areas including management, structure as well as resources.


After conducting a survey of each state, the BNDS will come up with a unique plan for each state to address its unique problems and needs. The private sector would use its resources to tackle the issue pointed out by Felipe i.e. the water loss.


With his notable experience in the financial sector, Felipe Montoro commands high respect as one of the best brains available to the Brazilian financial niche. Many companies have scaled different growth heights under his leadership. In the past, he was the senior officer of investment on YouTube. Today, his talent is being utilized as the CEO of Energipar Captacao S.A.