How to Profit from College Basketball, According to Teddy Covers

The March Madness NCAA college basketball tournament is one of the most highly anticipated times in the betting calendar. There is so much money to be made during this season. Gamblers come together, and they exchange tips and trade odds of the expected wins. As is often the case, some pan out, others don’t.

Types of College Basketball

Spread Betting

Here, the odd makers place a specific numerical value to represent the winning chances by a particular team. The bet you place must be higher than the spread number given by the professional bookies for the bet to win. In case they want to bet on the underdog, they must then place a bet on a lower number than that set by the spread given by the odd makers.

• Money Line Betting

It is the simplest and the most straightforward type of bet. It typically involves picking or choosing the winning team.

• Over Under or Game Total Betting

This type of bet is considered by most seasoned gamblers to be the safest. Once you understand the past and the present track-record of a given team, it becomes easier to predict the final goal tally. In many gambling sites and platforms, the over is denoted by the initial ‘o’ in front of the match points the team is predicted to score. And, the under is given by a simple ‘u’. So you could find, two competing teams with this stat sheets: o100 -80 and u100 meaning, if the end-score would be 55-62 the ‘over’ winners would walk away with the money and vice versa.

College Basketball Prop Betting

For instance, they can predict the half-time results. They can bet on the performance of an individual player, or they can bet on the first yellow card and things like that.


Making fully-informed decisions bounded by clear rationale and logic is the best way to go about it. Teaming up with sports news disseminators like serves to increase the chances of success, drastically. Here, the gambler finds all the relevant and accurate info and stats to enable them to make a winning prediction. Here are some of the perks and rewards associated with relying on the website owned by the successful gambler, Teddy Covers:-
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