James Dondero; Man Behind Success of Highland Capital

The President and Co founder of the company named Highland Capital Management (HCM) is a successful financial advisor, James Dondero. He is an extremely talented man who is considered one of the bests at what he does. The company HCM has had a lot of success and is very well known in Texas. HCM was founded 24 years ago. It still provides best financial advice to its clients, and this is one of the main reasons behind its success.

Highland Capital Management offers many useful services to its clients. Mr. James Dondero looks over almost all the services related to the financial field. People come to HCM with all kinds of financial issues, and the company always provides them best solutions successfully. The company has not only helped big business with their financial needs but individual clients as well.

Mr. Dondero studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. He has Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant certificates as well.

Mr. James Dondero is absolutely brilliant in the finance field. He has more than 30 years of work experience in this field, and that’s what makes him a true professional. Mr. Dondero has worked with many companies during his professional career. Some of these companies were multinational as well. He is considered a true leader. He used his skills and abilities to lead the company HCM to grow rapidly. He is very passionate about his work and encourages his employees to work hard as well.

In addition to the company’s success, Mr. James Dondero has achieved a lot of individual awards during his excellent career as well. He got nominations for several awards by different companies and associations for his time at a company named, Protective Life GIC. Mr. Dondero used to work at this company before HCM. He was considered one of the bests at Protective Life GIC as well as he helped the company grow fast and achieve success. James Dondero worked very hard and transformed this company from being a simple financial advisory agency to a company that was worth $2 billion.