NuoDB is Powering The World

Since NuoDB has harnessed the power of cloud technology, this SQL database has completely wiped out the competition. Companies with large networks of computers absolutely love their software design as it makes things more efficient. This is why companies like

Over a decade ago, NuoDB started as a smaller SQL database project known as NimbusDB. This project received many rounds of funding after changing their name and it now has grown to be an international brand name with hosting companies.

NuoDB is the last SQL database that you will ever need since it is compatible with syntaxes and standard of other products. Databases from Microsoft SQL or Oracle SQL may even be imported to make the migration even easier. NuoDB also has their own powerful syntax to create powerful server infrastructures.

Cluster computing is at the base of NuoDB so large server networks may efficiently interact with each other. Other databases have been applied to computing clusters but their performance is far from optimal. NuoDB is the SQL database that has specific commands to work with clusters so that it can combine the computing power of the hardware so that more is better when it comes to adding servers to the network.