Roberto Santiago – The Man Who Has Braved the Storms of the Brazilian Mall Industry

Roberto Santiago is known for among many other things as one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. A look at his past and present accomplishments bring out a man who has always managed to brave whatever storm the world of business presents. Take for instance the fact that he has done exceptionally well in the Brazilian Mall Industry against all the odds.

The founder of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one year shy of 60 years – born in July 1958. The alumnus of Pio X-Marist College is also a graduate of University Canter of Joao Pessoa where he obtained a Business Administration degree. His academic background is perhaps one of the reasons why Roberto Santiago is such a successful Brazilian entrepreneur.

The legendary entrepreneur entered the world of business at a very tender age when he established a Cartonnage firm. Roberto describes this company as the foundation of his career life. The Cartonnage Company engaged in the designing and manufacturing of cardboard folding cartons used by a good number of companies that formed his customer base. At some point in his life, Roberto Santiago made a living as a blogger where he would write about the history of Brazil. He also engaged in film production.

He then ventured into real estate. He purchased a big piece of land in Joao Pessoa. In 1987, he started the construction of what has become one of the city’s crown jewels; The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Development of this iconic investment came to an end in 1989. The mall features a wide array of shopping options, a huge food court, a theatre, a rooftop concert hall, a fitness center, a robust gaming area, a college, and several banks as well. The majority of the city’s residents cannot go a day without visiting the mall. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping not only benefits the residents of Joao Pessoa but also individuals from all over Brazil.

For the last 20 years, Roberto has been looking into and implementing practical and profitable ways of bettering the Manaira Mall. For example, he has developed the mall into an attraction that motivates people throughout the region to come together for a day of engaging in activities such as shopping, entertainment and tasting fantastic food choices. Thanks to the development of Domus Hall, Joao Pessoa has managed to attract incredibly talented music groups – both Brazilian and international groups that wouldn’t otherwise have seen the need to visit the city. Domus Hall can comfortably accommodate a whopping 10,000 people with 4000 of them allowed to have seats. The state of the art hall is soundproofed to ensure that the music does not interfere with the activities on the other floors of the mall.

Roberto Santiago attributes his success as a businessman to virtues such as passion, commitment, and hard work. Whenever he gets the right platform, he advises young and aspiring entrepreneurs in Brazil and other parts of the globe to go out and make that first step towards actualizing their business ideas. Without a doubt, the city of Joao Pessoa is grateful to Roberto Santiago for the opportunity to enjoy amazing cultural, shopping and entertainment experiences.


Rocketship Education Gets Top Results on Test Scores

Rocketship Education is a brand new effort with an ideal concept that is working very well. Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public charter schools that are situated in low-income type neighborhoods. There are no excellent schools in the neighborhoods that Rocketship chooses to locate in.

The model that is used for Rocketship Education is called “Blended Learning.” The typical model that has been used for the past 100 years in schools is the large classroom model where 20 to 40 students are crammed into an English Class for example. The possibility of teaching any meaningful subject matter in a 45 minute class period to that many students is small given the time that must be spent keeping students quiet and paying attention. There is great drama in most classes of any size and teachers spend a good bit of their time disciplining students who aren’t interested anyway.

Rocketship Education uses their model called “Blended Learning” which takes segments of students and splits them up into small groups, digital learning groups, and one-on-one mentoring or tutoring sessions. It is a proven fact that smaller groups of 4 to 6 students cause better focus and attention from the students to occur and the digital learning, which is individualized causes total focus to happen. With a laptop and a headset the student receives information in the same way he or she is used to processing information anyway from their games and puzzles.

The one-on-one coaching or tutoring sessions give students a boost in their self-confidence because the concentration levels are way higher than a typical large classroom environment. The student has the opportunity to solve any difficulties in a more effective manner with a competent tutor listening intently who is able to give specific answers to questions.

The bottom line is that students learn more effectively when information is focused on what is relevant to what the student expects. Students like to learn, but it is important for them to know what use that learning will be used for. Students have lots of questions that show their interest. That is why the individual attention with Rocketship Education works so well.

Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, A True Cure For Cancer

In a world of ever-advancing technology, few industries garner as much attention than medicine, particularly developing vaccines and cures to all sorts of afflictions that have been incurable in the past, cancer being the most common. With visionaries such as Clay Siegall heading the drive, such remedies may become reality sooner than one would expect.

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seatlle Genetics, the largest biotec firm in Washington, and is pursuing the fight against cancer in a rather unique, yet familiar, way. Instead of the usual avenues such as chemo therapy or radiation, which can cause all kinds of horrendous side effects, Seatlle Genetics intends to go back to the basics and develop a cancer cure in the most iconic and recognizable form in the medical field, vaccinations which contain specialized antibodies specifically designed to destroy cancer cells, far safer than any alternate currently available.

The reception has been, as expected, very positive with many hoping that this breakthrough would elevate Seattle Genetics to a pharmaceutical company, which the biotech community sorely needs due to constant ups and downs in the industry and with Seattle Genetics on a steep growth trajectory, it could very well become that anchor the community hopes for.

Holding a Ph.D in Genetics from George Washington University, Clay Siegall also holds impressive prestige in the pharmaceutical industry, serving with multiple medical research institutes such as Bristol-Myers Squibb from 1991 to 1997 and National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991 before co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998. Under Siegall’s leadership Seattle Genetics eventually pioneered a widely diverse assortment of antibiotic cancer therapies. Siegall also did legwork for other aspects, such guiding Seattle Genetics’ capital-raising activities and finances, securing more than $675 million in company earnings.

Clay Siegall has proved his passion and dedication to his goal, taking part in far more responsibilities than many CEOs wouldn’t. This is also reflected in his company, which is fastidiously developing breakthrough after breakthrough until one day that cancer is as curable as the common cold. It may be a while yet, but Siegall intends to be there on the day a true cure for cancer is found.

Todd Lubar Contribution to Baltimore Real Estate

Many people thought that Baltimore’s population is dying, but it’s actually growing with the younger population and is expected to continue to grow. In this light, there seems to be a high demand for apartments and condominiums. Currently, there is a lot going on in Baltimore in regards to improving and expanding the city’s public transportation.

Baltimore metropolitan areas are also expected to grow faster because more people from suburban regions will be able to access the city to find work. Businesses are doing well in Baltimore, and more new businesses are expected to be launched soon.

Actually, the cost of living is expected to fall, and this will make Baltimore a more preferred place to live by those folks who cannot afford the high cost of living in Washington, D.C.

Tony Lubar

Tony Lubar joined the University of Syracuse in 1995 to pursue a degree in speech communication. After graduation, he got a job at Crestar Mortgage Company where he worked up to 1999. He then joined Legacy Financial Company and did extremely well. He played a big role in transforming Maryland Legacy Financial to a company with a unit production of over $100 million per year in loan volume. He also served as the vice President of Charter Funding for some years, where he continued with his work of helping people.

Today, Lubar is a renowned real estate guru who is interested in investing in Baltimore real estate industry. With his extensive knowledge in credit and finance and over twenty years of experience in real estate business, he is expected to be a great asset in the development of Baltimore real estate. Todd Lubar is currently the TDL Venture’s President, and he is interested in expanding the business to new opportunities. For more details visit Inspirery to see more.

There are also many real estate and demolition companies that Lubar owns and manages. What makes him to stand out among his competitors is his strong background on sales. Lubar is focused on helping the residents of Baltimore, including investors to transform the Baltimore to a 21st Century city.

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George Soros: Great World Mentor

George Soros was born and brought up in Hungary a town called Budapest. He was born into a Jewish family whereby his father Tivadar was a lawyer, and the mother was a business person. George Soro’s father was not happy with the fact that they were Jews and he had to secure documents to prove that they were Christians. This was also a defensive strategy because Jews used to be killed during the attack. He also ensured that he changes the name of the family from George Schwartz to George Soros. When he was only 13 years, Nazi Germany invades the Kingdom of Hungary, and they stopped Jewish children from attending schools. Soros had also been prevented, but his father changed the name to a Christian one. They had the heart of helping and they helped so many people by saving their lives during the historical war that their country faced and read full article.

In 1945, Budapest was attacked by Nazi group, and over 500,000 people were killed. That was when Soros was only 14 and 15 years. The experience taught him a lot of things and today happens to be among the richest men in the world. Also, he is the greatest philanthropist known in our history. He is believed to have donated more than $18 billion dollars in his ministry, and his chances of growth are still high. George Soros has been on the frontline pushing for equality and justice, good governance, and also accountable governments that respect democracy the rule of law. He survived world atrocities while he was a teenager, a reason that makes him push for better governance.

George Soros after things had settled in Hungary, decided to relocate or rather immigrate to London, England so he could join the famous London School of Economics for bachelors in Philosophy. At the School, he met the great philanthropist by name Karl Poppers who was his favorite tutor. He had limited income and thus had to work extra harder. He managed to study a degree and masters in philosophy from the University. He graduated with the masters in the year 1954. During his period at the University, he used to look for jobs there so that he could sustain his life at School. He was even employed as a bar waiter and also at the railways. He worked extra harder and did difficult jobs which he had to so that he could make it in life and learn more about George Soros.

After gaining the skills, George, like any other graduate relocated to the United States for career advancement. He wanted to specialize in finance and was lucky to get a job after few attempts. His experience was that of analyzing European Stock and later became a vice president at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder. That is when he started interacting with leading forex traders who mentored him. He was able to learn winning strategies and later decided to work independently. He quit the employment jobs to form Soros Fund Management which is today’s giant in hedge fund management.

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JHSF – Leader in Brazilian Real-Estate Sector under CEO José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a real estate company in Brazil that was established in 1972. The company has been dominating the Brazilian upscale real estate property development ever since. JHSF is responsible for the biggest real estate projects that are seen in major towns and cities in Brazil. Most of their projects are in Sao Paulo, Manors, and Salvador. JHSF have for units that deal with property development acquisitions and management. They are; hotels and restaurants Fasano, offices, executive airports and shopping centers. JHSF have built the largest shopping malls in Brazil that have even subways incorporated into the projects.

JHSF have remained top of the game by ensuring that they come up with innovative ideas that will enable them to dominate the real estate market. Most of their projects that they are coming up in recent times are projects aimed at generating recurring income. They realize that only through being innovative and creating sustainable projects will help them stay ahead of any other company in the region. JHSF have been on a mission to expand its business reach to beyond Brazil. In the recent years, they have been penetrating the Uruguay and United States real estate sectors. The dream of the JHSF management is to have projects in almost every major city in the world.

JHSF have been able to establish itself as the leader in the development of high-end property that is meant for the high-income earners in the society. They have also established themselves as an authority in the development of shopping centers in the country. Some of the biggest shopping centers in the country have been through the work of JHSF. JHSF have also penetrated the retail shopping sector. They have been partnering with prestigious brands to open stores in their shopping centers. They have partnerships with companies like Valentino who have opened stores for their Valentino brands.

José Auriemo Neto is the chief executive officer of JHSF since 2003 and has been the power behind the success of the real estate company. He joined JHSF in 1992.

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Chris Burch as a Professional Entrepreneur and a Marketing Genius

Christopher Burch is the Chief Founder and director of Burch Creative Capital. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has been in the field in the last forty years investing in many industries across the globe. Faena Hotel + Universe, Voss Water and Jawbone are major luxury brands that he has contributed to their existence.

Mr. Burch started his investment when he was still an undergraduate student in 1976. His brother Bob challenged him when they invested 2,000 dollars together in a business that grew to an average of 165 dollars in Eagles apparel business. This business sharpened Mr. Burch to be creative and innovative.   Refer to for an additional article.

After apparel business’ success, Christopher Burch was in a position to invest in many domestic and international companies in various places including Palm Beach, Florida and Southampton among others. In recent times, Mr. Burch has acquired a luxury resort known as Sumba in Indonesia Island.

In 2011, C. wonder was established by Mr. Burch, which dealt with accessories and décor retailing. Chris Burch later sold the company to Xcel Brands. He partnered with ED by Ellen DeGeneres, which led him to launch Cocoon9 among other great technologies. He has further supported other retail businesses, home furnishings, technology industries, organic food, Blink Health, Soludos, and Chubbies among others.  Read additional info about him here.

Christopher Burch was once the president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He has managed to show up in the survival of NYU Langone, the Henry Settlement, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Sumba Foundation. He is an entrepreneur with great skills and experience in fashion, real estate and technology. Burch Company is boasting of a number of brands including Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, Poppin and Ed DeGeneres.  Visit the website and learn more about the company, click

Chris Burch is versioned into leaving a legacy, as he is dedicated into unleashing his best while still alive. He intends to be an example to others who want to venture into business in future. He is a man who is innovative, dedicated and determined about the future. He has strong interest in hotels, fashion industry, resorts and real estate. Chris has gone beyond his career and ventured into international hotelier and philanthropy. This does not mean that he has not struggled to get this far; his achievements are a showcase of his struggle.  Additional article to read on

Chris Burch has helped more than fifty companies to thrive and operate effectively. He advises businesspeople that business needs a person who is decisive and discerning. Chris believes that customer relation is very vital for any business success. He is a brand entrepreneur and a marketing genius who does not give up.  For update on his recent timeline activities, hit

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Talkspace Made For People That Live In Today’s World

These days the most popular way we as a people communicate is online. Whether it be through social media sites or blogging. CEO Oren Frank co-founded Talkspace in 2012 with the the goal of making Psychotherapy more affordable and easier to access. Most of us use online social sites as a form of therapy. However in venting out our problems how many are really there helping us to get through it really? Not to mention the stuff we post on social media sites or while blogging is never confidential. Talkspace has licensed professional therapist literally at your fingertips. These professional therapist are not there to judge you. They are there with one purpose in mind, to help you obtain a healthy mental status. Over 500,000 people have already started using Talkspace. The cost is cheaper and more convenient for you to attend sessions. No more having to drive to their office, with the thought in mind that you could potentially be spotted by a friend who happens to be driving by at the time. There is nothing wrong with taking action when it comes to your mental health, and there is no shame in receiving help to obtain the highest level of a healthy mind. Its just now you can receive therapy without having to be closed in within four walls, wondering if the people in the next office could hear what you are talking about. You can enjoy talking out your problems at the beach, on a boat, or even coming from work. Everything is confidential, and with licensed professionals with the only goal of helping you achieve a healthy state of mind, you can assure your emotional and mental state will be in the best possible care.

Chris Burch Helped People Realize What They Needed

Since Chris Burch was young, he was working on businesses. He wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age so he did what he could to get to that point. He also wanted people to know what he could do to make his business better. Even though he started out in construction and watching his father in construction, he knew that was not what he wanted to do for a long time. It was his goal to eventually own his own business. In his recent article, he talked about all the ways he would work as an entrepreneur while he was growing up.  Read his shared views and insights here.

While Chris Burch was in college, he was working on selling things that would help him to make money. He started selling sweaters so he would have a chance to try different things on his own. He wanted to sell things that people needed and that’s what gave him the chance to truly be successful in every way possible. It was the ideas he had that helped him to become the business person that he currently is. No matter what he did, he was always a success because he knew what people needed and how they wanted their things.  Refer to for more reading.

For Chris Burch, the most logical thing after selling sweaters was to start a fashion company. That’s where Tory Burch came from. Chris Burch knew he would need to make a name for himself so he branded his company as Tory Burch. The company is now extremely successful with iconic shoes, clothes and accessories that are found all around the world. If Chris Burch had not been successful as an entrepreneur, he may not have had the chance to try and make things work for his own company. Tory Burch may have never happened if he didn’t do things the right way while working as an entrepreneur. Additional article on

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Things consistently change in the fashion industry and Chris Burch knew that. He wanted people to know what he was doing so he would have a chance to try different things.  Check  He also wanted to make sure everyone knew what they would be able to do. Because of this, he decided to go even further into luxury. By finding out things like the right way to open a luxury resort, Chris Burch was preparing himself to make the resort. He is now helping people who have different budgets take a luxury vacation.  Read more about his resort on

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David Giertz’s Experience Can Help you Retire Comfortably

David Giertz, considered one of the best experts on the retirement industry, recently did an interview where he answered questions about what a person when they secure.

Giertz was asked about how a person should secure a financially stable retirement. He thinks that the basic problem is that it ir hard to know how much money that a person needs to cover his or her whole retirement. Trying to save hie or her money in retirements accounts may not help to cover a person’s retirement financially. He or she may have think about using other income opportunities to help an individual in retirement.

Another question was about whether investment was worth it or not. He believes that a person should know how to invest it and what to invest in.

He believes that a person should know how much money that he needs to save by the time that a person’s retires. He believes that there is a formula to saving money. His formula is that he or she should save six times a his or her annual income by the time that he or she are 50 years old and then, for the next 10 years, it should be ten times his or her income.

He was asked about what the best retirement is and he believes that it should be a flexible one. He does recommend a Roth IRA because a person can withdraw their savings from this IRA without any penalties.

A person can trust his advice since he has been in financial services industry for the last 30 years. For the last three years, he has been the Senior Vice President at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He is also a President, Senior Vice President and Director for a variety of Nationwide companies.

As far as credentials, Millikin Universiry gave him a Bachelor of Science degree and he got an MBA from the University of Miami.

WABC has certified him as a business coach and FINRA has made him an industry arbiter.

David Giertz is a trusted man in the financial services industry and his advice should not be taken lightly.