IC Systems leads the way in security

IC Systems is an accounts receivable company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. IC Systems was founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson. The company is still owned and operated by the Erickson family. When IC Systems was originally founded the goal was to provide customers with ethical and honest service, and that is still IC Systems objective.

IC Systems has proven to be one of the most secure collection agencies in the industry.

IC Systems utilizes many tools to maintain the trust of their customers. IC Systems continues to strive to use all the newest technology in their field. IC Systems begins by providing all of their employees extensive training in all areas of the job. IC Systems follows all regulatory and compliance standards in the industry. IC Systems is licensed and/or bonded in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. They lead the industry in being able to provide collection services in all 50 states and territories. IC Systems knows how important this step is their customer.

IC Systems strives to be the most trusted provider of receivable accounts. Their Compliance Risk Management System is an important part of the company. In addition to the extensive training all employees receive, all incoming accounts are validated. All accounts must be clearly documented. Each account is also audited as part of the Compliance Risk Management System. IC Systems maintains an Internal Audit Committee to oversee this process.

IC Systems realizes the importance of data security, and is data security compliant. IC Systems completes the most stringent audits on all of its data security compliance. IC System has a thrid-party specialist come in and complete the audits. The audit is completed on their entire network,not just a portion of the network.

IC System has earned a reputation as one of the most secure collection agencies because of all the safeguards they have in place.

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Jorge Moll’s contribution to neuroscience and neurology.

Jorge Moll is currently the Director of D’Or Institute for Research and Education. He is also part of the governing board of the firm. The company is best known for its advancement in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist and a neurologist. He is also highly experienced in behavioral neuroscience, prefrontal cortex, and mortality. Jorge Moll attended Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro for his masters’ degree. He also obtained his Ph.D. in Experimental Physiopathology. This he received from the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz da Universidad de Sao Paulo.

Jorge Moll is a senior researcher and head of the cognitive neuroscience unit and neuroinformatics workgroup. He was elected as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences in 2008. He was also selected as a member of the board of governors of the International Neuroethics Society. He has been awarded severally during his career including; Visiting Scholar Award, Research Fellow NIH Award, D’Or Institute for Research and Education Award among others.

Recently, a study was done by the IDOR which showed the neural basis for social need behavior in the in-group attachment (Ideamensch). Jorge Moll state that most human beings have different accessories to the culture this, therefore, brings the importance of the study of neural basis. A group of soccer fans was studied using the fmR machine. It captured their brain activities vividly to understand the neural events that led to motivation and decisions made among members of the same social group. Another study was done to see if participants would choose to obtain money for themselves or be given to. This was done by the participants squeezing a pressure device which they hand-held during the experiment.

The results of the donation experiment showed that an average of the participants preferred donating anonymously to fans of their soccer teams than those who are not fans. Other participants prefer obtaining the money themselves. The analyses showed that during the experiment, the medial orbitofrontal cortex; a brain part which is paramount for subjective value of choices given, showed increased activity (https://gazetteday.com/2018/04/jorge-moll-discovers/). Jorge Moll and his fellow researchers wanted to understand the medial orbitofrontal cortex connection to other parts of the brain.


Stansberry Research Exposes Recent Berkshire Hathaway Weaknesses

Warren Buffett is the most revered investor of all time. His investment vehicle, Berkshire Hathaway, has a remarkable overall record. However, the success of a investor comes down to the numbers, and Buffett should be judged impartially by his numbers. However, the mainstream media seems to be letting its respect for Buffett keep it from reporting his current numbers.

As reported by the founder of Stansberry Research, Porter Stansberry, in recent years Berkshire Hathaway has not performed as well as it could have.

Buffett is known for investing in a number of popular consumer companies such as Coca-Cola and Gillette. He has also bought insurance companies, such as Geico, especially property and casualty companies such as National Indemnity, that have large profit margins. However, he seems to have abandoned this model to the detriment of Berkshire Hathaway. For decades, Buffett profited by using the cash float from the insurance companies to buy well-managed, successful businesses.

However, beginning in 2003 Buffett deviated from this strategy to instead buy regulated companies that needed a lot of capital. He has also spent money on airlines and General Motors. They just don’t have the return on investment Buffett used to require.

Porter Stansberry founded Stansberry Research in 1999 to help ordinary investors gain an edge in the market. He calls the facts as he sees them. If Buffett has not been beating the S&P 500 in recent years, he hasn’t. That’s why Stansberry Research analyzed Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings. Many investors not only look up to Buffett, they try to duplicate his results by copying what he invests in. He has a record for finding winners, but his recent sale of IBM shares demonstrates he can make mistakes (Premiergazette).

The company’s headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland. It publishes a variety of newsletter and investment advisory services. They have over 500,000 subscribers to their various projects, including 70,000 subscribed for life. Their goal is to educate people who manage their own portfolios they invest the most profitable yet safest assets in the markets (https://stansberryresearch.com/archive/stansberry-digest). Their newsletters are written by a variety of investment advisers who work hard analyzing the markets.


Vijay Eswaran Supports Emerging Entrepreneurs

Eswaran is a prominent Malaysian entrepreneur who doubles as a philanthropist, author and business leader. Also serving as the head cheerleader of QI Group of Companies, he leads the conglomerate that oversees real estate, education and other viable businesses across more than thirty countries.

Background Information

Growing up in the monarchical state of Malaysia, Eswaran was brought up by a very modest family of well-educated parents. To support this family, he worked as a taxi driver. This is clear indication that he did not have the luxury to enjoy youth like his peers. With the proceeds he made from the taxi business, he funded his college education in London where he majored in accounts and business administration. Shortly after graduating, he landed a job working as systems manager for more than one company in South-East Asia. He extended his services across North America as well.

Establishing QNET

In 1998, the Asian financial crisis had a negative impact on several businesses. Eswaran took advantage of the situation by creating a direct-selling firm that utilized a revolutionary amalgamation of e-commerce that became QNET. In one year, the company joined some of the state’s supporters of connecting emerging entrepreneurs. Until now, the company has expanded its operations in Africa and South-East Asia.

Supporting Emerging Business Professionals

While Vijay Eswaran is into business and garnering extensive profits, he also values the well being of people who aspire to succeed in business. For entrepreneurs especially, he involves himself with V-Convention, one of the industry’s motivational as well as training and networking programs that accommodates up to 15,000 upcoming entrepreneurs and project managers.

Diversifying Business

Over the years, Ewaran diversified his business welfare by establishing QI Group of Companies that oversees several business units in real estate, hospitality, education ans retail industries. For him, leadership the success of these businesses is attributed to excellent leadership. However, he is not just a leader in business as he dedicates most of his time to help the less fortunate by sharing 10% of his revenue with them.

Helping Business Professionals

In helping entrepreneurs across the world, Eswaran addresses different audiences including Indian business professionals, Malaysian entrepreneurs, and Singapore and South African business leaders. In such functions, he is graced with several slots to share his mantra for success.

Life Lessons from Eswaran

Eswaran has been through tremendous transitions in life. Growing up in difficulties, he did not allow the impending challenges to get in his way. Instead, he utilized the resources around him to achieve success in real estate. As such, he advises people to cultivate useful virtues in life.

Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: http://bookmarketingbuzzblog.blogspot.com/2018/02/author-interview-with-vijay-eswaran.html

Jason Hope donates big to anti-aging efforts

As one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona, Jason Hope has been at the forefront of the development of some of the most important industries in the technological space over the last 20 years. After having graduated from Arizona State University with a master’s degree in business administration, Hope quickly went on to stake his own claim in the business world. This resulted in the creation of one of the first-ever premium mobile content streaming providers, predating the similar systems created by Apple and Google by more than 10 years.

But Hope was also involved in a wide number of other highly successful startups. These included the creation of business-to-business software, app development as well as many other technological solutions. Now, Hope has largely stepped back from the day today details of running his own tech empire. He now dedicates much of his time to his philanthropic efforts as well as blogging and writing articles for various tech outlets on the role that technology plays now and will play into the future.

One of the most important things that Hope has been intimately involved in over the last 10 years has been his philanthropic pursuits. Recently, Hope announced that he had donated more than half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation, one of the most forward-looking medical research institutions in the world. The SENS Foundation is dedicated to finding cures for many of the diseases that are related to the aging process. Additionally, the SENS Foundation seeks to find ways to prevent the aging process from taking hold at all, potentially leading to the ability for people to indefinitely stave off the worst effects of the aging process.

It was announced by Hope that the bulk of the donation will go towards atherosclerosis research. Although atherosclerosis is one of the deadliest diseases in the United States today, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives each year through its downstream effects of heart attack, stroke and organ damage, Hope believes that the underlying causes that lead to atherosclerosis in the first place are related to other ailments that are associated closely with senescence.

Hope believes that by understanding the inflammatory response that lies at the heart of the atherosclerotic process that many other diseases that share common biomolecular roots will be able to be treated far more effectively in the future.

Learn More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Equities First Holdings news on shareholding loans

Equities First Holdings is a shareholding loans firm that is among the fastest growing financial institutions in the world. The firm was first established in 2002 in Indianapolis. Over the years, it has opened branches in other locations across the globe. Equities First Holdings is today a leading form in the financial sector because it implements programs that resonate with a majority of the people looking for financing options. Shareholding loans are far much better than any other loans that one may be looking for. The interest rates that these loans attract are too low and therefore has no effect on the overall development of the business one is financing. The interest rates are also fixed, making them easy to repay. One does not have to struggle with fluctuating interest rates which affect their ability to repay the loan. Equities First Holdings rates are far much better than what commercial banks are giving.

Chris Burch Helps People See How They Can Enjoy Life

Chris Burch knows a lot about businesses and how he can help in different businesses. He spent a long time trying to help people and giving them the opportunities they were searching for (bjtonline.com). Since Chris Burch knew what he wanted to do, he was prepared for anything that could happen to different companies. He also prepared to show people things would get better and they could use them to make their own careers better than what they were in the past. Chris Burch likes to help people and likes them to realize they can enjoy life without spending millions of dollars doing it (medium.com).

As long as Chris Burch knows how to give attention to issues he has going on in the industries, he feels good about the work he does. He has spent a long time trying to come up with positive opportunities and all that he does goes back to working in the right industry. For Chris Burch, the business world only gets better as he continues to help people and show them what they can do to have a better. He wants everyone to understand how everything gets better and how they can make things easier on their own.

For Burch, the point of the business is to give back. People don’t always realize what they can experience from just a little luxury, but Chris Burch knows it will make sense to help people get that luxury. He also knows there will be opportunities he can use to make his own life better. Even when he started working toward a better future for those who took advantage of the business, Chris Burch prepared to help them. He wanted everyone to know what he was doing and how the company would grow if they continued shopping there and trying to do things the right way.

More to read on https://ideamensch.com/chris-burch/

By looking at the right opportunities for businesses, Chris Burch prepared to help everyone with the issues they faced. He always wanted people to know how they could get better and how his business would help them. With Nihiwatu, people can visit a resort. The resort has so many options they can take advantage of. It also comes at a price point that is affordable to most. People don’t have to try hard to ensure they have the right price on everything in the resort. Chris Burch made sure everyone knew he made the resort for every budget.

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For Internet Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Jason Hope, finding a cure for Diabetes, Alzheimers and other diseases is a personal quest for him and SENS.org.

Jason Hope may not be a household name in term of wealthy industrialists, tech company CEOs or hedge fund managers, but he is a person who believes firmly in technology and its future applications in medicine and other ventures.

Hope is an Internet marketing expert, futurist, and philanthropist who donates money to many communities in Arizona. Hope also believes in contributing to anti-aging projects. Hope wants to help find a cure for chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s and other chronic diseases.

In terms of philanthropy, Hope has spent a good bit of his time making charitable contributions to important causes and organizations. One of the men involved in a reason that Hope supports, predicts that there are children born today that could live to 1,000 years old based on the cutting edge research that is being conducted today. That man’s name is Aubrey De Grey or Dr. Grey for short.

On Jason Hope’s website, he provides a section for college students as well as high school seniors to submit their idea. Jason Hope notes on his site that he review submissions from them all, but only chooses the ones that he believes are exceptional. Hope also remarked that he decides which submissions will receive contributions of $500 to 5 thousand dollars.

In addition to endowing grant money to young and aspiring entrepreneurs, Jason Hope’s more extensive philanthropic endeavors involve the non-profit, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescience Research Foundation (SNES). SNES is fully engaged in regenerative medicine and research. SENS.org was co-founded in 2009 by Kevin Perrott, Aubrey de Grey, Michael Kope, Jeff Hall, and Sarah Marr. In December of 2010, Hope contributed $500 thousand to SNES. Because of Jason Hope’s tremendous gift, the non-profit organization was able to expand into new research areas and found a new research laboratory at Cambridge University.

Concerning motivation and quotes, Jason Hope believes in the wise words of entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari Gaming company. Basically, it is critical to get going and do something. A lot of people have really great ideas, but only a few make the decision to do something about those ideas today. Hope also quips about success and business ownership that the actual entrepreneur does.

Regarding his education, Jason Hope earned his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. His major was in Finance. He also received his MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

For More info: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

Rodrigo Terpins in Retail and Racing

Rodrigo Terpins started up a career in business before he added off-road rally driving to his resume. He has been an active part of the retail industry in Brazil for many years and for the past decade he has also been establishing a career in off-road rally driving alongside his younger brother, Michel Terpins.



Up to date, on the business front, Rodrigo Terpins is a part of the Marisa Stores S. A., and he is working at the Control Block division. Earlier in his career, Rodrigo Terpins co-founded the business of the Brazilian Textile RetailAssociation also known as the ABEIM.



Other than business, Rodrigo Terpins is strongly involved in philanthropy and contributing to various causes. He has been working with the company Floresvale for a few years now a Partner. In his role, Rodrigo Terpins has committed a lot to the business and its efforts to create environmental and sustainable reforestation.



Rodrigo Terpins often drives on behalf of charitable organizations and to raise awareness and money for various causes. He says that he has the best off-road rally drives when he is doing it to help other and organizations. For more info you can visit terra.com




In business, Rodrigo Terins has taken strongly after his father, Jack Terpins who is also working in business and is a leader of a sports organization. Jack Terpins used to be a basketball player, playing professionally on a Brazilian team. He later started working at a sports organization striving to raise the quality of sports services for athletes. Now, Jack Terpins is leading a company.



The younger brother of Rodrigo Terins is also into off-road rally driving. For Michel Terpins, the sport is a passion and his calling in life. He is a huge fan of the Sertoes Rally and takes part in the off-road rally even almost every single year. Together with his older brother, the two make up the Bull Sertoes Rally Team and often take part in it together. You can checkout mundoraiam.com for more details.




Last year the team finished among the seven fastest and would have finished even higher if one of the cars had not experienced mild technical difficulties.



Reference: http://chamatcha.com.br/newsdino/?releaseid=123602

How Graham Edwards Is Prepared To Guide Telereal Trillium Through Brexit

The Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) launched a new initiative in November 2017 called New Generation. The goal is to provide a new space which will result in new points of view on various issues. As there is only one more year to go until Brexit occurs they want to generate policy ideas for what Britain will look like post-Brexit.

CPS recently established four major policy programs that will focus on housing and planning, welfare, tax and cost of living, and business and enterprise. They want to help people feel like they have a genuine stake in society and that they are in control of their own lives.

These four programs will be watched over by Alex Morton who is the director of Field Consulting. The tax initiative will be handled by Tom Clougherty while Rachel Wolfe and the organization Public First will team up on the welfare aspect. Graham Edwards will oversee the housing programs. Who will be heading up the enterprise and entrepreneurship programs will be announced soon.

Telereal Trillium is a property development firm which has a big stake in what happens after Brexit. This company is managed by its Chief Executive Officer Graham Edwards Telereal. His company is one of Britain’s biggest property development firms with over £6 billion worth of properties. This company was established in 2001 and Graham Edwards has been the CEO since that time.

When Telereal Trillium was founded Graham Edwards had negotiated a 30-year partnership with British Telecom, at the time called BT Plc. Through this partnership Telereal Trillium purchased 6,700 properties from British Telecom. Another major transaction he handled was in January 2009 when he purchased Trillium from its then owner, Land Securities Group Plc.

Prior to becoming the CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards was the CIO for Talisman Global Asset Management. He had also worked for Merrill Lynch Investment Management for a number of years where he was a fund manager. During his time with this firm he had also worked for their BT Group Plc. where he headed the finance department.