Doe Deere – An Inspiring Woman Behind the Success of Lime Crime Cosmetic Brand

Starting a new business is challenging for sure, but rewarding as well. There are many things that a person needs to take care of before starting the business because as per the reports, not many businesses run as successfully as the entrepreneurs planned. Few things that the people who start their own business need to take care of are finances, business strategy, and undying passion for the business. Having these few things in order and following the footsteps of other successful people in your niche would certainly ensure that you can kick start the business in the right direction. Every new business would come across few challenges in their initial period, and it is the capability of the business owner that would decide how soon and efficiently it can get out of these difficulties and struggles. Learn more:



One of the entrepreneurs in the beauty and cosmetic world name Doe Deere, who is the founder and owner of Lime Crime, a line of beauty products, is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs today. Doe Deere has always been interested in the beauty industry and was well-known in her circle for being passionate about all things makeup. It is this passion that she used efficiently to start a beauty products line, which has become hugely popular among the people. Few of the products that Lime Crime cosmetics sell are lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes, and more. The Lime Crime beauty products are known to be cruelty-free products and for its bright and beautiful colors, which has become particularly popular among the younger audience. Doe Deere established lime Crime in the year 2004, and since then the company has come a long way. The success she has achieved personally in the beauty industry as well as how she has made Lime Crime a well-known cosmetic brand is an awe inspiring journey. Learn more:



Doe Deere says that it is important for the entrepreneur to be passionate about the niche in which they are starting a business. However, she says that passion in right mixture with the understanding of the industry and market trends would help in creating a sustainable business strategy. Doe Deere says that when running your own business, one has to be patient as in most of the cases, the results would not start to be visible immediately. And, to be fair, it might take a considerable amount of time for the positive results of all the hard work you poured into the business to start showing up. Doe Deere says that it is important to write all that you need to consider before you initiate the business and take the plunge to ensure clinical precision in what you are doing. Learn more:



Doe Deere is named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by the famous Self-Made Magazine. She was born in Russia and later moved to the United States where she grew in the New York City. Doe Deere, even after achieving tremendous success over the years hasn’t become complacent and continues to find new ways to meet the expectations of the consumers by creating innovative beauty products through her brand, Lime Crime. Learn more:



Various Features Of ClassDojo

The learning app ClassDojo is considered cool by the students. Hence they love to use it! Besides, they wish to show their parents what all they are learning and doing at school. ClassDojo allows them to do just that and much more. Now teachers, students as well as parents are working together in order to make the time of students in school worth each minute.

Due to these reasons, ClassDojo is being used actively in 90% of the K-8 schools in the US alone. Besides, it is being used in 180 countries besides the US. Among the US kids aged 5-14, Growth Mindset and Empathy has been learned by 1 among 3 kinds through ClassDojo. Due to its popularity, it has been translated into over 35 languages. Its popularity is also due to the fact that 20% of the team that has created it comes with a teaching background.

It is making a huge difference in the classroom. This is where the teachers, as well as students, build the classroom culture. This is done by choosing skills as well as values. It will include creativity and teamwork. Besides, ClassDojo helps to share the progress with each other. This is why classroom is where teachers and students are building an incredible classroom culture.

ClassDojo allows teachers, parents, as well as school kids, to message each other instantly. There is no need to share phone numbers or their contact details with each other. It is possible to translate these messages into 35 different languages. The teachers can set “Quiet Hours” too when they would not be available for the parents.

There are stories being created here. This is done by updating streams of pictures as well as videos from the day at school on an instant basis. This story can be shared with parents at home.

Happy and Healthy Dogs Crave Beneful Grain Free

Beneful Grain Free is formulated with natural ingredients that support young and mature dogs of different breeds. Farm-raised chicken is the main meat in this signature product. About 25 percent of each serving includes crude protein that builds lean muscle in canine pets. Since it does not have any grains at all, this food is unlikely to cause weight gain. Instead of stocking up on carbohydrates, dogs should consume plenty of raw fat and protein.

Beneful Grain Free also contains multiple vitamins and nutrients that maintain healthy bones and muscles. Such key ingredients are beneficial to puppies as well as aging pets. Some other unique additions to the product include blueberries and pumpkins, which provide a hint of sweetness. Shredded spinach also enhances the fiber content in this dry dog food. Beneful Grain Free is essentially a gourmet meal for dogs that are very active and playful on a daily basis.

In a League of his Own

In a 2011 sports survey CBS of over 100 college basketball coaches, Yanni Hufnagel was voted “the most promising assistant coach from a mid-major school who will make it big time due to his recruiting ability”.

Born August 26, 1982, Yanni Hufnagel didn’t come from the prototypical basketball stomping grounds. As a young high school teen he was known for his acumen playing Lacrosse. In fact, he was actually cut from his high school basketball team as a junior.

Nevertheless Yanni pushed on, and soon landed a color commentating position at a local TV station, where he would analyze games for his high school.

Yanni Hufnagel got his first big break while interning for the NBA’s New Jersey Nets one summer. He soon after became a graduate assistant coach with the Oklahoma Sooners men’s basketball program. During his time there, Yanni worked extensively with a young standout named Blake Griffin. Hufnagel is credited in many basketball circles for Griffin’s development into arguably one of the most dominating college basketball players of all time.

Yanni’s innate coaching and recruiting talents landed him at Harvard in 2009, where he was assistant coach under the young legendary Tommy Amaker. A couple of years later Yanni Hufnagel was recognized among the best and brightest young coaches. Many saw him as the most passionate recruiter in college basketball! So it was no surprise when he helped propel Harvard into the 2013 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tourney.

Following the tournament berth, Yanni Hufnagel was selected to coach at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, but he declined. Yanni instead opted to take an assistant coaching job with Vanderbilt, where he helped the Commodores build one of the most talented recruiting classes in the nation. Yanni soon left for California-Berkeley, where he helped recruit future NBA prospects Jaylen Brown and Ivan Robb.

Yanni Hufnagel’s raw passion for coaching and player development is rarely seen. His keen eye for scouting talent is highly respected in the basketball community. And as his track record shows, he’s sure to be a huge asset to any men’s basketball program.

Omar Boraie Reclaims New Brunswick’s Real Estate Industry from Plunge

It is said that imagination precedes knowledge, for it is limitless. If that statement is anything to go, then Omar Boraie is has been able to translate the wildest imagination to its physical reciprocal. Forty years ago, he saw the hidden potential in New Brunswick, and the Mr. Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant, envisioned a city of deluxe residential developments. To that effect, his latest real estate development project has been the construction of a high-rise, residential building.

Inspired from his scholarship excursions in Europe, he imagined a city that could be comparatively mentioned amongst Europe’s modern cities. Perturbed by the state of real estate industry in New Brunswick, be begun his plan through his company, Boraie Development LLC. Since then, his cynical peers have awed to the tremendous change he has brought to the city.

His plan began with the acquisition of all the twenty-one structures, initially constructed in the area. Afterward, in the 80s, he began the construction of the first building between, Tower One, which was intended for office space. In 2003, he constructed the second tower.

Despite the milestone, Mr. Boraie saw the need to add another deluxe residential condominium that towered above both the preceding two. The building has one hundred, twenty-one residential units with prestigious amenities. They include; a garage and an amazing parking lot, outdoor spaces for barbeques and pavement for dog walking. For more details visit Crunchbase

Today, New Brunswick City has transformed into a bustling city with sophisticated building structures. The sophistication was incorporated in the development prospects to conform to the current needs of homebuyers. According to the article published via Central Jersey Working Moms, Aspire apartments, the most luxurious rental building by Boraie Development LLC, has lash studio apartments for a rental fee of $1,650.

About Boraie Development LLC

Established in 1986, Boraie Development LLC has its headquarters in Albany St, New Brunswick city. It is a real estate firm, dedicated to the development of urban centers. Its specialization majorly scopes various real estate realms, which include, Property Management, Seles and Marketing and Real Estate Development. Visit State Theatre New Jersey to know more.

The firm hosts a team of experts who share the same objective: To build spectacular building structures while offering quality services to clients. It through this dedication and commitment to quality service rendering that the employees managed to bring Aspire Apartments to its luring appeal.

The company also keeps a strong connection with its current and potential clients on their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, where it shares insights on real estate issues.

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David Mcdonald, the Businessman Who Can’t Be Stopped

It goes without saying that David McDonald is a legendary businessman, having turned the OSI Group into a multi billion food and drink industry over the years. As a result of that, it has put David McDonald into legendary position in the world of business – one that is sure to withstand the test of time.

As far as the OSI Group sustainability is concerned, Mr. McDonald has always made sure that they are finding better ways of serving their clients and customers in general. Customers always want quality service, and that is what the good businessman and his entire business conglomerate strive at doing.

On Habo Food, Mr. David McDonald made sure that he was in a position to acquire the Dutch based company because of some things, one of them is the fact that they are all about quality provision to their clients. And since it operates in both German and Netherlands, that meant that OSI Group is making a foothold into the European food business.

Even Mr. David McDonald acknowledged that fact saying, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe.” And he was dead right. Mr. McDonald’s journey to success began at an early age, and after spending time at Iowa State University between 1983-87, he became head of OSI Group LLC.

Since he knew the importance of quality, he explained why his fresh ground beef patties and other products highly sorted after. In 1995, the company changed its name to OSI Group, and by then, it was supplying meat to heavyweights such as McDonald’s. For more info about us: click here.

To date, the OSI Group, still under the leadership of Mr. McDonald. When David is not busy making major moves that have resulted to OSI Group being ranked fifty-eighth most profitable privately owned food company by Forbes, he is always a family man and a staunch member of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity.

James Dondero; Man Behind Success of Highland Capital

The President and Co founder of the company named Highland Capital Management (HCM) is a successful financial advisor, James Dondero. He is an extremely talented man who is considered one of the bests at what he does. The company HCM has had a lot of success and is very well known in Texas. HCM was founded 24 years ago. It still provides best financial advice to its clients, and this is one of the main reasons behind its success.

Highland Capital Management offers many useful services to its clients. Mr. James Dondero looks over almost all the services related to the financial field. People come to HCM with all kinds of financial issues, and the company always provides them best solutions successfully. The company has not only helped big business with their financial needs but individual clients as well.

Mr. Dondero studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. He has Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Management Accountant certificates as well.

Mr. James Dondero is absolutely brilliant in the finance field. He has more than 30 years of work experience in this field, and that’s what makes him a true professional. Mr. Dondero has worked with many companies during his professional career. Some of these companies were multinational as well. He is considered a true leader. He used his skills and abilities to lead the company HCM to grow rapidly. He is very passionate about his work and encourages his employees to work hard as well.

In addition to the company’s success, Mr. James Dondero has achieved a lot of individual awards during his excellent career as well. He got nominations for several awards by different companies and associations for his time at a company named, Protective Life GIC. Mr. Dondero used to work at this company before HCM. He was considered one of the bests at Protective Life GIC as well as he helped the company grow fast and achieve success. James Dondero worked very hard and transformed this company from being a simple financial advisory agency to a company that was worth $2 billion.

Susan McGalla Is a Career Inspiration

Research indicates that businesses that have a healthy mix of male and female staff members tend to be more successful. It also indicates that businesses that have healthy mixes of people from different ethnic groups tend to be more successful. This could be due to the fact that they may be more accepting of fresh new concepts. Susan McGalla is an example of a woman who has been a true role model in the leadership realm. She was raised by a father who worked as a football coach. She had a pair of brothers, too. Those things could have contributed to her ability to do well alongside individuals of both genders. McGalla learned from an early age that if she wanted to get things in this world, she would have to put a true effort in. That’s one of the reasons she’s been able to enjoy quite a few prestigious jobs throughout her career. She’s worked for many notable companies. She worked for American Eagle Outfitters and eventually landed a position as its President. She established a firm that was called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. McGalla currently serves as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Creative Development and Business Strategy Vice President as well.

McGalla lives and works in the Pittsburgh area. She’s been part of the crew at the Pittsburgh Steelers since the winter of 2015. She worked for the aforementioned P3 Executive Consulting before that. She was with that firm for a little more than two years. McGalla has also worked for the Wet Seal, Inc. She was with this company or more than one year. She was recruited by the Wet Seal to revitalize a couple of brands known as Arden B. and Wet Seal. McGalla is an alumnus of Mount Union College. She attended the institution of higher learning between the years of 1982 and 1986. She studied business and marketing there.

Some examples of McGalla’s many diverse skills and abilities include team building, visual merchandising, customer service, store operations, brand management and inventory management. McGalla knows a lot about the worlds of store management, marketing and strategic planning.

Chris Burch’s Fantasy Island Resort

The insightful tech and fashion theorist and billionaire, Christopher J. Burch is a man who is primarily known for his highly esteemed and widely sought after venture capital firm, Burch Creative Capital, a company dedicated to investing into new, cutting-edge and globally scaling business ideas. Mr. Burch is also very well known for his numerous magazine appearances, such as in Forbes, detailing his fiscal success and his sizable independent investments with companies such as the global financial services company, Guggenheim Partners and the designer fashion company C. Wonder (which Burch also founded).  For timeline activity updates, click

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Despite his obvious talents Mr. Burch does not seem like the kind of guy to be jumping head first into such divergent markets as real estate – but that is precisely what he has recently done with the creation of a massive beach-side hotel and resort amidst the tranquil beauty of Indonesia. The resort, known as Nihiwatu, is located on the Indonesian island of Sumba and was developed by Burch alongside the hotelier, James McBride. According to reports the resort cost a grand total of $ 30 million to build (to say nothing of upkeep!). Additional article to read on

A relevant article on

What is truly astonishing about the verdant and blissful retreat is not that it was built so efficiently nor so beautifully by a man who had previously only had experience as an investor and a fashion designer, but rather that it has become such a resounding success story. In 2016 the Nihiwatu resort was named “The Best Hotel In The World,” by the lifestyle magazine Travel + Leisure. When asked in numerous publication interviews what the key to hotel success was, Mr. Burch replied that it was all about location and aesthetic, that if the look and feel isn’t right it just won’t work – he noted the ability to build spas underneath natural waterfall formations as a key attraction. Also according to Mr. Burch himself, the resort is so nice that he splits his time equally between his homes in Miami, The Hamptons and Nihiwatu where he has taken up semi-permanent residence – and with all that sun and dazzling surf, who wouldn’t?   For an in-depth look on Burch’s profile, visit his website, hit on

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Talos Energy: Majority Stakes Owner in Largest Mexican Oil Discovery In 80 Years Is Launched To Fame

In 2014, Mexico opened up to foreign interests for the purposes of spurring exploration and boosting revenues—breaking the monopoly of PEMEX in the process.
* Talos Energy, a Houston-based offshore energy production company, announced on Wednesday morning the discovery of oil about 37 miles from Puerto Dos Bocas, near the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The well, named Zama-1 is under 546 feet of water and has an initial vertical depth of about 11,000 feet. It’s estimated that the field holds 1.4 billion barrels of oil-in-place, and as much as 2 billion.
* This is the biggest find in the Gulf region by a private company in nearly 80 years, according to David Hunn, author of the article “Houston’s Talos Energy makes ‘significant’ find in Mexico’s waters”. Talos Energy holds a 35 percent stake in the well, sharing it with Sierra Oil’s 40 percent, and London’s Premier Oil’s holdings of 25 percent. Talos and partners plan to drill to 14,000 feet.

2 billion barrels of oil discovered in a shallow water deposit off the coast of Mexico, the first and most significant discovery since 2014; the year when Mexico deregulated it’s oil and gas deposits to foreign business.
This comes on the heels of Mexico’s 2015 auctioning land blocks for drilling.
Tim Duncan, of Talos Energy, calls it a “very, very big” find. He only regrets that development operations on such a large find cannot be conducted quicker
Analysts and Talos executives consider the Zama-1 oil field an important discovery. They expect it to direct more attention to oil drilling south of the US. Even more significant for Talos is the fact that it is the first significant find for their company in a long time. Employing about 200 individuals and annual revenues of $500 million, striking oil at Zama-1 was celebrated by the company.
Despite the oil price crash and thieving of PEMEX gasoline (about 7,000 incidents in 2016), this hasn’t dissuaded Duncan, Talos CEO. From the 2015 auction, only two out of 14 blocks were sold, with Talos and its partners winning both.
Duncan hopes to develop the field while service costs are lowered (which are lowered by the artificial oil glut of recent times)

Sam Dean, in his article “Premier Oil shares rocket after ‘world class’ oil discovery” discusses Premier Oil share prices and Premier’s comments on its recent striking of oil and Zama-1, the world’s newest oilfield located in the Gulf of Mexico was announced by a consortium of energy companies. They are Talos Energy, Sierra Oil & Gas, and Premier.

Talos calls Zama-1 as a “Historic and significant discovery” when the field was estimated to contain 1.4 to 2.0 billion barrels.

Premier, a London-based firm, found share prices surging by more than 30 percent in trading for its session.

In the last month, Mexico auctioned off 10 of 15 land blocks in the fifth auction since deregulating its oil and gas sector, which began in late in 2013.

The consortium will begin drilling next year, determining the next steps for their operations in the region and abroad.