Rodrigo Terpins and the art of Brazilian rallying

Rodrigo Terpin the brother to Michel Terpins the chairman of the Brazil cross country championship as well as a successful rally driver. Rodrigo began his career young and now in his early 40’s he has been able to achieve so much success. His career as a rally driver has taken him for competitions all over the country as he took part in various championships.

He is a member of the team from São Paulo Bull Sertões Rally dos Sertões which he formed early with his brother Michel Terpins when he joined the T1 category.Under the T1 category, he has been able to use various vehicles before he finally settled for the T-Rex developed by MEM this is a special rallying vehicle that has enhanced performance and suspension that enables it to handle the toughest of terrains.

He is very consistent in rallying especially the Sertões Rally which he has participated severally. During the 22nd edition, he partnered with Fabrício Bianchini as his navigator. The rally was shorter in comparison to the previous year but still traversed through two states i.e Goiás and Minas Gerais. The total distance covered was 2,600 kilometers and drivers went through seven cities. They departed in Goiânia and went through the entire circuit to finally enter the finish line in Belo Horizonte all this took place between August 23rd and August 30th. The race saw more than 200 participants in the various categories that included Motorcycles, UTV’s, Cars, Quadricycles, and Trucks.

Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini representing the Bull Sertões Rally Team came in the second stage while they achieved position 8 overall this was a compelling result for the duo as reflected in Rodrigo’s after race statement saying that the result exceeded his expectations also noting that the partnership with Fabrício was great this combined with a very competitive car proved vital.

Rodrigo continues his commitment to rallying and has vowed to continue doing his best in the sport and ensure that his team has reached the peak.Terpins was absent from the Rally Cuesta Off-road but took part in the twenty-fourth edition of the Sertões Rally.