Susan McGalla Is a Career Inspiration

Research indicates that businesses that have a healthy mix of male and female staff members tend to be more successful. It also indicates that businesses that have healthy mixes of people from different ethnic groups tend to be more successful. This could be due to the fact that they may be more accepting of fresh new concepts. Susan McGalla is an example of a woman who has been a true role model in the leadership realm. She was raised by a father who worked as a football coach. She had a pair of brothers, too. Those things could have contributed to her ability to do well alongside individuals of both genders. McGalla learned from an early age that if she wanted to get things in this world, she would have to put a true effort in. That’s one of the reasons she’s been able to enjoy quite a few prestigious jobs throughout her career. She’s worked for many notable companies. She worked for American Eagle Outfitters and eventually landed a position as its President. She established a firm that was called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. McGalla currently serves as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Creative Development and Business Strategy Vice President as well.

McGalla lives and works in the Pittsburgh area. She’s been part of the crew at the Pittsburgh Steelers since the winter of 2015. She worked for the aforementioned P3 Executive Consulting before that. She was with that firm for a little more than two years. McGalla has also worked for the Wet Seal, Inc. She was with this company or more than one year. She was recruited by the Wet Seal to revitalize a couple of brands known as Arden B. and Wet Seal. McGalla is an alumnus of Mount Union College. She attended the institution of higher learning between the years of 1982 and 1986. She studied business and marketing there.

Some examples of McGalla’s many diverse skills and abilities include team building, visual merchandising, customer service, store operations, brand management and inventory management. McGalla knows a lot about the worlds of store management, marketing and strategic planning.