Sheldon Lavin Steering OSI Industries to Greatness

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of one of the world’s largest food industries, OSI Group. The Chief Executive Officer has had holds a load of experience in the practical sector and the development of a worldwide company. His vast reserve of experience run for over forty years. The Executive had worked with OSI industries since the year 1970 when the company was known as Otto & Sons. Mr.Lavin has seen the food production and supplying company rise from a small Chicago based company to a celebrated nationwide establishment, then a globally recognized institution with grips in over seventeen countries.

Among many impressive achievements, Mr. Lavin oversaw the establishment and commissioning of a production plant in Spain that led to the doubling in the chicken output. The high capacity plant for the production of chicken got completed in 2017 costing a total of about 17 million euros. Besides the executive and fellow heads of the company including the President, Mr. David McDonald, ensured for the safety of the plant and its employees by establishing a state of the art surveillance system. This system includes indoor and outdoor cameras with the sole aim of raising the security standards.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is involved continuously in critical roles regarding several charitable organizations and charity activities. He is a part of the Ronald McDonald house charity organization. His dedication to the service of Mankind from every corner of the world, saw him be recognized and awarded the Global Visionary Award. This award is given by India’s Vision World Academy every year to the persons who have shown both dedication and unwavering perseverance in the business world and emerged successfully. The year 2016, saw Sheldon Lavin receive this prestigious award.

Despite his continuous success, Mr. Sheldon Lavin continues to push forward for other innovative means aimed at improving the food industry. His remarkable efforts aimed at the global expansion of his OSI Group of industries is commendable. Furthermore, the CEO is on the front line when it comes to the conservation of the environment. This attribute gets seen by his commitment to productions and innovations inclined to green energy and workflow. The entrepreneur’s business strategies have seen his company flourish and the establishment of OSI Group’s branches in seventeen countries and offering employment to over twenty-two thousand workers. The OSI industries have also seen to the development of the regions where their branches get established.

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