Jason Hope delves into anti-aging research

Lately, old age has been associated with all manner of human diseases. As people get old, they are developing diseases that make their lives miserable and ultimately lead to premature deaths. There have been concerns in various quarters on what can be done to reduce the effects of old age diseases. SENS Research Foundation is one organization which is committed to coming up with a solution for this problem. The group is researching causes of old age in human beings and developing drugs that will slow down the aging process. This is the only way that human beings can maintain healthy bodies even as they get old. Naturally, human body breaks down as one gets older.

SENS Research Foundation has been supported by philanthropists who are equally passionate about the development of anti-aging drugs. One philanthropist who has extensively supported SENS is Jason Hope. He is a passionate tech lover who supports technologically motivated initiatives aimed at resolving human needs. In the case of SENS, he is supporting the organization so that it can develop the biotechnology industry which he sees as a critical industry in deve3lopment of anti-aging diseases. Jason hope has donated $500,000 to the foundation. The money has been used to create research laboratories as well as supporting the AGE-breaker program, an anti-aging drugs initiative.

Jason Hope believes that it is possible to alleviate human suffering in old age if there is an emphasis on anti-aging research. The many diseases that affect human beings in old age can be done away with if drugs that slow down the process of aging can be developed. According to SENS, there is a substance called AGE which causes breakdown of body processes. It is the substance which affects the ability of human body to keep off diseases such as Alzheimer, Parkinson’s diseases, and cancer. Jason Hope believes that by supporting the work of SENS, he will motivate other well-wishers to support the initiative.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Anything that relates to technology highly motivates him. It is not only biotechnology that he is passionate about; he has the love for the Internet of Things technology, which he has even written an eBook about it.

Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He engages in mentorship programs around the schools in Scottsdale. He wants the young people to embrace technological advancements while they are still young.

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