TechStyle Inspires People To Be Creatively Disruptive

This is a common story throughout history. The majority of the people are following some kind of norm. Then there is one person or a small group of people that come in who break the norm. When this happens, there is a lot of change that occurs. Often times, there is resistance to this group of people who challenge the norm. In most cases, they just live a life of their own choosing without actually going out of their way to bother people. One of the most common ways to break the norm is through fashion. One of the best ways to move fashion forward is to break rules and tradition so that it can grow in a new direction.

This is exactly what TechStyle owners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are doing. They are looking at the norm and challenging it by going outside of it and showing people that there is a large chance for success outside of what is considered normal. They have shown a lot of creativity and ability to think forward with their ideas. They not only have taken the time to bring forth new designs in fashion that customers actually love, but have also looked at newer and more effective business models.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have decided to take an approach to marketing that is different from the approach of most other businesses. For one thing, they have decided to do their own marketing. With their own marketing, they are able to decide on how they want to approach the customers. One thing they have done was reach out to the customers and get ideas of what they want. Another thing they have done was encourage customers to sign up for a membership and give information about their preferences so that he website can direct them to what they prefer.

The best part of their marketing methods is that it is marketing through consumer engagement. People are not only allowed to know about the company, but also to actually know the company so that they will have an easier time trusting the company and the products.