The Ambitious Mission that End Citizens United PAC is on

Everything about the campaigns and the elections of the 45th president of the United States was historic. For the first time in many years, the country saw lobby groups that want positive change in campaign financing increase.


Accountability was a key agenda in the run-up to the election, and as the race came nearer to its end, it was very much evident that the election would be tightly contested. Even the PACs that have been dead for decades came out of the woodwork and played a role in the changing of the destiny of the country. Well, one of the PACs that have been working hard to get their voice heard is the End Citizens United movement.


This movement has been focusing on one piece of legislature that was signed into law in 2010, and one which has led to a lot of negative interference in the entire election process in the country. The law in questions has made it possible for super PACs to support the campaigns of their choice and as a result, groups such as the Koch brothers and others who deal with dark money are funding political campaigns, and as a result, they are getting a stake in the national decision-making processes. End Citizens United want to make sure that the interference of these groups in the politics of the country is kept to the minimum.


The team has been very dedicated to their campaigns for the Liberal candidates who they have been supporting. When they broke into the limelight, they had already raised $2 million to support various candidates of the Democratic Party who needed their assistance. They raised the amount to $30 million and were hoping that by the end of the campaign cycle, they would have enough backing to file a petition at the Supreme Court. To file a petition, one needs to have at least a million signatures so that an amendment to the constitution can be considered. They already have about 300,000 signatures. Their strategy was to join hands with the movement that is known as ‘Ready For Hillary’ to get the assistance they need in raising this number of signatures from 300,000 to a million. The movement has four million members, which makes the dream of the PAC a possibility.


Several political analysts have been looking at the move by the company as a little bit too ambitious. The group does agree that a lot will be needed to make an amendment a reality, but they reiterate that their main aim is to make sure that the public knows their options when it comes to these issues. They feel that this is an opportunity for Americans to Understand that despite how the elections turned out, they still have a voice.