The Importance of Recommendation with Sentient AI

Have you ever used an online store and noticed that, whenever you put an item in your purchase cart, the website recommends a very similar item based on your preferences and the kind of product you are looking for?

Maybe you intend on buying a book about programming, with a specific language in mind, and you go buy it on Amazon. After choosing the book you feel the most acquainted with, the website, very intelligently, recommends another great book on the same subject but with a different emphasis.

That is called a product recommendation, and there are many ways to go about it, but you can’t possibly have an online store without this system, as all modern online stores are using it to boost their sales levels as well as their relevancy when customers are searching for a shop to buy their products on.

Sentient AI is one of the most used online recommendation engines out there, as it is continually being updated and improved and it has a very fair price on the market.

Sentient AI is used for that exact purpose: Provide customers that enter your online store with additional options that are similar to the item that they intend on buying.

Because of how these websites are designed, you can use the Sentient AI to show other recommendations right after a purchase, in a window below the product that they bought, or next to the shopping cart, as many other online shops do.

On the same hand, you can customize your Sentient AI, and it is much more practical and efficient than having a team of people taking care of the recommendation part of your business.

The recommendation system is one of the biggest pros of having an online store in the first place. This method is similar to a search engine optimization, with the difference that you do not have to write down the item that you want, as the search results appear based on what type of product you intend on buying.

There are many examples of large enterprises using this kind of recommendation tool, and it is not entitled only to online stores and shopping lists. YouTube, for instance, uses a similar recommendation engine that is used to see what type of videos the user watches the most as well as what are the most recent themes watched by them, and recommend other types of videos based on that search.

Because of how people are always without enough time to search through your store, having an engine like Sentient AI is one of the best investments you can make for your store.