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Chris Burch, the renowned investment entrepreneur who is behind several brands such as Faena Hotel & Universe, Tory Burch, Voss Water, Jawbone, has continued to take the luxurious lifestyle by storm ( The billionaire in 2012 bought a modest surfers retreat along the beach of Sumba based in Indonesia. He had a renovation of over 30 million dollars after which the hotel was named the best in the entire globe by the Travel & Leisure magazine.

Nihi Sumba Island, the captivating rustic-luxe resort is comparable to none. The resort is based at a stretch of the soft white sands of a relatively unknown island featuring breathtaking scenery. Guests enjoy the private space provided by the resort featuring unique settings to fit their client desires. Some people describe the hotel as the “On the Edge of Wilderness” because of its luxe bleakness along with a lot of freedom of exploration.

The insularity of Sumba, however, has resulted in its authentic and dominant culture, which is yet to be influenced or touched by most people. The coast is also untouched and undeveloped giving it a sense of natural beauty as compared to other beaches around the globe.

In the 1980s, many visitors came to the isolated land to enjoy the 20-feet waves while seated at the only Nihiwatu resort at the southwest beach which faces the Indian Ocean. The Nihiwatu beach is known to be 2.5 long featuring two reefs which serve as protection of the island from massive storms as well as reserving the white sands of that beach.

The island also has some rare as well as fascinating stories including the Marapu landing stories. Marapu is believed to be a spirit that is said to be still on the island since its landing some centuries ago. That has made the destination an ideal place for people who propagate and honour stories of the past.

Nihiwatu can be defined as a mortar stone. Thus the name comes from the incredibly isolated rocks which were formed by the powerful tides of the sea. The resort was born from the idea to maintain the natural beauty of the destination while upholding the Sumba tide a mystery. The CEO also wanted to share the Sumba experience with people who appreciate it too (

The reputation of the great Sumba resort emerged in 2012 when Burch saw the need to expand it. He called James McBride to visit the place along with the New York Carlyle Hote. James is a renowned global innovator in the hospitality industry. Hence his partnership with Chris brought a significant transformation to the Nihiwatu resort.

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